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Let's Get Real: When Young, Lesbian Bloggers Turn Out To Be Older, Married Men

For the last several months, Amina Arraf has been blogging at A Gay Girl In Damascus, talking about her life as a lesbian in Syria. 995 more words


CBS reporters "corrupt bastards"

“CBS reporters in the affiliate up there in Alaska, on tape are saying let’s find a child molester in the crowd as a supporter for Joe Miller, let’s blast that. 162 more words

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A New Year's Message From The President (Update)

A commentator by the name of of Tyler suggested that the photo below was obviously Photoshopped:

It obviously didn’t strike me as a Photoshop job at the time, or I wouldn’t have posted it (or I would have commented that it was Photoshopped, as I did with one photo on my old photoblog that is now on hiatus). 170 more words


Friday Round-up: 01/09/08

Let us begin with what just might be another coup for Charles Johnson and his commenters at Little Green Footballs, who prove once again that the Dan Rather School of Fake But Accurate Journalism keeps cranking out graduates. 503 more words


False flag operations

Seems there is a “gun rights” organization out there that is not what it claims to be. They appear to be pro 2nd amendment, but the leadership and the members are all anti-gun shills. 197 more words

Edwin Zwakman: Fake but Accurate @ Huis Marseille

Last week for the retrospective of works by Edwin Zwakman. The clever photographs of Zwakman picture the modern urban condition. You’ll have to look twice to see that actually all the scenes are carefully made scaled models. 31 more words