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We Never Truly Know Others

By Daniella Djiogan

Do you know what’s on my mind?

How do you know I am not pretending?

How do you know if what I show you is the real me? 250 more words


question of the moment

why should i
as a relatively sane person
(i said relatively)
believe that anyone
could truly have
my best interests
at heart
when i don’t… 49 more words


question of the hour

i wonder what it is like
   to wake up and know you have friends
people you could call just to say hello
   or “whatcha upto?”
      or even
               “got a minute to talk?”

they wouldn’t need to know 
    that dark secret
         the one that scares people away
         or makes people think you’re crazy
         for not already being “over it”

no, they wouldn’t need to know
but …. 45 more words

Things I should do away with before I turn 21...

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Social Media: Let's Get Real

I’m turning the reigns over to my daughter for this post. She’s gifted. I’m mom. But she’s really gifted by God to see things at such a young age that many adults don’t. 1,120 more words


Taylor Swift and Lorde's alliance

Lorde and Taylor Swift have created an alliance, you guys. In other words, the world is completely about to toss upside down.

Honestly, I genuinely like Taylor, but there’s something shady about her friendship with Lorde. 321 more words


Reflections and Chimichangas

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