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Differentiating real hair from fake hair

So I was so excited to buy the first set of hair extensions so I can share my first review with you…… let’s begin with Mistake #1: I went for the cheapest one on Amazon! 898 more words


Replica Bags! Yes. I Did!

I purchased a replica bag. Yes. I did. And before you judge me, keep in mind that there are valid reasons for my purchase.  First of all I wanted to see just how a “replica” bag is constructed.  1,275 more words

Measuring for Wigs!

I have a new video up on the Tube! It’s funny I have always bought average size wigs, but it was very enlightening to know that I actually have a petite sized head.   92 more words

Hair Loss

HAIR FORCE ONE. The Hair Is A Sham, Just Like The Man

This is awesome, horrifying.. hell, horrifyingly awesome!!… What did they do, pull his neck all the way up the back of his head?

Is this thing even really a human being? 8 more words

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One Sleepless Night at the White House by John Murphy

TRUMP’S HAIR: Donnie?…Donnie?…




TRUMP’S HAIR: Are you still awake?

DONALD TRUMP: Yeah, well, I am now, you’ve waken me up, so I am now. 2,185 more words

Feature Issues

Bloated, Bi-Pedal Butternut Squash-In-Chief

To think this guy actually has the audacity to fat shame…. well, anyone!! I mean, you can afford a trainer, a nutritionist, Liposuction, tucking, presto, hoho, why haven’t you?… Ya got the hair fixed, ya fuck!! 75 more words

Geo-politics, Socio-economics