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Why do rich, intelligent, strong beautiful black women keep putting that nasty weave on their heads. We as black women need to love ourselves enough to except our own hair. ‪#‎selfhatredisugly‬



Say It Isn't So! The "Clip-In Man Bun" Is Actually A THING...At Least According To Groupon

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I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the “Clip-On Man Bun” is apparently a thing.

Groupon is offering the clip-on man bun for $9.99… 156 more words


Black Girl, PWI: "Is That Your Real Hair?"

It’s hard to politic and bond with your classmates when they pause the conversation to ask, “Is that your real hair!?”

The short answer:

What I wish I said: 280 more words

Black Women

Crime, right on my doorstep

It happened. I knew it would happen eventually. I mean, I take all the necessary precautions. And this isn’t like a “oh I lock the door at night” or “I almost never eat lettuce without washing it first,” but, like, real precautions. 419 more words