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Fake Ids: Paris Hilton Gets a Fake ID

Paris Hilton’s fake id – why did she pay for it even though they misspelled her name?  From the Paris Exposed website.

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New Identity… 6 more words

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Fake ID: News girl gets through border security on several fake passports

Shahida Tulaganova obtained 20 illegal passports – each from an EU country, including the UK – within months.

Those in the trade told her to travel via sea or bus, saying port security was less stringent than airports. 385 more words

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Fake ID: Theives scammed people scared of ID theft

Seattle police say criminals are playing on people’s fear of identity theft to commit identity theft by posing as representatives of a major credit bureau agency. 470 more words

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Fake ID: Is the I.C.E. blowing the dangers of fake ids out of proportion?

News Reports this morning quote ICE officials as having charged more than 100 undocumented immigrants with identity theft. In Colorado, affidavits filed for the search warrant for a Swift plant in Greeley, Colorado showed that all of the stolen identities belonged to U.S. 260 more words

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Fake ID: Singer John Legend Used Fake IDs To Get Into Bars

Smooth singer John Legend used color to his advantage when he snuck into bars underage– by just putting another “black dude” on his ID.

The soul star hit the town in a big way after graduating from Penn State University in Pennsylvania early at 20, and found a way to persuade bar bouncers he was 21. 59 more words

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Fake ID card: Fake ids are not just for underage drinking anymore

Earlier this month, the Marietta-Cobb-Smyrna Organized Crime and Intelligence Unit in Georgia arrested six illegal immigrants who were manufacturing fake identification cards.  These arrests underline the growing tie between illegal immigration and document forgery, a tie that is threatening the security of our nation. 160 more words

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Fake IDs: New York City Wants to stop people with Fake id

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn may propose “hefty fines for those who use fake ids”, according to the NY Post. The City Council has made nightlife safety an issue after many nightlife incidents, most notably the case of 18 year old NJ resident Jennifer Moore being kidnapped, raped and murdered after a night of drinking in West Chelsea. 166 more words

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