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In Review: Joe Nawaz's 'Fake I.D'

After missing the first run during the Belfast Comedy Festival (for shame!); Tyler McNally finally caught Joe Nawaz’s sell out show and now knows what the fuss is about. 365 more words


To tell the truth online? Maybe

Catherine has a high profile job in a fancy San Francisco law firm. Her private office with a view, on the sky high floor of the Embarcadero, was the result of countless wee- hours spent “chained to her desk.” She had been known, like her colleagues, to pop in to the Ladies – pull off yesterday’s blouse and pull on a fresh, starched, blouse, re-apply make up, put her hair in a bun (ponytails don’t cut it on the 35th floor) and return to her desk. 152 more words

Henry Forge ID – best fake ID

In search of fake ID’s which look exactly identical in their structure? Here at Henry Forge ID’s we are able to give your high quality fake ID’s in which we give you guarantee of scanning, backlight as well as are stashed with appropriate holograms so as to imitate the original product in every sense. 374 more words


Cybersecurity : Fake Headshot used on ID card and cloned fingerprints

A French artist received an ID with a computer-generated headshop. The picture was approved without questioning from the government.

The article I read raises some questions about the authenticity of this kind of gait. 408 more words

PG02 Cycle 1 ‘Accomplices’ – Avatars And Other Alter Egos

Ways to make Fake ID

Want to make the scannable fake ID for giving the best gift to anyone, then you can do that easily by your own. Don’t believe that, then this article will tell you about that. 409 more words