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The guy who played the skipper

The glossy pictures in Hit Parader magazine show the drummer using black-and-white-striped drumsticks, and Kevin DuBrow’s mic stand is striped black-and-white too.  The white pvc pipe of the first nunchucks look a little plain next to the new ones made of whittled wood. 675 more words


Face behind the screen

Have you ever thought that the person you are texting is the same person replying or there’s someone else? It’s not possible to know, but giving this topic a concern can help us from getting spied. 308 more words

How Telstra stole my identity

You can’t have a burner phone without a prepaid SIM, so I guess it’s only fitting that Telstra is using my Fake ID to illustrate their identity requirements… 288 more words

Dark Web

Little Caesar

I was sucking face on the dancefloor with a guy with teenage pizza face and a straight bang Caesar haircut.  It was the first night with our… 370 more words


How to Overthink Your Fake-ID Lies

I was seventeen and a hotshot visiting the “City” where friends knew where in the “Village” to buy some fake IDs.

We flipped through a binder of laminated samples.  398 more words


Scannable Fake ID

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