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Fake News, Fake Money, How to Tell the Difference

Why is it so hard these days to tell fact from fiction? Who can be trusted to tell us what’s really going on? Can the New York Times and Washington Post still be believed? 256 more words

Finance And Economics

Counterfeit Renminbi Story

This is something you’re warned about like crazy before you come to China. You see in most stores behind the counter a fake bill, along with the number for the police to report it. 585 more words


Thought of the Day

Can fake money (currency) get any fake than this?

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The World's Fool Day - 8 November 2017

In more than 780 speeches made by the Indian prime minister Narendra Modi during his 41 months in the chair, his address to the entire nation on 8 November 2016 earned the most headlines across the world. 1,293 more words

Roadblocks and Bribes: Zimbabwe is Africa's Shakedown State

We had just arrived at Harare International Airport from less troubled and far less corrupt parts of Africa when we came face to face with the daily punishments that Zimbabwe’s government metes out to its own hapless citizens. 707 more words


What I'm Spinning - Fake Money

“Oh, it’s just a game, a silly little game.
Everyone’s a fool so you don’t take any blame.
With entitled narcissism, you speak courageously.
You’re praying to gods who are meaningless to me. 27 more words