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They're Baaaack

Hi everyone and TGIF! Okay, so this week’s Monday Update involved me freaking out because I broke one of my natural nails that I have been trying so freaking hard to grow out in lieu of getting acrylics. 426 more words


Bargain Product Review: Nailene Full Cover Nails

I picked this product up at Shoppers Drug Mart for $11.99 CAD. It’s probably a little more expensive then I could’ve got something like this for, but I had a broken nail and desperation. 229 more words

DIY Fake nails for £4.99! 

I tried the DIY fake nails and I loved it, it is cheap and can all be purchased on Ebay or Amazon!

What you will need: … 143 more words


When Kiss NY Nails saved the day

Hello everyone!!

Last week (Wednesday 19th, today is Tuesday 25th) I had a photoshoot schedule. And I also had the Layal party already on my agenda. 482 more words

New Old Girl

Acrylic vs. Gel Nails

Kylie Jenner’s hands all over Instagram. It’s hard not to cave into the expensive of nail extension trend. They look pretty cool. The allure of fake nails has always capture my attention. 485 more words


5 Problems You Face With Fake Nails

Having beautiful nails doesn’t come natural to most, but thankfully fake nails come to the rescue of many a brittle nailed lady or nail bitter, GUILTY! 673 more words


Review: Salon Acrylic French Nails by Kiss

Hello everyone and welcome back to another review on The Ciara Chronicles! In today’s post, I will be reviewing the Salon Acrylic French Nails by Kiss… 710 more words