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Best Home Manicure | Impress Press on Nails Review and Tips for Wear

This past weekend my beige nail polish had literally had it. It was #over, too through, DONE. It was chipped excessively and needed to be redone, but I didn’t feel like repainting my nails and I had also broken a nail way past its’ tip and it was bugging me, so I decided to go with  imPRESS press on nails. 787 more words

Just For Moms

Kim Kardashian's Pierced Nails Are So Extra, Even for Kim

See the face of Kim Kardashian above? Her face is my face. Her face is everyone’s face, once they get a load of her new nails, which she happily showed off live from the set of a “secret project” yesterday. 324 more words


Faking Great Nails for less than $9

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Today I am sharing with you how I achieve salon worthy nails without having to step foot in a nail salon or pay the crazy amount of money for a gel manicure. 208 more words


Nails of the Day

I love doing my nails!

This is also linked to my work’s do post, as its the nails I had for it. I adore finding the time to do my nails and making them look amazing. 315 more words


Elegant Touch Totally Bare Stiletto Nail Review

So the other day I was strolling around boots when I saw these, me being the impulsive person I am I brought them. It’s a good thing I really like them! 258 more words


Kiss nails review

Hello everybody!!!

I’ve been sent some acrylic nails and as I can’t grow my nails properly, at this stage I was very happy and grateful to try them!!! 192 more words


They're Baaaack

Hi everyone and TGIF! Okay, so this week’s Monday Update involved me freaking out because I broke one of my natural nails that I have been trying so freaking hard to grow out in lieu of getting acrylics. 426 more words