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Random fact about my nails: NAIL GROWTH

So as you all know I had a set of fake nails on for a little while. I took them off last night because I broke one nail by accident while cleaning my room (an odd scenario occurred in which my finger got smashed into the side of a bookshelf.) All my other nails had gotten pretty ratty from doing the dishes (I tend to use a scrub bud and they tear up my manicures really badly.) So I tearfully bid my fake nails goodbye and removed them (I did manage to save the pinkie nails–so I might reuse them at some point!) 186 more words


Nails - on a budget!

We can’t all afford to get our nails done…so do them yourself!

I have short nails, yes I bite them and know I should stop but y’ano how it is…but that’s why fake nails were thrust upon us, right?! 230 more words


Talon Nails: Scratching Out the Eyes of the Haters

Know what I think is the best kind of fad? The ones that turn your body into a weapon of mass destruction! The ones that bring new meaning to the term “Girl Power” (RIP Spice Girls)! 1,289 more words

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Get fake shining Nails online

It is the nourishment, and additionally the way we do work that is to be reprimanded for the terrible state of our nails, as the boundless garbage sustenance that we continue popping into our mouth doesn’t contain enough supplements, which are needed for the general upkeep of our nails. 378 more words

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The Struggles

Life is very serious, hence, this blog is serious sometimes. It need not always be, I hope, because this post is not.

The world is drowning in malicious thoughts, day by day, but we are taught to swim. 323 more words


Gel nails: REVIEW ♡

For most of 2014 I was visiting the nail salon regularly and getting shellac nails either with nail art or on its own. It cost around $30AUD per session and lasted 2 weeks on average. 280 more words


Nailhur - Reusable Manicure!

How awesome are these nails?!!!  And guess what?  They are fake and re-usable!!!  They have all different shapes such as stiletto, oval and square.  They are also already painted with these awesome designs.   103 more words