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During my niece’s first birthday party last Sept.3, my mother and I tried

something we’ve never done before – wear fake nails.  I know her to be someone who would always grow her nails long and put on some fancy nail polish.   475 more words

Be Beautiful

Bitzy nail polish remover pads

Hey guys!  For my work, a part of my dress code is having my nails done and so lately, to remove my nail polish I’ve been using the Bitzy nail polish remover pads from Sally Beauty.   516 more words


5 Star Fake Nails

I feel aged when saying “Back in my day…” But I feel the phrase is appropriate because, back in my day press on nails would only last you a couple of hours before you looked down and realize three had already popped off somewhere in your travels. 401 more words


DIY Rhinestone Nails

Hi everyone and happy Sunday! Although I am not the most talented DIY-er in the world, I’m pretty pleased with myself for creating some rhinestone crosses on my acrylic nails. 334 more words


6 Things You Should Know Before Getting Acrylics

I’ve never had a problem with my natural nails – except, of course, for the few that break when I type too often or uncharacteristically work on something that doesn’t involve clothes or computers. 726 more words

About Acrylic Nails

My favorite childhood toys - Day 7

Heyyy Bloggers😊. On a Monday evening siting on the sofa  earphones in listening to True Colors😍… Anddd yes I do have a nice warm blankie to keep me warm with Milo, yes Rudie made it😘.   451 more words

30 Day Blog Challenge

Nail Extension Types





Treatment Required?

Artificial nails will be the answer for broken nails, special events, and whenever you have a yearning for an instantaneous set of nails. 785 more words