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Roadtesting Kiss Nails

So, being a kid of the 80s who grew up on ranches and farms, I’ve always been deeply suspicious of fake nails.  For one thing, I don’t get why people go for such long lengths–I boggle at how people go about their daily lives with such lengthy talons impeding their activities.  587 more words


KISS Acrylic Nail Set

The IMPRESS nails made me want to have acrylics again. Not going to lie. but I’m not paying 30 something bucks. First off, I don’t have an hour to sit and enjoy myself. 319 more words


Not that IMPRESS-ive impression


I saw a Facebook advertisement for the press on gel nails, Impress. Hell, for 5 bucks I had to try it. Apparently, my nail beds are big and flat? 88 more words


How To Apply Acrylic

Basics! Learning how to apply acrylic can take lots and lots of time. The key is lots of practice and patience! Everyone just wants to skip learning acrylics and start designing but applying acrylic can be fun too! 54 more words


Nails, Nails, Artsy Nails

During my niece’s first birthday party last Sept.3, my mother and I tried

something we’ve never done before – wear fake nails.  I know her to be someone who would always grow her nails long and put on some fancy nail polish.   475 more words


Bitzy nail polish remover pads

Hey guys!  For my work, a part of my dress code is having my nails done and so lately, to remove my nail polish I’ve been using the Bitzy nail polish remover pads from Sally Beauty.   516 more words


5 Star Fake Nails

I feel aged when saying “Back in my day…” But I feel the phrase is appropriate because, back in my day press on nails would only last you a couple of hours before you looked down and realize three had already popped off somewhere in your travels. 401 more words