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The Downfalls of Citizen Journalism

The continual creation of new social media platforms is clearing the path for citizen journalism. Although this is exciting, it’s time for us to stop and think about what potential issues are associated with… 244 more words

Citizen Journalism

The term ‘Fake News’ as a weapon in political discourse

One of the lasting legacies of the 2016 US elections is going to be the fact that politicians and their acolytes will simply be able to label information and/or news that does not fit their narrative as ‘Fake News’. 324 more words


Poll on the news media

Poll asks which is closer to your view: news media is the enemy of the people or an important part of democracy?

Democrats: 91% important part of democracy, 3% enemy of the people…

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Diamond and Silk make several false statements while testifying under oath before Congress

The pro-Trump duo claimed they had been censored by Facebook and insisted they never received money from the Trump campaign.


-Think Progress; 4/26/2018

Danish ambassador says she's never speaking to the British PM again

All was well in the illustrious Kingdom of Denmark — birds chirping, the sun shining and couples falling in love. Then, abruptly, those idyllic dreams came crashing to the ground when Gjerta Iversen, Danish ambassador to the U.K., tweeted that she was “never speaking to PM Teresa May again.” The indignant ambassador followed up a few hours later with posts calling May “an extremely hypocritical, cruel person,” and wishing she were abducted and sold to Saharan traveling merchants. 617 more words

Fake News

Trump and Putin discuss upcoming fight

BREAKING NEWS! – in response to the rising tensions between the United States and the Russian Federation, Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin have agreed to settle their countries’ differences once and for all with a long-anticipated cage fight. 989 more words

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