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WWE signs new Indian talent - the company offering more contracts - Continued..

This is a continuation of the last post. We don’t want to cross 99 words in a post for the sake of news. So, here’s this… 43 more words


WWE signs new Indian talent - the company offering more contracts

The global “Sports-Entertainment” company we know as WWE recently signed “Rahul Singh” to a main roster contract. We also noted that he won’t have to appear on NXT and would directly be making a main roster debut possibility in Smackdown LIVE. 51 more words


Ryback to run for President!

Rumor mills have been suggesting that Ryback may come back to WWE after he was offered a $3.1M contract. However, our very own sources suggest that it’s not true. 57 more words


And the award for the Best reporting in Sports Entertainment goes to...

Who else? We got an award, and it couldn’t have happened without all of you readers. Go, eat Candies. Me and Candice are emotional right now. 28 more words


"The IWC is stupid!" - Vince McMahon, CEO, WWE. - Part 1

The Fake-Reads was recently requested by WWE owner Vince McMahon for an interview. In the interview, Vince McMahon made it clear that the Internet Wrestling Community is a bunch of idiots who think they know of wrestling more than a man who built an empire out of the business. 41 more words


Rick Sebek's New PBS Doc: "Crack Houses You Will Like"

Pittsburgh, PA – After making a career creating a number of stellar human interest documentaries, Rick Sebak will be adding to his vast filmography with the release of his newest PBS special, Crack Houses  211 more words

Fake News

Your News Source is an Illusion

Why do dozens of local TV stations run the exact same scripted stories? This has been going on for years by the way  (a quick search will reveal numerous examples) but, apparently they don’t seem to care that at least some viewers have noticed.  32 more words