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The Clam - October 21, 2016

Husband Tasked With Carving Pumpkin Can’t Find Pumpkin Carving Tool

CHICAGO, IL – Halloween festivities were put in jeopardy on Friday when resident husband and father of two, Derek Jones, could not find his damn pumpkin carving tool, Clam field‐press reported. 593 more words


Debate Moderator Reminds Trump to Keep Answers On Topic, Hands off Hillary's Pussy

LAS VEGAS–Fox News anchor Chris Wallace opened last night’s final presidential debate as moderator by reminding GOP nominee Donald Trump to stay on topic, keep his answers short and respectful, and not to grab Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton by the pussy. 232 more words


Mainstream Media as a Weapon of Social Engineering and War

To truly control the minds of the masses, what better way than buying time on the corporate mainstream media outlets that the citizens mostly watch? 318 more words


Fighting Hoaxes with Hoaxes?

NewsThump apparently attempts to reduce the number of Facebook hoaxes by generating a hoax of its own. Where would the internet be without satire?

Mark Zuckerberg to give everyone $1000 to stop sharing stupid Facebook hoaxes… 49 more words

David Harley

The Media Has Been Spreading Lies Forever

By Dr. John Reizer

Founder of NoFakeNews

If there is anything positive that has materialized as a result of the 2016 American presidential race, it has to be the public’s realization that the US mainstream media is owned and controlled by very powerful forces behind the scenes. 457 more words


The Clam - October 12, 2016

Suburban Community Relatively Unaffected by Zombie Outbreak

BURLINGTON (VT) – A suburban community was hit with a miniature zombie apocalypse Monday morning that reportedly left residents feeling relatively unperturbed. 930 more words


Sympathetic NHL Hall of Fame to Induct Pete Rose

TORONTO–National Hockey League Hall of Fame Chairman Wayne Gretzky announced today that the 2016 class would include, alongside legendary hockey player Wayne Gretzky, Major League Baseball’s all time hits leader Pete Rose.   187 more words