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Don't Believe it Just Because You Saw it on TV!

There are many other videos that continue to prove that what you are seeing and hearing as news (except local stories that can be checked, like, “…singing kitty hit by car driven by a clown..”) which you have witnessed in your own neighborhood: again, it too, could be a fake!. 21 more words

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Mantula: Have some discord - book release

I’m celebrating the release of “Mantula: Have some discord” today! This weird little book started as a handful of blog posts and quickly turned into a full-blown multimedia project. 159 more words


Monday Works Roundup, 7/18/16

Leif & Thorn
Patriotism is Sexy (art | Leif | NSFW ish)
Drawing Water (art | Ivy | worksafe)
Rainbow modern AU (art | Rowan, Juniper, Birch, Annie | worksafe) 125 more words

Fake News

Reinforcing bad info: The side effect of debunking

It’s not the best job in the world to bust people’s clouds. How often have you been thanked for providing the Snopes link to debunk that urban legend? 902 more words


Nation’s Police Announce Plan to Increase Shootings of Unarmed White Men

WASHINGTON D.C.—In an effort to defuse growing hostilities between the law enforcement community and African Americans, today the nation’s highest ranking police official announced a plan to increase the number of fatal police shootings in which the suspect is unarmed and Caucasian. 196 more words


Media Integrity Failure: A Mini-Rant

Journalists reporting unconfirmed information in an undignified and irresponsible rush to be the first to break a story, a practice that seems to have become increasingly common over the last decade as eyes and ears have moved online and the 24-hour news cycle has become the standard, is bad enough. 422 more words

Journalistic Integrity

Tuesday Reads: NASA Goes to Jupiter and Other News

Good Afternoon!!

Lots of breaking news this morning. FBI Director James Comey just held a press conference to announce that the FBI will not be recommending criminal charges… 2,105 more words

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