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University suffers from attack by smart lampposts

On April 1st , I would have shrugged off this story as fake news. Maybe even today.  I was already suspicious after a week when accusations of the crookedness of media stories rained down on me, not least from the new POTUS… 374 more words

Mass Suicides

Heartfelt note by UK teenager triggers worldwide suicides on a massive scale. Members of the public urged to seek help before taking any action.

The following Tweet appears to have been the cause for suicides worldwide. 100 more words


Mr. Charlton is Fake News

Every once and a while Mr. Charlton makes a bold claim. I’ve been known to say some pretty outlandish stuff. I once told a guy at a bar that one day, one day, I’d become the world’s greatest farmer. 920 more words


The War on Media: We're All Losers

Nathan Le Master
February 21, 2017

No junkie can cook a fix as potent as what Trump is to the media.

Just look at how profitable journalism has become in Trump’s America, whether it’s the two million raised by the… 618 more words


an intercepted globalist conversation~ 



Youtube: so we’ve managed to show only 117k views for trumps speech.

CNN: that’s still way too much.

Podesta: anyone seen my pasta sauce? 87 more words



At a Florida Rally America’s First Lady Prays the Lord’s Prayer!

Dr. James J. S. Johnson

Despite foes’ flak fierce and unfair,
Donald Trump works, fast, and with… 267 more words

Providential History

CNN is not exactly "fake news", but...

When Trump and some of his supporters call media outlets like CNN “fake news”, establishmentarians love to snort in derision.  “Oh you Trump supporters.  You just hate facts.”  Neither Trump nor his supporters are known for their eloquence, but that doesn’t mean they are wrong. 436 more words