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I’ve found that the best way to navigate the horror show that is life is to never lose your ability to laugh. Take today’s earlier post… 474 more words

Area Man Still Pronounces It "Valentimes" Day

Greensboro, NC – Despite being a fully grown, educated 34 year old adult, local man Kevin Grady still pronounces Valentines Day with an “M” at the end. 47 more words

Fake News

Three Recent Satires: Clinton, Carson, Trump!

Here are three recent satires of mine that I haven’t mentioned here before. See excerpts and links below!


The Democratic Party have dismissed as ‘unjustifiably and unnecessarily contrarian’ a feminist blog which threatened to expose what the writers are calling the ‘faux-feminist’ prospects of a liberal Clinton Presidency.

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In the NHL

NHL player Dennis Wideman of the Calgary Flames has been suspended for 20 games for cross-checking a referee from behind.

The referee will also be suspended 5 games for embellishment as most Canadian’s agree ‘he didn’t even hit em that hard.’ 2,025 more words

North Pole to be relocated to the South Pole

In an unexpected announcement, Russia, Denmark, Canada, Norway and the United States have revealed that the Arctic region is to be transported southwards until it becomes a continuation of the Antarctic.  268 more words


Conspiracy theorist thwarted by Lemmy's birthdate

A professional conspiracy theorist from Kent has expressed disappointment that Ian ‘Lemmy’ Kilmister, of the band Motörhead, didn’t die five days earlier, when he was still 69.  412 more words


A Special Message From Sarah Palin

Yeehaw! It’s time to quit pussyfootin’ around, America! C’mon, all you ditch-diggin’, hash-slingin’, cow-tippin’ proud apple pie rockin’ mamas and papas!

Click on this here link-dee-loo down below to find out what happens when Darla goes undercover at Trump headquarters! 42 more words