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fear plants seeds

When we live in denial – change will try to remind us – it’s time to embrace the new. Many don’t, they remain stuck in the third dimension – because, ‘quite simply’ they don’t understand any other way.  80 more words


The Trump-Fox & Friends feedback loop, explained

How the ‘dumbest news show’ on TV influences the White House.

Fox & Friends has spent years being a fever swamp of conspiracy theories, right-wing propaganda, smear campaigns, and general absurdity. 53 more words


Fake News #2 - Best diets for 2018 awards

Millions of people go on a diet each year in the hope of shifting some unwanted weight. Although some diets work in the short term many people find that the weight creeps back within a year, or that they are just too difficult to stick to. 645 more words


Russian bots and trolls amplified both sides after Florida school shooting

Russian-linked influence networks on Twitter boosted hashtags on both sides of the U.S. gun control debate in the aftermath of the Parkland, Fla., school shooting… 1,212 more words


Trump Wows CPAC. Warns Libs to "Never Underestimate the People. Never"

“The media didn’t think we would win. The pundits — you’re right — they had an idea. The pundits didn’t think we’d win. The consultants that suck up all that money — oh, they suck it up — they’re so good.

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The right-wing press - Corbyn — Pride's Purge (Daily Mail Lies and Brainwashing)

There’s a stereotypical elderly Brexiter who frequents my local pub. You know the type. In his 70s, lifelong Tory, Farage fan, little Englander. Likes to rant about how Britain needs to “take back control“, “just walk away” from the Brexit negotiations, and how we should tell Merkel and Macron to “shove off” etc etc.

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Play Fake News For Your Chance To Win $50 To Bonefish Grill

You could win a $50 gift card to dine at Bonefish Grill! Just listen to Rick Stacy in the Morning this week (2/26-3/2) for your opportunity to win! 129 more words