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The Truth Behind Fake News

The recent presidential election has brought around the concept of fake news–or so you thought. The concept of fake news has been around for a long time. 445 more words


Experience is the BEST Teacher.

I am guessing that my blog post this week will differ greatly from that of my classmates. I am also anticipating that my journalism style will sadly be more like the way that I talk, and less like a formal style of writing. 311 more words

Hollywood: 'We Have a Fever—And The Only Prescription Is More Comic-Book Based Superhero Movies'

September 20, 2017

Phil “With a PH” Blackstone

Staff Writer

Hollywood, CA—Sources from within Hollywood’s “big six” studios announced that they expected to head in a new direction creatively—shortly—but only after they’ve released another 8-12 dozen more superhero movies. 392 more words

Larry O' Reveals Self God Dammit

“Stop the hammering!.. The woman talking in my ear…Fuckin’ outta control..shit.”

“Any fuckin’ thing can come into my ear at any time. That’s all I know.” 13 more words

Fake News

Dear Mocha Uson... from a concerned parody character (char)

Courtesy of Philstar.com

I have defended you from the likes of G Toengi, but now you’re proving that you’re worthy to be criticized.

Sayang pala iyung pinagtanggol ka pa ni Senyor Komikado sa Twitter, ‘noh!? 650 more words


Why the company behind Lucidcatcher are ‘fake news’

Donald Trump used the term ‘fake news’ for any criticism – constructive or otherwise, labelled against him by the global media. So anything he disliked ended up either with this disparaging tag, or being totally discredited as being false or made up. 478 more words


"Dodge City Reaches Peak Snake Oil": My First Piece of Fake News

AT LOOSE ENDS AFTER MONTHS IN MY ROOM, doing nothing but watching AmazonNetflixHulu, I decide to cruise Craigslist for a job. Under “part-time gigs in and around Dodge City,” I come across a listing for a “junior writer of Fake News, paid $15.75 per published article.” 753 more words