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Ed Miliband goes missing

Former Labour leader Ed Miliband has gone missing after a routine trip to Marks & Spencers with wife Justine. The Incident happened on Saturday afternoon at around 2pm at their local store in North London. 247 more words


Jon has a cow, and other fun fannish stuff

So the Jon-Stewart-went-and-bought-a-farm news has officially blossomed, right? There’s no context on the image, so maybe it’s just a random picture of Jon with a cow… 321 more words

Fake News

‘I want leave England’ says Syrian man after watching last night’s This Is England ’90 story

A Syrian man who was granted asylum in the UK earlier this year turned up at a police station in London last night and demanded to be sent “somewhere else” after watching the final episode of This Is England ’90. 104 more words


Crediting Newsbiscuit

I had previously credited five satire outlets for the work I had published with them. However, it turns out that anything published on Newsbiscuit, even if it is on the forum, and not on the front page, is still to be credited. 64 more words


Snowden Joins Twitter: Immediately Blows Whistle on Roommate

By Mike Tolbert (Not the NFL Player)

America exile Edward Snowden joined Twitter earlier this week, and his first instinct was to tell on someone as his first tweet. 177 more words


Chick Accusing Co-Workers of Sexism Probably on the Rag or Something

CARY, Wyoming–Nancy Maines, a 24 year-old project manager, is apparently experiencing a heavier than normal menstrual cycle this month, her colleague Josh Simon reports.  Maines recently filed a grievance with human resources accusing Simon and his supervisor Danny Kurtz of making sexist remarks. 240 more words


Manufacturing news for papers of 'repute' and their gullible readers - we give you Stratcom or rather Bullshit for the proletariat.

Strategic Communications (Stratcom) and “Soft Power” Weapons: The Influence of False Narrative on the American People By Robert Parry
Global Research, September 29, 2015 3,034 more words
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