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Love Her Madly, by Christie Ridgeway

Grade: B

Doing it at: 48%

Catnip: Girl Next Door; Best Friend’s Brother; Twins; Deep Dark Secret; Fake Relationship; Rock Stars; Tattoos; Drummers; Light Bondage; Emotional Unavailability; Dual Narrative; Floor Sex… 1,095 more words

Dual Narrative

Play, by Kylie Scott

Grade: A+

Doing it at: 64%

Catnip: Rock Stars; Tattoos; Drummers; Limo Sex; Stage Dive; Funny Guys; Beta Heroes; Fake Relationship; Gateway Books

Shame Scale: 1,108 more words


Fake relationships...:(

A friend of mine once said something long ago but I understood its meaning  recently..She said and I quote,”Some people are like bubbles, you want to burst them when you see them.” very true indeed. 175 more words

Plain Thought

Yours to Keep (Kowalski Family #3) by Shannon Stacey

Get the Klennex, I’m about to lose my shit!

I think the book blurb is misleading in setting up the plot as the hero isn’t actually keen to go along with the plan. 384 more words


दिखावे के रिश्ते

Source: http://static.natgeofoto.nl/pictures/genjUserPhotoPicture/original/54/33/02/broken-rope-23354.jpg

बिगड़ते रिश्तो से मैंने सीखा
अपने में ही रहना बेहतर है
क्यूंकि ज़बरदस्ती रिश्ते जोड़े नहीं जाते
उन्हें जोड़ना भी अगर हम चाहे
तो हम ही अपनी मुह की खाते।

Prerna Mehrotra


Yours to Keep

Emma Shaw created a fake relationship with a man she had never officially met but with him back she has to act fast. She needs Sean to help fool her grandmother for one month so her grandmother can go back to Florida without worrying about her.

327 more words
Thoughts On Books

Can't Buy Me Love

PLOT (spoiler alert!!!):

Ronald Miller (Dempsey) is a typical high school nerd living in Arizona. He has spent all summer mowing lawns to save up for a telescope. 1,848 more words

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