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Denver, Part Two: Tilting at Unenergetic Windmills

Don Quixote concluded that the giant who had cleverly morphed into a windmill in order to unhorse him was the work of an evil sorcerer.  I wonder if the grotesque titanic claws defacing our Southwestern horizons are not similarly the product of some squalid hocus-pocus magically worked between policy-makers and private-sector sleazes as an idiot public gapes and applauds… or am I as insane as the Knight of La Mancha for asking so many questions? 941 more words

Intellectual Snobbery

Goodbye Timmy

This made me remember digging holes to see how far down we could get.
This would have totally worked.



So-Called Three Finger Alien

So-Called Three Finger Alien

Found in Nazca, Peru.

Is the Establishment preparing us for a so-called ‘Alien Invasion?’ One guy said, about 6 minutes in, “This is just the beginning.” Yea, the beginning of more BS! 202 more words