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Fake Science: Faked Lab Results Lead To 21,000 Mass. Drug Cases Dismissed

Source: RT
April 22, 2017

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court has formally approved the dismissal of 21,587 tainted drug cases after chemist Annie Dookhan was charged with tampering with evidence and falsifying drug tests.


Life Isn’t Managed by a Diagnosis and Some Pills

I just read a student paper that discusses bipolar disorder at some length. We used to call it manic-depression. To my untrained mind, the latter sounds more like moodiness and the former more like some sort of cerebral malformation. 556 more words

Cultural Meltdown

And Now, Fake Science Journals


Fake news became a real problem in the last year. It’s amazingly easy to set up an online publication that looks legit. Websites can be created in minutes and the cost of publishing on the Internet is so low, anyone can afford to do it. 372 more words

Ag Politics

In focus: the case of Hulbot-hulbot

In an event I had just attended, its surprising how many learned people (so called Ph D. holders and attorneys) are so gullible in believing hook-line-and-sinker the mis-informations proliferated on hulbot-hulbot operations. 337 more words

Dismissing Conspiracy Is the Shortcut to Being Duped

No one wants to be a “science-denier” these days. As insipid and fatuous as the phrase is (I thought that skepticism and receptiveness to revision were essential to scientific thought?), twenty-first century Americans accept it as an especially caustic version of “stupid idiot”. 452 more words

Truth And Technology

UK: 'Fake science used to justify badger culls'

UK government risked losing trust on how it used evidence on important scientific issues —Researcher

The UK government is accused of using “fake science” to justify its policy of culling badgers to control cattle TB. 160 more words

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