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The Sixty Million Year Old Stone Man

We spent the next the next day trying to figure out a way we could transfer the unstable quantum energy stored in Tilly’s stabilizer into the alien’s body. 934 more words

The Story

Here are some funny examples of how confusing correlation and causation can go very, very wrong, courtesy of Tyler Vigan, the genius behind the blog… 422 more words

Asperger's Human Experience

Signs from the heavens

“Oh, can you predict my future/read my hand?”.I ve been getting this question a lot lately. Ever since I started telling people I work in an Astronomical observatory. 669 more words

Jon Rappoport - Mind-Control Media: Brian Williams, Fake Science, And The Reality Egg - 6 February 2015

Brian William caught in his own trap

Cracking the reality egg

Notes and thoughts

“If you want a winning role, act like a scientist. Talk like a scientist. 817 more words


He asserts, without proof, that macroevolution is occurring today, while admitting that one can’t see it happening….The real reason why nobody has ever seen it is because it hasn’t happened!

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Long Nights

This post may not be appropriate for young cousins, just FYI. Not graphic. But might result in a lot of unwanted explaining about grown-up stuff. And with THAT intro: 419 more words