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Lakes: Extrapolation suggests a growing problem

In recent years, studies have focused on improving estimates of the global abundance and surface area of lakes (e.g., Downing et al. 2006). In reading these studies, I have noticed that estimates of global lake surface area seem to increase with year of publication. 294 more words

Fake Science

The best way to understand Christian Science is to delve into the Bible… Take in the spirit, follow your inspiration, and put it into practice.


Science v/s science

Science v/s science

Science is a modern religion for all, new platform- new way to test everything. It’s like second nature of modern life, people first response to any new things is -“it is scientific proven or not”, it’s our new way to adopt. 475 more words


Great Entrpreneurial Opportunity for Californians!

California just passed SB277 which forces vaccinations, following a draconian schedule, on all children attending public or private schools. Soon this bill will extend to all adults who work with children. 112 more words

'Modern' Medicine (Rants)