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DNA ancestry companies fake African ancestry for white people

You’ve all seen those commercials on TV from DNA-testing businesses like Ancestry.com, 23andMe, and Living DNA.

The commercials portray DNA testing as such a science that they can break down your genetic ancestry into precise percentages, e.g., Native American (26%), Spanish or Iberian (23%), Italian/Greek (15%), African (5%), as in this commercial. 500 more words


Free Science beats Fake News anytime

❝ While scientific conspiracy theorists used to seem like a small subset of the population—a population that stayed hidden in secluded closets surrounded by tinfoil and private chatrooms — we have seen dramatic shifts in the past few years.

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Never Judge a Book by its Cover - Now a Face on the Other Hand!

Everyone knows that if someone has a face that resembles that of a goat, then they are connected to the Devil himself.  What that is just me who knows this? 96 more words

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Flat Earth and Funny Pictures

Flat Earth and Funny Pictures

You might get a laugh out of these flat earth meme pictures! They drive the point home real quick.

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Vaccines are medical terrorism

It is one of the most disgusting scams ever perpetrated on the people and it is the medical establishments vaccine agenda.

Edward Jenner is the father of immunology, and he invented the first vaccine back in the 1700s.  699 more words

“Da Gub’ment”: Lying Liars, or Just Liars?

(I composed this piece before the church shooting yesterday, which I haven’t fully grappled with yet.  These events are not tragedies, by the way: they’re atrocities.) 757 more words

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