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[Series Oneshot] [LOL - T1TopMid] Hậu các trận CKTG (Updating...)

Tittle: Hậu các trận CKTG

Author: Ruby Alucard – J.Hyun.Y.

Beta: chưa có

Disclaimer: Ước gì bọn nó là của au :(

Pairings: HwanHyuk a.k.a MaRin x Faker a.k.a T1TopMidcouple… 2,291 more words


2015 League of Legends World Championship Opening Teaser!

Become Legendary

Get hyped! The League of Legends 2015 World Championship begins tonight! Watch as 16 teams duke it out in a battle of supremacy for glory, for honor and to claim the title of the best League of Legends team in the world!

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Legends Rising: A Documentary Series

“We are the warriors that built this town.”

Legends Rising, as described by the LoL E-Sports Website is:

Bjergsen. Faker. Uzi. BrTT. xPeke. SwordArt.

You’ve seen them redefine what’s possible, testing the mechanical boundaries of pro play to become some of the biggest names in LoL esports.

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Faker - Evil Robot of Skeletor (1983)

When I was a kid, I was first introduced to Faker when a friend of mine got one as a present in 1983. I don’t remember him being a highly demanded figure among my peers. 886 more words


Faker - Blitzcrank - Support

Faker Plays Blitzcrank Bot Support With Ezreal VS Graves / Veigar
Faker is known to be a member of SKT T1, and a challenger support.


Faker - Cho'Gath - Mid

Faker Plays Cho’gath Mid Vs Leblanc
Faker is known to be a member of SKT T1, and a challenger support.


Police Searching For Fake Big Box-Worker Who Stole Pallet Of TVs

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GRAPEVINE (CBSDFW.COM) – Police want you to look at a few pictures and see if you can help identify the man who impersonated a Walmart employee and walked away with a pallet of televisions. 212 more words