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Faker by Nicholas McDonald - A Review

One of the paradoxes of our age seems to be that although we place a great emphasis on authenticity (“just be yourself”), we’ve also created… 723 more words


And then it hits me!

It’s been months since I have thought of writing this, and I think this is the right time. I have never been vocal to anything even when I feel backstabbed or whatever because to be honest I don’t have time for drama or high school fights, it was all silence. 600 more words



He walked amongst them
foolish pride–belief
all are one–he could be
consolation of self
dismissal of delusion
facades can never last
reality always turns to look… 21 more words


Guts, Glory, and Ramen Noodles: Online Gaming in Korea

“Noooooooooo!!!” you hear MakNooN howling as one of our clients kills his Champion. MakNooN is a professional online gamer and the game is League of Legends (LoL). 669 more words

[One-shot] [T1TopMid - LoL] Hậu LCK Hè 2015 – Tuần 7 Ngày 4

Tittle: Hậu LCK Hè 2015 – Tuần 7 Ngày 4

Author: Ruby Alucard – J.Hyun.Y.

Beta: chưa có

Disclaimer: Ước gì bọn nó là của au :( 1,217 more words


I F**** Hate Teemo.

I hate teemo with a burning passion.

Don’t get me wrong, I used to play teemo till I was level 30, I would play him in every lane possible and even on the old Twisted TreeLine Map. 398 more words


Elo Hell

I get it, Bronze 5 is hell. We don’t need to hear anymore people complaining about how climbing out of bronze is the hardest challenge in the League of Legends. 222 more words