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Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind: Faker

In the vintage line, Mattel reused the bucks (bodies) of the Masters of the Universe figures on the majority of the figures to save money and have consistency in the line, relying on accessories, action features, and/or weapons to sell figures (along with the… 689 more words



We’ve all love Kathryn for a very long time now, due to her beauty and great acting skills. Even girls fall in love with her which we call “Girl Crush”. 193 more words

[Oneshot] [Lol - MaFa - Maker] Yêu xa

Tittle: Yêu xa

Author: Ruby Alucard – J.Hyun.Y.

Beta: chưa có

Disclaimer: Ước gì bọn nó là của au :(

Pairings: HwanHyuk a.k.a MaRin x Faker a.k.a MaFa a.k.a Maker… 893 more words



He walked amongst them
foolish pride–belief
all are one–he could be
consolation of self
dismissal of delusion
facades can never last
reality always turns to look… 21 more words


A story to tell...


I’ve decided to start a blog about a vile situation I found myself in sometime ago.   About 10 years ago.  I was dating a seemingly normal and sane guy, around my age.   260 more words


An Open Letter to Service Dog Fakers

You and I haven’t had the displeasure of meeting, but you’ve met almost all of my friends at one point or another. You may think you’ve pulled one over on everyone, but you’… 8 more words


But instead

So last week I predicted I’d hear a message that said something about pastors being worth the money people pay them.  I’d agree, and I’d also agree that ministries done by good churches are worthwhile and should be supported by the community.   865 more words