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LOL Troller - Màn "lôi kéo" thấy....ớn của Faker

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LOL Troller – Màn “lôi kéo” thấy….ớn của Faker

User Management

Over the last few days I have been working on completing and trying to understand User Management.  I have been inundated with so much new information it is overwhelming but intoxicating at the same time.   782 more words

Okay Chelsea, so twenty four hours ago you were pregnant by Dolph Ziggler and now you're not?

And now you’re also engaged to Dean Ambrose? Oh dear. No, this just won’t do. Allow us to remind you Chelsea Smith, better known as @ 79 more words

So, Chelsea, you just can't take a hint can you?

You’ve left us with no choice. First, we will start with the fact that Dean Ambrose has no social media accounts, other than a Twitter that he does not use. 72 more words

Dean Ambrose Does NOT Have An Instagram Account.

This account is a fake. We believe it to be run by @HeelDarling. Please report the phony, and feel free to tweet @KyndraChelsea on Twitter to let her know she’s been busted!