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Guts, Glory, and Ramen Noodles: Online Gaming in Korea

“Noooooooooo!!!” you hear MakNooN howling as one of our clients kills his Champion. MakNooN is a professional online gamer and the game is League of Legends (LoL). 669 more words

[One-shot] [T1TopMid - LoL] Hậu LCK Hè 2015 – Tuần 7 Ngày 4

Tittle: Hậu LCK Hè 2015 – Tuần 7 Ngày 4

Author: Ruby Alucard – J.Hyun.Y.

Beta: chưa có

Disclaimer: Ước gì bọn nó là của au :( 1,208 more words


I F**** Hate Teemo.

I hate teemo with a burning passion.

Don’t get me wrong, I used to play teemo till I was level 30, I would play him in every lane possible and even on the old Twisted TreeLine Map. 398 more words


Elo Hell

I get it, Bronze 5 is hell. We don’t need to hear anymore people complaining about how climbing out of bronze is the hardest challenge in the League of Legends. 222 more words


League of Legends, is it just a game?

Welcome to Summoner’s Rift.

League of League or LoL for short has become a huge hit for Riot Games. Tons of people are playing and becoming aware of its unique content. 208 more words


Busy Business Builder

last night
a moth gave in to its light habit that i’d sold it
i am the pusher
i am the dealer
i am your chamber of commerce