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Faker vs Tropyhunter - Analysis

What if Faker was a Trophyhunter? Well, I downloaded the last 239 solo-queue games of faker, calculated the trophies he would have achieved and compared the results to the average Trophyhunter. 541 more words


Beginners Guide to Dominating the Mid Lane

Whether you love it or hate it, League of Legends is one of the most popular games in the world. Within the game, there are five possible roles that you can play. 773 more words

Faker: Aprendiendo del mejor

Lee Sang-hyeok, mejor conocido como Faker, es uno de los jugadores más famosos de League of Legends. Su historia comienza en 2011 cuando descubre por primera vez LoL, el juego que le traería fama y fortuna. 549 more words

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Parts Reuse in MOTU, Part Two: 1983

Masters of the Universe, for all its diversity and creativity, was quite an economical toyline, creatively (and sometimes uncreatively) using and reusing the same molds over and over again throughout its run. 285 more words



Eeehhhhh, read it anyway.

Think about it. What could have launched your life in a different direction? What small stroke of luck or extra minute of practice… 246 more words