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Quick ID guide to different types of cameo .. Part 1: Plastic cameos

I’ve recently had a couple of emails from readers asking for help in identifying what their cameos are made from, so it’s given me an idea to do some blog posts on the different type of cameo available. 684 more words

Jewellery Tips

Season 3, episode 14: Sex and another city

“I feel like one of those freakin hairless dogs!” – Carrie, after her first Brazilian

Ooh, Vince Vaughn! Except it’s not really Vince Vaughn. Or rather, it… 393 more words

There Are Many Fakes Advertising Untrue Psychic Services

There are fakes and con artists promoting bogus telepathic services with the solitary point of making money but there are also loads of truthful supernatural psychic readers around. 25 more words

What To Do About Fake News

Fake News is one of the hottest topics in the “news.” So the question is, what is fake or not, and where do you go for verification, … 457 more words

If this isn't worrisome, I don't know what is

It’s no secret that the current administration sees the media — at least those who don’t lavish praise and recognize how great things are going — as the… 327 more words


Let's Play VGs: Crash Bandicoot Is Actually A Dingo (Satire)

Scientists have recently claimed that video game celebrity Crash Bandicoot might not actually be a bandicoot.

According to experts at the University of Northumbriestershire, Crash Bandicoot, a figure who has graced video games for over 20 years, is nothing like an actual bandicoot.



Reproductions And Fakes: Faux Pas?

Furnish.co.uk guides you through the moral maze of reproductions and fakes.
Taste matures, changes and can’t help but be swayed in some small part by the whims of fashion. 29 more words