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Registering Trade Marks--think of the translation early

Goldman Sachs doesn’t seem concerned, and why be? They can’t possibly win any lawsuit.

There been a recent story about ‘fake’ Goldman Sachs (Shenzhen). For those who travel in South China a lot, you may have seen a blue highway sign with it. 189 more words


Faux No!

As I passed our local flower shop the other day, I caught a glimpse of some hanging baskets along the front of the shop with brightly colored flowers in them. 369 more words

SPOEmulators 0.2-pre released on nuget

I had no support for Visual Studio 2015 in my first beta. I fixed this and added a pester test script to test the init.ps1. 74 more words


A Woman Fakes a Kidnapping to Get Out of Work For an Afternoon

Oye, what’s the worst excuse you made to get about of work? Did it work because this chick took it to the next level…

43-year-old Beverly Brooks is a nursing assistant in Panama City, Florida.  118 more words


Friends... & Other Friends...

To many people… betrayal is a word they think they know about… have experienced at some point or other in either way… either they were betrayed by someone… or they betrayed someone… 316 more words


8/6/15 Rant: Fake Friends

I don’t have friends. It’s not like I want friends. But I also don’t flaunt the fact that I don’t keep a lot of people around me.

335 more words
Where All The Fun Begins

Visual Studio Shims and Fakes

Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 includes Fakes (Premium and above) to isolate existing code. This involves intercepting calls to the framework and rerouting them to Shims. These Shims are created by right clicking a reference and selecting “Add Fakes Assembly”. 244 more words