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Rule Breaker

Life is too short.
Time is too fast.
They said you cannot fly and chain you in a dark sight.
Prove them wrong and show them that you can fly to the sky. 86 more words

Is it a dupe or is it fake?

I am totally amazed that there are so many who use these words wrong and don’t seem to know the difference between a fake and a dupe. 887 more words


Free Authentication Service. Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor

Do you still offer the free authentication service.
The photo is below signed by Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor.

Is the photo genuine authentic?
My friend owns it. 257 more words


AoIR 2016: fakes

Images of protest in contested social media: Production, propagation, and narratives
Luca Rossi, Christina Neumayer, Julie Vulpius.  IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark. 834 more words

Ein Plädoyer gegen gefälschte Trikots bei eBay

Mein Hobby heißt Trikots, genauer gesagt Fußballtrikots. Ich sammle sie – nicht original getragene Spielertrikots, sondern nur solche die ich selber auch guten Gewissens und ohne substanzielle Wertvernichtung anziehen kann, sobald sich mal ein würdiger Anlass bietet (z.B.: Ich fahre zu Club xyz in Stadion, Club xyz läuft heute Abend im TV, Club xyz läuft heute Abend nicht im TV aber es ist immerhin Donnerstag, und so weiter…). 870 more words


It’s been some time

since I could remember what it meant

to truly love someone.

It’s hard to forget the rainy winters.

Everyone was there and it was beautiful…

90 more words

The most incredible article about karma you'd ever read.

All Finns are honest.”

Are they ALL really? If yes, why do my experience prove otherwise?

No. Most Finns are honest. Not all. 

You see, I had once thought that it was perfectly normal to start work without a written contract. 795 more words