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You ate what????

You may see my theme for today is Alice in Wonderland. I love it. And the things that happen in Wonderland are pure fiction of course. heh heh heh heh heh

The Naked Truth About Fakes

Counterfeiting luxury goods is a serious crime that most people are likely unaware of. When we see or hear the word “crime”, what most likely comes to mind is drug trafficking, child labor, prostitution, gang-related homicide or robbery. 575 more words

Oops, still pretending?

Some people cannot admit to losing somebody, so they invent an imaginary spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend/or friend to fill that gap.

You fool nobody but yourself sugar. But it is funny. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Fake or Fortune?

The presence of fakes & art forgeries within the art market are something we have to be constantly vigilant for at The Fletcher Gate Art Gallery. 585 more words


The truth will out. No matter what. In the end.

I am right, i know i am right. I am a strong woman, who will put up with no crap from anybody. Does this make me wrong?

In the words of the Bard. William Shakespeare

May be little woman, but by God she is fierce when she needs to be.