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More than worrisome: Fake News

MSNBC ran a story about fake news that made me very angry. Go ahead; I’ll wait while you watch it.

I’m sorry, but that is indefensible. 295 more words


2016's Supposed 'Photo of the Year' Is a Big Fat Fake

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When you believed it was safe to go back in the water … it completely was,

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If you see something (fake), say something (for reals)

Brought to you as a public service announcement:

Buzzfeed posted this helpful piece on one way to at least try to stop in the influx of fake news on Facebook.


Amazon Gets Real About Fakes | Bloomberg

Randy Hetrick first noticed counterfeits on Amazon.com Inc. in 2013. He had been selling his TRX Training System– an exercise kit of suspension straps– on the site since 2008. 115 more words

Tools And Information

The Hitler Diaries: Fakes that Fooled the World by Charles Hamilton

Gerd Heidemann, a journalist, explained to other reporters that – via Martin Bormann – he had found Hitler’s personal diaries, lost since 1945.  In April, 1982, the editors-in-chief at Stern magazine learned that far more than twenty-seven diaries existed. 516 more words


Scientific Investigation of Copies, Fakes and Forgeries

Scientific Investigation of Clones, Fakes and Forgeries

The deceiving and forgery of performs of art and antiquities is most likely currently more intensive than previously. The cons are helped by new systems, from inkjet units to epoxy resins, and powered from the astronomic rates noticed… #, #Copies, #Fakes, #Forgeries, #Investigation, #Scientific… 9 more words