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A priceless masterpiece has disappeared from National Museum Cardiff

Giles Coren and Rose Balston

A top secret operation last night saw millions of pounds worth of priceless masterpieces removed from the collections of galleries and museums around the UK – including one from National Museum Cardiff. 545 more words


"Melattica" t-shirts

There is this episode of Two and a Half men where one of Charlie’s conquest is a tattooed rock chick, who we are told works selling knockoff t-shirts at heavy metal concerts. 197 more words

Son fakes terminal cancer to scam £2,000 from father so he can visit online girlfriend in the US

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Image capture of video by YouTube Channel via YouTube Account


Darren Altham, 33, told his family he was “diagnosed” with Non-Hodgkin lymphoma and needs to undergo a crucial treatment as he was terminally ill…


eBay, SJ4000 fake and Hacking!


In just a few days ‘NADHack’ (Newbury And District Hackspace) gets the keys to the building that will be our starting home! If you don’t already know what a hackspace is, or a Makerspace is, it’s best described as a workshop for those people without workshops. 1,282 more words

Project Timelapse

Becky, Beyoncé, and Plies

So, I watched Lemonade maybe five times that Sunday that it came out. One of the times was with Chris. When people thought Raechel Roy was “Becky with the good hair”, I was wondering how many people would get her mixed up with food pro Rachel Ray. 491 more words

Hip Hop

Fakes and the Role of Social Media

Fakes are taking the consumers for a ride on the internet. social media and counterfeit goods have a close relation as revealed by a recent study. 196 more words