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When Law and Art Collide?

There is an art advisor in every neighbourhood in town. In new markets like China and India more and more millenials are chosing to play in this market not only because of the glamour but also huge capital creation opportunities. 409 more words


I have been asked before today. AM I A REAL PERSON. WELL WHAT DO YOU THINK. ??????????

Yes i am a real woman. A strong, vibrant and truthful woman who knows what she wants and goes out to get it. CAN ANY OF YOU STALKERS SAY THE SAME ??????????

This is not by Edouart

Just in case some of my readers are thinking that they might sneak in a bid for an Edouart that isn’t labeled Edouart, this silhouette is NOT by Edouart.  214 more words

Antique Silhouettes

Wolves in sheep's clothing

“In arrogance the wicked hotly pursue the poor. Let them be caught in the schemes that they have devised” Ps. 10:2.

There is much to be said about the factories in China… the child labor, the buying and selling of people in exchange for their debts… and my heart bleeds… But what about what happens right here… In our “Christian” church?

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Religion And Relationship

Alarm Clock

Alarm clock, I hid it somewhere
It’s not by my bed, dear; it’s in my head.
It’s set to go off not tomorrow, nor the day after… 222 more words

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Someone bought this fake Edouart

Such a shame that someone just bought this fake Edouart from ebay.  These 20th century fakes that are all supposedly American-cut come up all of the time.  147 more words

Antique Silhouettes

Fakes and Forgeries

Museums thrive on owning authentic objects and pieces.

So, when a fake object or piece is found in the museums it causes an uprising.

But just sometimes the forgery becomes authentic. 313 more words

Artists And Artworks