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Forgery and the Corruption of History

I confess to being a document fanatic. My husband and I have pored over original documents in state, local, and national archives. Other people collect objects. 755 more words


Teenage Girl Fakes Her Kidnapping Case Just to Stay with Her New Boyfriend!

Malaysia- One minor 14-year-old girl was went viral in Malaysia after her parents reported that she is missing and they thought that it was all kidnapping case. 23 more words

"Scoop" of the Day: Scoop Sanderson No Longer Trading Pins!

Scoop Sanderson, intrepid reporter for Main Street has stopped pin trading.  Say it ain’t so, Scoop!  Unfortunately, the rumors are true.  According to the Scoop Sanderson Trading Times… 536 more words

Theme Parks

Schadenfreude On Trial: Two Fascinating Art Scandals

“Let me tell you about the very rich,” F. Scott Fitzgerald once wrote. “They are different from you and me.” Nowhere is this fact more apparent than in the upper echelons of the art world, where people like hedge fund managers and commodities tycoons need to decorate the walls of their ersatz chateaux, in order to paper over their humble origins. 695 more words


Dirty Diva play by Diva Milano.

Companies copying or stealing from each other is nothing new, it happens every single day.

However; in the case of Diva Milano and their recent release of a budget friendly range, well it’s a low blow and has upset a great deal of people in the Babywearing Community. 673 more words


LIFE 101 - Grindr - Craigslist - Jacked 

Truths and lies about the most common sites. I’ve been working on this for a little bit now, three different citys, three different sites. The outcome? 1,140 more words


Ogirinal Respect

Hahaha…..some folks are of the opinion that I mis-spelt the word “Genuine”. No I did not. Once upon a time a friend shared with me that he was shopping for a GENUINE bag and upon reaching home, he saw the label print “Ogirinal ______”. 201 more words