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In Case It Wasn't Obvious

The fantasy, of course, is that
As grown-ups we know where it’s at
What’s not enough and what’s too much
To feather or to pop the clutch… 25 more words


Take a Selfie, Fake a Life.

You know that girl you follow on Instagram? The one with the perfectly sculpted body, impeccable bone structure and equally immaculate hair? The one with the flawless complexion and all-year-round sun-kissed glow. 752 more words

Active World

The gap

Teacher only day… and this one wasn’t so bad, as teacher only days go. We didn’t have to do role plays or any really stupid shit. 526 more words


Does Adulting mean Becoming your Parents??

Does adulting mean becoming your parents?

Sometimes something flies out of my mouth and I have to race to the mirror to make sure I haven’t turned into my mother. 256 more words


Building your Confidence VA

You all know how this feels, you rock up to the local ‘basket weaving’ workshop and they start by inflicting this evil little ritual on you.  805 more words


“Everyone already thinks we’re lesbians… let’s give the people what they want”: MTV's Faking It rewrites the coming out plot

Launched in 2014, Faking It is a romantic comedy which explores the lives of teens at Hester, an extremely progressive high school in the suburbs of Austin, TX, where diversity is a prerequisite to popularity. 1,442 more words

Faking It

The Scamp has Imposter Sydrome

One of the worst things you can do when you are sick is google your symptoms….except for that one time WebMD said I probably had Lupus. 405 more words

PhD Craze