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Fakin' It

I was listening to the Writing Excuses podcast ‘Fake it Till You Make it’  and it got me wondering about the kinds of things that writers can do to make themselves more professional. 1,536 more words

Patrick Rothfuss

New Jobs and Imposter Syndrome

Any day now the U.S.is going to have a new president. For those of us who don’t know the American election system well, the actual date of the beginning of his presidency is a moving target. 615 more words

Living And Learning

"Transabled" People Disgust Me

In this wonderful “progressive” age, where every stupid lifestyle choice under the sun must be championed, it isn’t often that stuff surprises me.  More often than not, I hear about some crazy new lifestyle and my first thought is – neat, I guess.  1,504 more words


This is my mess, and I like it.

I just spent 20 minutes trying to take the perfect snapchat selfie to send to my crush.

I’m talking setting up natural lighting (opening my curtains), making sure I looked effortlessly flawless (mascara and lip gloss), and sitting perfectly (pushing the hem of my kimono up to expose leg). 455 more words


Fake it after you make it

Bruce Springsteen in talking about his life long depression of a kind also experienced by his father described that he metaphorically “puts on his father’s clothes” to perform. 103 more words

The Never. Ending. Story.

“You’ve never come from penetration?” he asks, incredulous.

What does he want me to say? I’m just joking, encouraging you to go down on me more instead of allowing you pleasure. 341 more words


How Faking a Service Dogs Hurts Legitimate Handlers

It’s the weekend, your time for running errands. You’ll be out all day, the same as during the week, and Fido just stares at you. Fido knows you’re leaving again and it breaks your heart. 495 more words

Don't Do It