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Jesus Blogging … Faking It

An audio version of Jesus Tweeting with prayer


 It’s hard to describe how alone I feel, Jesus, and how hard it is to approach You right now. 77 more words


One-Liner Wednesday --Choose Happy

I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today.
I can choose which it shall be. 153 more words

Review: Two Night Stand


As a firm believer in monogamy, I have no experience of nor have I had the desire to try out a one night stand. 935 more words


I hate coffee made from home

It’s never right
From this day on , if it ain’t a caramel latte from Starbucks, then I don’t want it. I’ll keep the coffee beans for my man and I’ll also keep a cheap instant coffee for (uninvited) guests but me I’m done. I hate tea as well

Faking It

Ethan Axelrod "Fakes It" Week II

Simply put, Cindies is a Cambridge institution. Every Wednesday night (and Tuesday, if you’re feeling really keen), hundreds of students shiftily try to cut into the massive queue snaking around… 539 more words


Psychopaths and Sociopaths: How to Spot Them

Since most politicians are psychopaths, it pays to learn all we can about them. I’ve also found in my experiences that many anti-white racists are either sociopaths or psychopaths. 225 more words

Surly Girl

It’s a sloppy, wet morning, so I leave the house way before dark, anticipating a messy commute. But it’s not so bad, and I’m in the city way early, which means a stop for oatmeal pancakes and green tea before the office opens. 409 more words