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The Never. Ending. Story.

“You’ve never come from penetration?” he asks, incredulous.

What does he want me to say? I’m just joking, encouraging you to go down on me more instead of allowing you pleasure. 341 more words


Introvert's Christmas Survival Guide

Well, it’s here, that peculiar experiment in social Darwinism, the office Christmas party (OXP). Not only is there pressure to attend, there’s an unspoken obligation to ‘have a good time’ which, trust me, will be policed on the day by some extroverted fuc*nuckle who singles you out for extra bonhomie just because your resting-party-face is still too Grinchy. 1,564 more words

Random Thoughts


I was recently taught about


a problem almost exclusive to women
feeling they are not worthy
of their position in society-
professional, academic, social. 21 more words

You fakers!!!!

Interesting little story from the Daily Mirror today. It’s about women who are vocal in bed and what it REALLY means.

A recent study looked into how vocal women are during sex at Indiana University and what it means. 424 more words


I AM MY SUNSHINE - day 124 and 125 in a year of...

Day 124 and 125, November 27, 2016 @8:21 pm

Make hay while the sun shines.  I love proverbs, don’t you?  Life could be easier and better if we heed them. 264 more words

Mistaken Moments

I wish you were more

than just a fleeting day;

More than a cloud effaced

Before I began to find its face.

Or a bud that bloomed at night… 230 more words


Faking It Got Axed: Goodbye To A Cute Gay Utopia

I started this earlier in 2016 and then dug it up again when applying to the Bitch pop culture fellowship. Faking It is up there as one of my favourite shows of all time and I really miss its unashamedly affirming approach to LGBT issues.  825 more words