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Form & Formlessness

“Sometimes if you have a strong form, you can be more fluid inside of that form.”
― Willem DaFoe

There was a point in my life when I realized that something had to shift.

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Daily Grind Coffee Quotes - Day 27

To be a success,
Coffee has to have character.
People can see right through you when you’re a fake.

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Are You Faking It?

Faking orgasms, why you shouldn’t do it

So, I feel I have the right to write an article on this. I have faked orgasms a lot in my relationships. 1,629 more words

Adult Stories/tips/infomation

Fake it 'till You Make it.

I really have no idea what I am doing. Like at all. I remember when I was a kid I figured that when I became an adult then I would know what the heck I am doing. 253 more words


Faking It

The last thing people would ever describe me as is “shy.” People usually opt for adjectives like loud, talkative, and outgoing, but never, ever, shy. 737 more words


Faking It Review

By: Cora Carmack
Published: June 2013
When and Why It Caught My Eye: I read this over Thanksgiving in 2015, maybe a month or so after I read  857 more words


The Break-Up Journal: back from NYC

23 September—P is finally back from NYC, bearing gifts. Cupcakes for me and a couple cheapie things for the boys. How nice that he remembered this time. 446 more words