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There’s no emptiness I know that’s quite like unfulfillment

It leaves your stomach hungry and your chest empty

Your soul a wonderer that doesn’t rest. 24 more words


F for ache

She realised it now exactly for what it was:

‘Cos the ache of fakery

Far outweighed the physical need to suck.

She had only been able to survive… 107 more words

Me To Yous

It kills me ...

It kills me when people don’t trust me.

It drills me when people don’t accept me.

It stills


Hard and

Tough and


When people don’t really care to care for what I think.


Fake It 'Til You Make It

“Fake it ’til you make it”

It’s one of the biggest take-aways I have from my childhood. I do not know how many times my mum told me this little nugget of advice, but it has stuck with me, informing my behaviour and granting me opportunities I otherwise wouldn’t have had. 522 more words

Craigslist: Have you hurt him?

Because it does happen. It might have happened to me, if I’d awakened to life in a world where shrunken men existed, and the one I kept angered me one day. 106 more words

Shrunken Man

Faking it

Let’s be honest,

we’ve all faked something in our lives. Whether it be faking the truth about who stole the cookie from the cookie jar; faking ill to not go to school/work/out; or even something as simple as faking it till we make it. 307 more words

Everyone needs help. Even a giantess.

I’m exhausted. Off to bed I go.


It’s six thirty-seven in the morning, and I’m exhausted, and I can’t sleep. I’m also a little drunk, trying to see if that will help me sleep, but all I keep seeing is images in my head. 1,192 more words

Shrunken Man