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A smarter model with Falcor

There is a few new cool stuff in the js world everyday, relay and falcor are one of them. The problem this libraries are solving is making your app feeling faster with a smart network/cache strategy. 429 more words


Falcor's Facebook Page

Hey fans of fabulous flying white animals!   Falcor has his own fanpage on Facebook, please visit and like it!

Falcor’s Facebook Page


Redux without Redux

From the Redux testimonials:

“It’s cool that you are inventing a better Flux by not doing Flux at all.”
–André Staltz, creator of Cycle

I recognize this may be a classic case of me not seeing the forest for all the trees. 

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A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal... Dragons!

Oh my goodness!  I totally dropped the ball on revealing my theme for the Blogging from A to Z April 2016 Challenge that I signed up for!   173 more words


New Year's first blather post

Or something like that.  First I want to talk about the preceding two posts, the New Year’s Eve and New Year’s day special posts.

Barbara’s dress (and shoes) are from the Barbie Look collection.   1,619 more words


New Year's Eve (Dolly) Party

Barbara’s holding a New Year’s Eve party for all her friends.

Of course, Yeolume is more interested in the snacks than anything else.  (She’s going to have to go to bed long before midnight anyway…) 71 more words


Demand Driven Architecture or REST or Linked Data?

I recently listened to David Nolen‘s talk from QCon London conference from back in July called Demand Driven Architecture. Before continuing, you should have a listen. 483 more words