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My Shortest Post Ever, Probably 

I’m a member of the “believe in yourself” generation, but I don’t.

I mostly talk a good game, though.


The Neverending Story

Some things are just never done.  Have you ever noticed that? It’s infuriating, no seriously. No matter how many loads of laundry you put through, how many showers you take, how often you sweep, or even how thorough you shave your legs….it’s never really done. 116 more words

Famous Quotes

Benchmarking Falcor.js

In the past few weeks I was figuring out how to solve a problem of a chatty communication between client and server considering that we are close to the release and I have already got few ideas in mind to improve the product I’m working on right now. 1,274 more words


A smarter model with Falcor

There is a few new cool stuff in the js world everyday, relay and falcor are one of them. The problem this libraries are solving is making your app feeling faster with a smart network/cache strategy. 429 more words


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