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We Moved To Pennsylvania!

What a year it’s been! There are two things we’ve learned to count on–God is faithful, and everything changes.

Who ever thought we’d live in Pennsylvania–and love it?! 270 more words


Raven 5/1/15

KNOCK KNOCK on my door
a raven’s long broad coat tails
dragging on my porch


cave 5/1/15

tree cave in the woods

all ready to move into

Wi-Fi, bed and cats


Apple, Pear and Cranberry Pie

Since I last posted, I had my last day as a professional baker, got a job working at a tech company that connects local restaurants to people in offices who want lunch, joined a new fitness community that twerks for a workout and was… 514 more words


Strangers on the train

Nearly 15 years ago, I was a student in Boston and my days began and ended with long dreary commutesĀ on the T. Seemingly endless rides where the rocking and rattling of the rail cars was only punctuated by the odd cough, rustling newspaper, andĀ beeping cellphone. 358 more words

The Daily Prompt

Cheerleaders 4/20/15

white pom-poms shimmy

young women’s ocean chorale

screaming win! win! win!