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Psycho-Pass | My favourite Psychological Anime

Hullo and welcome to Wednesday or Thursday, depending on where you are. Today I’d like to take the moment to talk about an Anime that I really, really like and is in fact, my favourite Psychological Anime – Psycho-Pass. 728 more words

Anime Review

Kamisama Kiss (Review #10)

Alright guys here we are with another review of this anime and hope you are ready for this review.

Let’s get into this thing!

In this episode we get to see and learn more of Tomoe’s past, and how he came to the shrine and in the hand of Mikage. 154 more words


Kamisama Kiss (Review #8)

In the last episode and review, Nanami and Tomoe went out on an unofficial date together. That date almost went horribly wrong and Nanami almost died but Tomoe ended up saving her. 227 more words


Kamisama Kiss (Review #7)

In the last episode and review we learn more of Tomoe’s pass and how he used to be. Nanami then thinks of her visit to the past as a nightmare and that her Tomoe is nothing like the old Tomoe. 286 more words


Kamisama Kiss (Review #6)

So, here we are with another episode and a new review of this anime, who’s ready? In the last review and episode, Nanami and Tomoe’s lives got turned upside by a certain she Thunder God. 284 more words


[Dior] Bengale (#615)

Bengale is a brown shade with perhaps the slightest hint of khaki. But mostly brown.

Two coats shown below.


Kamisama Kiss (Review #5)

Who is ready for another episode of Kamisama Kiss? I know I am been waiting to watch this episode all day. In this episode we are going to meet some new characters and some familiar faces return. 197 more words