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Review: Girls und Panzer

Girls riding tanks is actually good to watch? What’s you opinion?

Okay, here I am with another anime review.This time it’s an anime that caught my interest,Girls und Panzer. 851 more words


Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

There are a lot of ways to adapt something. Shounen battle series tend to very quickly fall into a very dull variation of that: really slow pacing that goes on forever with long boring drawn out battles that all look like each other. 375 more words

Anime Review

Why your first job still matters

We’ve all heard the saying, “first is the worst,” but according to experienced professionals, this isn’t always the case. Sure, your first job might incite fear and frustration, but if you can turn the mess-ups into shape-ups, you’ll be on your way to a first-place career finish. 702 more words



Whether you are a fan of tan or chocolate, brown has a way of sneaking into everyone’s wardrobe. And while I love the color no matter what season, for the spring of 2016 we are seeing shades that have a rich undertone and they are definitely to my liking. 64 more words


Senki Zesshō Symphogear

What a mind-blowing anime. Every bit of goodness packed in about 30 minutes of futuristic action packed visuals, eardrum blowing sound and a story that, so far looks to be heading to the right direction for one of the most viewed, most popular, eyes popping anime of the year. 238 more words

Anime Review

The Way of the Philosopher by Aaron Stark

I have been asked: “How do you consistently look at the world?” For me, this is not just asking about my specific opinions about the world, but how I craft my worldview in general. 885 more words

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