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Another Face of Buenos Aries

Buequebus took us from Montevideo to Colonia to meet the fast ferry back to Buenos Aries. The trip was essentially the reverse of the one a couple of days earlier and was accomplished as efficiently as possible. 340 more words

Fall 2018

iroduku sekai no ashita kara - 05-06


not a show to binge watch. the slow, quaint pace is good for a weekly viewing.

i’ve been rewatching azumanga daioh recently… not sure why.

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A Disciplinary Guide:

Disciplining your child is all about finding the right balance. The balance between understanding your child and setting positive standards within the home are crucial. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind. 391 more words

Fall 2018

Humans of Granada

For the longest time, when I travel, I have always wanted people out of my photos and just wanted the location or well known places. I would have halves of heads, bodies chopped off, or fingers poking their way into my frame. 207 more words


A Quick Trip to a National Park

Since I arrived in Melbourne I’ve been soaking up the city and have gotten used to my urban lifestyle. While the café-lined streets of Collingwood are charming, this week I decided to check out some of the outdoor activities nearby in Victoria. 366 more words


The Top 5 Reasons Why You Should be Reading to your Child

A topic that many child development psychologists can agree on is the importance of investing as much parental time into the development of a child’s behavioral, cognitive, and socio-emotional skills. 646 more words

Fall 2018

Cruise 2018: Dining on the Sea

If you all didn’t know, I love to dine out. I actually think I like eating out a bit too much, which is why I’ve cut down significantly over the past few months. 325 more words