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First of all, I’d like to welcome those of you who joined recently and I’d like to thank those who’ve been with me from the beginning! 502 more words


Assignment for Tuesday, March 26

Read: David Foster Wallace’s essay “Tense Present.” Wallace has a famously distinct style–one worth discussing–but we’re going to read this for a Tuesday class for two reasons. 333 more words


Wedding Dress Designer: Ines Di Santo

Ines Di Santo whose signature style has a rich touch of sophistication and femininity, has been influenced by both her Italian and Spanish heritage.  She is recognized the world over for incorporating techniques often found only in couture fashion designing. 61 more words


Tsurune: Kazemai Koukou Kyuudoubu Final Thoughts.

This was supposed to be episode by episode but hear me out, I binge watched episodes 3 to 13 and forgot to analyse them and note down what I liked, dislike, etc. 887 more words


Fall 2019 Honors Course List Overview

Honors courses offer enhanced challenges and opportunities so students can develop intellectual autonomy and excellence. Students get the most out of their Ferris education by putting more of themselves in. 463 more words


Tohu Wa-Bohu, Kabash, Radah, Wa You

Or In the Beginning Was The Title String
Or Genesis One: A Masterwork of Formed Fullness
Or Some Events Based On A True Story
Or Threadbare Pandemonium Gets Chiastically Owned (Thanks, Marty!) 4,121 more words

Fall 2018

In Order to Form a More Good Preamble

Or A Primeval Primer: Genesis 1-11 Intro’d
Or Existential Angst in the Bluegrass State
Or “You’re the Man Now, Dawg”
Or Pictorial Expressions of Fundamental Truths… 2,822 more words

Fall 2018