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Anime ABC's R is for Run with the Wind

Motivation & Inspiration

When Run with the Wind first aired back in the Fall 2018 season I almost gave it a pass without a second thought. 1,654 more words

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The Painted Valparaiso and the Coast

Although Valparaiso was our next stop for two nights we managed to fit in more sightseeing on both ways. Driving from Santiago our first stop was on the coast in the town of Viña del Mar. 573 more words

Fall 2018


POP QUIZ: WHO WORE IT BETTER? Nancy Travis on Last Man Standing OR Carolyn as Mary the Organist in God’s Money?

YEP! I think so, too!  47 more words

2019 BC Book Prize Winner

The BC Book Prizes announced that Susin Nielsen won the Sheila A Egoff Children’s Literature Prize for her middle-grade novel No Fixed Address. Congratulations, Susin! 184 more words



Or A Patchwork Genesis 2 & 3
Or It’s the Little Things that Give You Away
Or A Quartet of Voices
Or Heard the Sound of You, Saw the Sight of Me… 4,437 more words

Fall 2018

Sword Art Online: Alicization - Mini Review

A VERY Mixed Bag

After watching Ordinal Scale in the theater, I was pretty hype for the upcoming third season. Later, when I heard that this season would have a boat load of episodes, basically enough to run for an ENTIRE YEAR, that hype only grew. 793 more words

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Tonari no Kyuketsuki-san (Miss Vampire) Review

Amano Akari is a high school girl with some strange tastes and hobbies. She loves things occult and gothic, and is especially fond of collecting dolls that other people find creepy. 1,083 more words

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