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Anime Hajime Review: Boarding School Juliet

Original Run: October 6, 2018 - December 22, 2018
Number of Episodes: 12
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Based on the Series Created By: Yousuke Kaneda

***Warning, the following may contain spoilers for Boarding School Juliet. 1,639 more words


Dues—Katie Pontious

July heat weighs heavy on my shoulders
like a freight train or a case of cement

poured on me instead of our work site.
Troweling blades have been banned… 143 more words

Fall 2018

April 17th—Katie Pontious

It’s the third Wednesday of April.
Mom comes home with her monthly allowance.

What little is left after the government fees.
Prices rise as the allowance shrinks. 109 more words

Fall 2018

Apology to my Second Grade Self—Lauren DiEdwardo

I’m sorry
I spilled that
chocolate milk on your pants.
The other kids
laughed for

Fall 2018

WheelBARREL—Lauren DiEdwardo

as an almost adult
I almost know for sure
that the word “barrow”
does not exist.

It didn’t exist when I was
young, I’m almost sure… 21 more words

Fall 2018

Just Because Bad Heart—Michael Lee Johnson

Just because I am old
do not tumble me dry.
Toss me away with those unused
Wheat pennies, Buffalo nickels, and Mercury dimes
in those pickle jars in the basement. 152 more words

Fall 2018

Old Men Walk Funny—Michael Lee Johnson

Old men walk funny with shadows and time eating at their heels.
Pediatric walkers, prostate exams, bend over, then most die.
They grow poor, leave their grocery list at home, 183 more words

Fall 2018