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Change of Heart by Joy Roldan

I was not happy. I had not been in a while.

Three years ago, I found the love of my life, it seemed like we could completely understand each other, and I felt like I could truly be myself around him. 729 more words

Fall 2018

Suicide Prevention Programs by Kaelyn Estrada-Pao

October 2018

Senator Mazie Hirono

Senate Office Building, B-40E Dirksen

Washington, DC 20501

Dear Senator Mazie Hirono,

“She is stupid and selfish,” said my high school chemistry teacher when we took a moment of silence to honor my friend who committed suicide earlier that year. 1,765 more words

Fall 2018

Affordable Housing by Elaisa Quibuyen

29 October 2018

David Y. Ige

Governor, State of Hawaii

415 S Beretania St #5

Honolulu, HI 96813

Dear Governor David Y. Ige,

I am writing to ask you to declare a state of emergency for the State of Hawaii around the issue of housing crisis. 1,537 more words

Fall 2018

Anti-Drug Program in Schools by Ronny Lara

29 October 2018

Hawaii State Department of Education

1390 Miller St.

Honolulu, HI. 96813

Dear Hawaii State Department of Education,

The problem that a lot of schools around the world is facing is drug use from… 1,229 more words

Fall 2018

Protect Our Coral Reefs by Darien Murosaki

November 4, 2018

David Ige

415 S Beretania St.

Honolulu, HI. 98613

Dear David Ige,

”Coral reefs are found in 109 countries; significant reef degradation has occurred in 93” (WWF Global par. 1,061 more words

Fall 2018

Nursing Shortage by Madison Oshiro

October 31, 2018

Mary G. Boland, Title

2500 Campus Rd.

Honolulu, HI 96822

Dear Ms. Mary G. Boland,

The nursing shortage refers to a situation where the demand for nursing professionals, such as Registered Nurses, exceeds the supply-locally, nationally, or globally (Newman, pg. 1,367 more words

Fall 2018

Final Personal Growth Essay by Jaisen Saoit

My experience with this course was the best english class ever. If it wasn’t Mrs. Cara teaching the course I wouldn’t be able to understand the whole point in English 100. 1,140 more words

Fall 2018