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UAV spraying: combating the spread of fall armyworm across China

Fall armyworm (FAW) has continued to spread across China since early January, with the pest being identified in over 600,000 hectares of farmland across 18 provinces. 837 more words

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CAB Reviews hits 1000 articles with fall armyworm paper

The CABI journal CAB Reviews has just published its 1000th paper, with a study examining how smallholder farmers can manage the devastating crop pest fall armyworm (FAW, … 757 more words

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Deploying biopesticides to combat fall armyworm in South Sudan

A new project in South Sudan is combatting the fall armyworm, an insect that can cause significant damage to crops, particularly maize. With more than half of South Sudan’s current population—nearly 6.2 million people—in need of life-saving food assistance, safeguarding food security where possible is essential. 967 more words

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Reaching more farmers with fall armyworm knowledge and information through ICT-enabled extension

Since 2017, CABI and partners have launched a series of extension campaigns in Kenya and Uganda in the fight against the invasive pest fall armyworm. These campaigns used integrated ICT-enabled approaches combining radio, SMS, and community video screenings with the aim of improving awareness, knowledge and management practices for fall armyworm. 805 more words

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Plantwise helps with managing the invasive Fall Armyworm in Vietnam

During a recent visit to a plant clinic session in Vinh Phuc, Vietnam, first-hand evidence of this devastating invasive pest was shown to visiting CABI staff. 541 more words


Words of Wisdom from Remus, on Food Scarcity and the Weather

Garden, gather, and preserve for vitamins and minerals, and lay in a foundation of hard red (or white) wheat for calories.   H/T Bison Prepper

Stay alert, watch for a serious general food scarcity.

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Collaborative writeshop produces pest management decision guides for invasive species in Pakistan

Invasive alien species (IAS) have devastating impacts on native biota, causing the decline or even extinction of native species, negatively affecting ecosystems. Invasive plants, animals, insects and microorganisms enter and establish in environments outside of their natural habitat. 432 more words

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