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Thanksgiving Leftover Casserole & Hash Brown

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know I ate myself silly. Now I have a ton of left overs and I need to do something with them! 250 more words

Fall Beers

Vanilla Porter & Baked Sweet Potato

It got chilly in the Northeastern United States. It’s almost time for the holiday season to really kick off (unless you want to include Halloween, then it’s already started). 350 more words

Fall Beers

Pumpking and Dirt

Happy Halloween everyone! I’ve been so excited to do this pairing as soon as I saw Pumpking in my local beer store. So to end my month of pumpkin beers, we’re ending with what is considered one of the best: Pumpking! 383 more words

Beer And Food Pairings

Spooky Treats & A Smashed Pumpkin

Halloween is next week everyone! Does everyone have their costumes ready? Anyone going to throw a party? I was really thinking hard since it’s almost the unofficial end of “pumpkin season”, which seems weird to me since the pumpkin’s growing season ends in December, and I decided to make a simple sweet treat to go with this week’s Pumpkin Ale. 258 more words

Fall Beers

Kielbasa and Oktoberfest

I’m taking a quick break this week from all the pumpkin beers out there to have one last Oktoberfest. Now Oktoberfest has long since concluded in Germany, but that doesn’t mean the Oktoberfest beers aren’t still available in America. 377 more words

Beer And Food Pairings

Podcast Episode 02: Operation Autumn Blaze

Hey everyone check out the next episode of the Hoppy Craftsmen podcast. The guys talk about all things fall, a few new local places to grab one, and drink some delicious craft beer. 10 more words


Roasted Mixed Veggies & Elysian's Night Owl

I love going to the farmer’s market in the fall. There are so many different vegetables in many different colors available. It was only last year that I found out that orange and purple cauliflower was a thing. 524 more words

Beer And Food Pairings