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Things We Love: October Edition

While fall begins in late September, it’s late October that brings the best of the season. The leaves are at their peak brilliance, the sun has a more golden cast, and the weather is often just right for a light sweater instead of a bulky coat.  421 more words


Blogtober Day 14: Fall Candle Collection!

hello my boos!

For Day 14 of Blogtober, I have for you a fall candle collection! Before I get started, I just want to say that yes I have a lot of candles and most of them I’ve had for quite a long time!! 260 more words


Falling for Fall (or lack thereof)

One of the weirdest (and maybe one of the most depressing) things about moving from Texas to California is the lack of seasons. Yes, I know Texas doesn’t have season’s like North Carolina or Montana, but Texas has more noticeable “seasons” than in California to say the least. 617 more words


Candle Haul - Homegoods

It’s (almost) officially fall & people are starting to feel those cozy vibes. Personally, I light candles year-round (candle obsessed), but there’s something nice about lighting one when there’s a bit of a chill in the air. 328 more words


A Cozy Fall Haul - But it is NOT Fall Yet

I have to say that something that annoys me is when people decorate for fall and especially Halloween at the beginning of September. We haven’t said goodbye to summer yet! 545 more words

Making Candles with Silicone Molds

I’ve been making soap for years and have always loved Silicone molds better than other molds. I decided to try some Silicone molds for candles. My friend stopped making candles and had two Silicone Split Candle molds. 147 more words

Collective Haul!! (Lush, BBW, American Eagle)

hey guys!

I’ve done a little bit of shopping over the last week or so after my final exams ended and I thought I’d share what I got!! 258 more words