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Good News Today -- Savings & Victory

Sometimes writing this blog is easy .. today is a such a day … some work today is exciting .. searching tirelessly for that one nugget of work that brings achievement ..  168 more words

Transition To Fall

Hi Ladies,

You know it is almost the end of summer. However, here in Texas it is still really warm. I could keep showing styles for summer temperatures but for many the days and especially nights are becoming cooler.  248 more words


Back-To-School -- Beat The System

One payday left for back-to-school !  I remember those days .. four pairs of inside and four pairs of outside shoes .. new tops / bottoms if they had grown .. 342 more words

Retro -- The Trend for Fall 2015

Retro is trending in ladies clothes at long welcome last.  Retro with a twist  ..  this from a slideshow  on one of the popular websites .. 456 more words

American Craft Council Show Comes to San Francisco

When August arrives thoughts turn towards autumn. Not long off is back to school, back to work, and a new season of fashions. Oh, and did someone say Christmas in July? 290 more words