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Mike's Pastry, Boston Celtics, City Loving and 55 degree weather

I never know what to get Adam for his birthday. It’s not that he’s not appreciative of whatever I get him, it’s just that he’s content with what he has. 237 more words


Mommy Monday ~ Dates without instagram

“I’ll take the scrambled eggs and home fries, please”, I said looking at the waitress. And I want hot chocolate with whipped cream too!” My dad smiled at me from across the table as he placed his order. 750 more words

Fall in New England ~ Family Photography

Fall is my favorite, and families in the fall make for perfect photo shoot opportunities! I loved getting to spend some time with this sweet little family at the Milk Room in Epping, NH. 31 more words


When the computer stops, the work stops

Today has been a full out work day. I’ve been at my computer all day long, only breaking long enough to go grocery shopping, make meals, make an apple pie and go to our church Thanksgiving Eve Service. 142 more words


Getting to know the Marshall family

I was standing in the main room of The Porch when Clinton walked in. He had dark hair and dark eyes and he kind of shuffled quietly in. 334 more words