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His Thoughts

He stirred awake and looked at the woman who unfortunately woke him up from a beautiful dream. He knew she said something but he didn’t know what it was. 693 more words


Her Thoughts

She greeted, “Good morning” to the man beside her on the bed. The man stirred awake and smiled at her. His lips were tight, forced and she saw the way a hint of grimace was skillfully tucked away behind a satin layer of pretend. 474 more words


When the Sirens Sound

As I pressed the Publish button on yesterday’s blog, comfortable in the kitchen of my flat in Prague, sirens began to wail in the streets outside. 896 more words

Party for one

Do me a favour, jump up and turn on E4 quickly. There’s some American sitcom on, right? Might be a good one, probably be a bad one; one thing I can guarantee is that it’s based around a group of friends who are completely inseparable. 900 more words


McMillan's Codex #13: Fallout 3 and New Vegas

McMillan’s Codex # 13 By C.T. McMillan

Fallout 3 and New Vegas

The dystopia appears quite often in fiction. Its most basic form is a world that appears perfect, but has problems and issues hidden behind a gilded veneer. 1,469 more words

McMillan's Codex

A Summary of Recent Days

I am absolutely exhausted tonight, I am struggling to keep my eyes open! It’s been a tough week this week. I felt overwhelmed with all the paperwork that I had to do, I felt like I was losing the battle as I never had enough time and kept being given more stuff. 640 more words