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A Message

Dear Emma,

I’m just going to say it. I’ve been outed. ¬†This blog is no longer a secret to those around me, thanks to one person who I used to call my friend. 641 more words

Fall Out Boy @ Billboard Music Awards

Security almost had to peel Bex off the floor after she melted when she met her idols, Patrick Stump and Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy!  249 more words



My Darling,

You see her smiling. You see her, a changed person. Glowing with confidence, red lipstick, fresh skin with a hint of concealer pressed with skin toned powder. 251 more words


You can’t undo what you’ve done.
Except in computers.

You can’t unlike what you’ve liked.
Except in Facebook.

You can’t disclaim what you’ve claimed.
Except in ads. 47 more words


Australian Dancing Bear

by Chuck Howe

Owsley thought
That the land down under
was the best place to go
to escape climate change
and fallout from
the wars that would… 24 more words


Falling down, in or away? Which will it be today?

Pride goes before a fall.

We’ve all heard that saying at some time or another, possibly with ‘goeth’ or some other variation. But did you know its actually based on a bible verse?! 695 more words

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