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Workers Working At Dangerous Heights

Today I saw a painter hanging on a single rope and painting a 3rd floor building wall.

He was a like a Desi Spiderman hanging on the wall and painting without any safety features, and you could very well see the rope supporter is coolly standing near the rope and sightseeing the city. 142 more words

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Ladder Training & Safety Tips

Ladder is the most important tool while you work on height. Ladders and scaffolding are two of the most risky pieces of equipment on construction sites. 434 more words

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Inspection of Safety Harness Saves Life

Safety harness is one of the major fall protection tools. Safety harnesses can save lives and reduce the risk of serious injury. This equipment is beneficial to a number of occupations, namely construction and other jobs that work high in the air on a regular basis. 394 more words

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Roof Edge Protection – Prevent Serious Accidents

Roofs are the major part of any house. Hence constructions of roofs are important to prevent falling from the roofs. To prevent fall as well as serious accidents, it is important to install… 198 more words

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Tips To Get Great Safety Equipment From Bona Fide Sources

Many contractors who have buildings going up naturally want to take care of their workers safe, and passersby below, from all kinds of accidents. However, there are some unscrupulous companies who cut too many corners and will not offer a rail guard or fall protection so that everyone stays safe. 468 more words

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Height Safety Training for Working at Height

Working at height is common at construction sites. With increasing population, the demand of residential places has increased. And due to this the construction industry has grown up rapidly. 221 more words