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May 27-june 2 training

June 2:  Superset 1:  goblet squats with inverted rows, Superset 2:  bulgarian squats with pushups, Superset 3:  ab wheel with shoulder presses.

June 1:  5 x 100m with 3 min rest, I did the warmup below. 205 more words


Sneak peek: The Door County sled dogs are warming up for the season

Although it feels like it’s the middle of winter, the Door County sled dogs are just starting to warm up for the season. Laura Langemo hangs at Kletzsch Park with all her four-legged friends for their fall training. 59 more words


12 Signs Your Are Overtraining and What to Do About It

Are you overtraining? Is there a way to tell when you are over-reaching versus over training?

Actually, there is!  There are three stages of… 386 more words

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september 22-25 training

fitMemphis daily training:  Sep. 25:  1 mile warmup, 10 x 100 meter tempos runs.  These are 70% sprints aimed at increasing oxygen capacity.

Sep. 24:  dumbbell stepups, dumbbell bench press, barbell curls, tricep band pushdowns, v-ups, and homemade kettlebell swings. 67 more words

Build A Fall Cycling Wardrobe

The weather isn’t cold….yet. But it’s getting there. Which means that now is the time to get your cycling wardrobe ready for the change. After all, fall is probably the best time to ride, and you don’t want to be stuck inside on that first beautifully cool day because you don’t have the right clothes. 608 more words

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I Love Fall

To say things have been crazy would be an understatement. Between my upcoming race that I’m directing and my first olympic on Oct 4 I’m trying really hard to get my training in the way I should! 207 more words

13.1 is a Magical Distance

You know those people who display 13.1 stickers proudly on their back windshield? Well, I’m one of them.

Since the moment I crossed the finish line of my first half marathon back in 2010, I’ve recognized 13.1 as a magical distance. 829 more words

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