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Streaming Fatigue

With the addition of so many streaming shows this season, it feels impossible to keep up with everything.  I so wish we could choose shows “a la carte”.  666 more words

Fall Tv

Scream Queens Episode 3 Recap

This episode starts with Zayday and Grace talking about how Zayday doesn’t trust Pete and they are accosted by someone in the Red Devil costume that happens to be a random guy when unmasked. 417 more words

Fall TV

Scream Queens Episode 4 Recap

This episode brought us closer to the truth of who the Red Devil Killer actually is after last week’s cliffhanger accusing Dean Munsch. The episode opens with Chanel’s monologue about how much she loves Halloween referring to it as Chanelloween and why it is her favorite because she can legally scare children. 717 more words

Fall TV

Fall Pilots - Dramas

More and more there is this class of show that is being made that is an action drama, but with some backstory that keeps you interested and guessing.   887 more words


Weekly Fall TV Recap #2

Not that I think it really matters, but I missed my weekly posting by a day, so those of you who actually care, sorry. Updating and reformatting my resume seemed a little bit more important. 1,895 more words

Dancing With The Stars

'The Player' fan react: The mystery of Ginny

Season 1 | Episode 2 | “Ante Up” | Aired Oct 1, 2015

The Player is turning out to revolve around a much bigger mystery than I originally thought. 833 more words

Don't Answer the Phone!

Fall traditions continue.  It’s officially that time of year when I attempt to watch at least one scary movie. I have a major love/hate relationship with horror movies—I like the thrill of a good scare, but only if someone will be by my side for the next 3 nights at minimum. 810 more words

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