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let it fall los angeles 25 years after LA set it off after the rodney king verdict

filmaker john ridley brings the reality of Los Angeles 25 years after verdicts in the case

against rodney king. Police racially Profiling left and right. gangs,police and extreme bias, 77 more words


A Wall Fell

A wall cracked, once upon a time.
No             one        noticed
and  it   didn't  make  a  sound.
But    it      kept     crumbling
until  no  one  knew it was there
to            begin         with.

10 Minute Poem

Can’t have a rise without a fall.
Can’t have a fall without a spring.
Can’t have a spring without a rest.
Can’t have a rest without a note. 62 more words


I Say to Myself

You do not have to work so hard for love.

To beg, to plead.

(I say to myself)

To apologize for things you have not done┬ájust to… 56 more words