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Humpty Dumpty

So hey, it’s a big world out there and it’s a fragile world with a lot of broken pieces scattered in all directions. A lot of broken people and a lot of Humpty Dumptys that have fallen to their despair from walls of pride. 434 more words


Speaking of the Future...

Anthony had lived his entire adult life with the idea that he wasn’t going to live a very¬†lengthy adult life. He was brilliantly smart on every subject, a brilliance that intimidated many people that came into contact with him but to me, just made him shine. 763 more words

Falling, Do Not Resist.

Dear Sister,

To put it bluntly:

I feel it,
the falling.

It’s terrible, I know.
It’s unreliable, I know.
It’s a risk not worth taking, I know.

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Fishing for Salmon

This last year had a lot of First’s for us. Two of those being catching Coho (Silver) and Chinook Salmon (King).

In late July/August Cordova has a big Coho run . 272 more words


Cascading water along Tremont Rd (2)

Tremont Road has many beautiful scenic treasures that can be seen and photographed from the road edge.  Moss covered rocks were bright green in the morning sunlight as this little cascade fell quickly down the rocks toward the stream. 11 more words