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Wandering Mind #4

If you make a wish on a shooting star and more stars fall, does that mean your wish is fragmented across multiple stars or the wishing power grows?

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The arrowhead precedes its shaft and leads its feathers into night’s perfection. Summer catches flight and waves good-bye to Arcturus as an obsidian knife flashes black lightning across the icy threshold of a morbid sky. 320 more words


Falling for You

The Third Station of the Cross: Jesus Falls for the First Time

At this point in the story, Jesus has been scourged in the hopes of satisfying the bloodlust of the crowds. 284 more words


Stuck In Autumn

“It’s SPRING!” is what most people are rejoicing in right now. Ostara was about 2 weeks ago and I wanted so badly to really get into it this year. 369 more words