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How Biased Are You?

Your brain has 100 billion neurons, 100 trillion connections and you only command 5% of it.

The human brain is a natural wonder. It produces more than 50,000 thoughts each day and 100,000 chemical reactions each second. 3,542 more words


1. 解讀 19 才子關於女運動員 #metoo 果啲posts,唔係叫做有 critical thinking,而係用左語言偽術。

1a. 語言偽術即 fallacy “謬誤”
1a1. Straw man,中文是 “攻擊稻草人”。意思即是:曲解對方嘅論點,針對曲解左嘅論點而攻擊對方。用人嘅語言理解釋:即是人哋都唔係咁嘅意思,夾硬話人哋係咁嘅意思,跟住再攻擊。
普通例子:女朋友話「 公司嚟咗個幾靚嘅女同事,第一日返工個個男同事都及到實」,男朋友話「靚女梗係多人望㗎喇」!女朋友話「 你而家即係話我又老又醜啫, 你實係有第三者」。即是,女朋友曲解男朋友嘅意思,再攻擊佢。

例如19 才子的 post :「見到荷里活女星個個玩得咁型乜乜乜,要跟潮流」。就是扭曲別人 #metoo 的意思為扮型跟潮流,跟住就可以攻擊別人。 99 more words


Fallacy of the Improvement Paradox

There’s this scene in “Margin Call”, a movie that’s been popping up a lot lately because the collective consciousness is getting nervous about how long sustained the current bull-run has been. 276 more words


Biggest fallacy

The biggest fallacy is there
Where it is least expected…

DidiArtist, 03.06.2017


Fake News

Fake news is an interesting concept. It is an idea of news that, plainly, isn’t true. It is a simple thing to understand, but the issue comes into play when we try to identify what fake news is. 390 more words


Forcing the Truth

I once had a unit in English class about analyzing media and motives. We started with watching three commercials. The first was about Gatorade and being able to achieve better results with it. 769 more words


Life & Logic: Part 1 - An Introduction

As another election approaches with summer primaries around the corner, we are reminded again that smart, engaged voters are our key to a strong, healthy democracy. 668 more words