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How to Argue Against Vegans - By Benny Malone

This was a great piece written by my friend, Benny Malone. I hope you find it as amusing as I did. :-)
Andrea Kladar… 798 more words


Funsized Fallacies: Appeals to Ignorance

All the chewy goodness of fallacious reasoning in new fun-sized bites! 317 more words

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The thrust
of your argument
is bladed

and already slick with my blood
from the last time I failed
to dodge quickly enough.

The point… 65 more words


It's Just Not NATURAL, Damnit!!!

Or… “The Inigo Montoya Fallacy”

by @TakeThatHomo

One of the most popular attempts at a non-religious argument against homosexuality is the Appeal to Nature, or the Naturalistic Fallacy. 873 more words

Argument Refutations

The “No True Scotsman” Fallacy

From No True Psychopath by James

If you know about philosophy or logic, or if you have that one annoying friend who’s always telling you why your logic sucks… 214 more words

Ad Fidentia

Ad Fidentia (*)

Mô tả: Tấn công sự tự tin của ai đó thay vì nhắm vào cuộc tranh luận hoặc vào bằng chứng.

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When the Conservatives get a majority government you can guarantee two things to happen, a) privatisation and b) mass protest.   59 more words

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