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I find myself at a loss for words.

But that usually doesn’t last long.

So I’ll TRY to be brief.

It feels like my soul is in pain when I have to argue with people who I believe are suffering from a blind belief bias and confirmation bias. 375 more words


Debate Creep

I enjoy debating politics on Facebook. I’m sure this is just awful for most people, but to me, it’s fun. I have no formal training in debate, and I often find myself off debating a different topic than the one which I first made a statement. 660 more words


Memahami Tersesatnya Argumen dalam Kesesatan

Kesesatan adalah kesalahan yang terjadi dalam aktivitas berpikir karena penyalahgunaan bahasa (verbal) dan/atau relevansi (materi). Kesesatan (fallacia, fallacy) merupakan bagian dari logika yang mempelajari beberapa jenis kesesatan penalaran sebagai lawan dari argumentasi logis. 1,475 more words


7 The Delusion of Immunity to the Flesh


By John Thiel, Removing Delusions and Fallacies Series, mp3

Scripture reading: 1 Corinthians 9:25 And every man that striveth for the mastery is temperate in all things. 5,505 more words

Divine Service Sermons

Note for Thoughts: "Millennials | Part 2"

          This is a very long comment posted on the comment section of the same video. To make this easier, let’s hide this dude (let’s just assume he’s a dude) in the name of Brad. 2,080 more words


Beauty is a Fallacy

Wherever I go or whatever kind of place I am,

I always see a billboard with a woman

A white skin, a straight hair, a long nose, a small face… 374 more words

The best kind of anthroposophist

It might be thought that the best kind of anthroposophist is one who works at his development for a time and then engages in some activity which brings blessing on his fellow-men. 183 more words