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Am I Addicted to Misery?

I woke up angry… I want to scream and cry and sleep forever…

It shouldn’t have been this way… I have wasted 13 years of my life on a dream of a marriage that never came to be. 458 more words


Let's agree to disagree!

Did you know that it is physically impossible for you to lick your elbow? I can almost guess that at least one out of two people who have read that have tried to do it. 1,339 more words

Human Relations

Biggest fallacy

The biggest fallacy is there
Where it is least expected…

DidiArtist, 03.06.2017


Someone made a Twitter account that retweets all of Trump's tweets with logical fallacies.

Treasure trove of examples of fallacies. Some of them are great.


Posting for everyone to enjoy/discuss specific argument-fallacy examples. If this turns into a rant feed from either side, I will delete the post per this sub's rules. 10 more words


Argument and its features 137

a) Thoroughly explain the fallacy of equivocation. Use examples if it helps your answer.

b) Thoroughly explain why it is that an argument with the same sentence as premise and conclusion meets the definition of a deductive argument. 21 more words

Statements 27

You might spit if you say spit quickly several times.

Circle the one best description of the sentence above.

  1. It is confused because of the use of a relative term.
  2. 40 more words

Argument and its features 134

All the students at FIC are not Russian.  So it couldn’t be true that Vladimir comes from Russia.

Circle the one best description of the passage above. 38 more words