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The Greater of Two Evils

When choosing between two evils, one must make a decision based on who is a better speaker. A very hot topic buzzing in the media would be the presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. 130 more words

Modern Topics

How do commercials try to influence you?

Most advertisements in America are not build on the Logos or Ethos, but on the Pathos. But many commercials can not achieve their goal without making faults of the fallacies list. 177 more words

Own Your Creativity

I finished and self-published my first novel, Fallacy, a few months ago. I’m still trying to process that fact. Now I’m working on my second one, which is a prequel to the first. 408 more words


Possibilities are Endless

This concept didn’t really hit home with me until a few weeks ago. Sure it’s a great marketing/advertising slogan, but it didn’t have much meaning to me personally. 402 more words


Human Fallacy #4: Empathy Gap

If I were You…

Probably, one of the most common phrases that people use in order to give a response to their friend’s story¬†OR… 682 more words