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An Environmental Fallacy

I’ve had an epiphany about ranting and raving. It’s a hobby of mine and one that I feel I’ve very nearly perfected. I used to worry that my rants were nonsensical and usually they are. 1,169 more words

Why Bother

What is the fallacy of the average?

This short blog is inspired by Mark Denny’s recent publication, “The fallacy of the average: on the ubiquity, utility and continuing novelty of Jensen’s inequality” in JEB. 777 more words

Cool Science

Lack of objectivity in Hierarchy of Needs

Abraham Maslow, in his influential paper of 1943, ‘A theory of human motivation’ proposed a motivational theory of human beings. This theory  stated that humans were motivated by… 313 more words

Say Hello To My Little Friend, Tu Quoque

I’ve added a new category of post: Tuquoque

It’ll make searching for Trumpalumpa Ding Dong articles easier. I’m all about the work smart, not harder rubric…. 233 more words


A Streetcar Named Fallacy

Tennessee Williams was always the writer I tried to pick apart. A Streetcar Named Desire was one of the first things I had read at Plymouth, and I really do not have a reasonable explanation as to why I enjoyed it as much as I did. 501 more words


Dick Carrier is Fake News

Dick Carrier is a materialist dogmatist who produces Ad Hoc research.

I am sort of making an Ad Hominem argument here…but that’s only a fallacy if a) character is irrelevant to the question at hand and b) it is alone. 619 more words


A Fact Is a Fact Is a Fact…

“Alternative facts” is the latest oxymoron going around Washington, D.C., these days.

There are always lots of oxymorons in our nation’s capital, but this one seems particularly appropriate to my recent item concerning precise wording. 255 more words