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Meluruskan Logika Jonru dan Jamaahnya

LOGIKA Jonru yang disebarkan di media sosial itu berbunyi begini: Jika gereja dibakar oleh wahabi, ISIS, Islam radikal, maka itu dinamakan pelanggaran HAM. Tp jika masjid yang dibakar, maka anjurannya adalah: Jangan terprovokasi, cek dan recheck dahulu. 347 more words


The fallacy of hopelessness

Most of us have experienced the feeling that there is no hope, no way out of this “mess”.

This occurs when our mind is unable to think of a way out of a situation it finds awful. 358 more words

Where Velocity Was Heading

Velocity marked only in square
fence posts in harried passage
within the round confines of
the driver’s eye there is none
of all that fast talk… 162 more words

The Sun Always Sets in the Past

The Sun Always Sets in the Past

Don’t look back,

Don’t you ever look back!

It’s dangerous they say,

It makes you wonder

Why you floundered… 214 more words

Prose And Poetry

Cognitive Distortion

I would argue that a *distortion* in psychology is by-in-large due to errors in conclusions and deductions made in various ways as reflected on personal bias that have an invincible disregard for standards of burden of proof and general communication when it comes to the concept of mutual honesty and respect in general in the context of reality. 327 more words

The fallacy behind African development? What can we learn from Western Europe?

The word African has numerous connotations attached to it. Africans should accept that those connotations were created by human beings as a means to understand us. 510 more words


Whoever Disagrees With My Wisdom is Ignorant AND Stupid! (maybe)

Don’t fall into the fallacy of assigning ignorance and stupidity solely to a favorite bogyman.

Protestants claim the “Authority of the Bible”, and Catholics claim the “infallibility of the Pope”, but when it comes to politics, dare I say, opinion “Trumps” religion every time. 195 more words