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Sanitising the #distractinglysexy campaign

A critical deconstruction of the BBC Radio 4 programme #DistractinglySexy, 2015 Hashtags of the Year.


This blogpost discusses a particular narrative of the Twitter hashtag #distractinglysexy as presented on BBC Radio 4.  1,819 more words


I realize this is an unusual piece, but I will try to put my words together the best way I can, so that the message would be passed across with simplicity. 569 more words

DEAR 2016: 21 LESSONS!

W.K. Clifford, The Ethics Of Belief

This week’s blog prompt is to read and assess William Kingdon Clifford’s essay The Ethics of Belief. The essay is about using ‘belief’ as evidence for truth versus thorough investigation to find evidence for truth. 697 more words


How to Unpack a Bad Argument

Powerful speakers use confidence and self assurance, a quick flow of words and a cutting and acerbic manner to establish themselves as experts and leaders. Too often, their views are internally inconsistent and their arguments flawed. 1,605 more words

Literature And Poetry

The philosophy of science

And now for something completely different… I have been critical of hardware and software vendors and their less ethical actions in the past. But a while ago, something happened that did not have anything to do with computer science at all. 2,085 more words



Begging the Question

The Ice King is creepy, but the Ice King isn’t as creepy as Lemongrab because Lemongrab has always been creepy.

Ad Hominem… 343 more words

Adventure Time

Jumping to Conclusions

Similar to the false dichotomy fallacy, I find that the main problem Young Earth Creationists have – and even the mainstream religious – is that many of their arguments require a grand leap to reach their conclusion. 251 more words