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Nemesis Part 1

What happens when you think Dick Dawkins is a good philosopher and Dick Carrier is a good Biblical scholar?

This apparently:


So I just got back into blogging this year and I’ve already found a Nemesis, well to be precise my Nemesis found me. 1,290 more words


Lift weights with your brain: Fallacies

We cyborgs are all philosophers.  We enjoy arguing until we find the solution that benefits us the most.

“The needs of the many are far greater than the needs of the few, or the one” – Dr. 135 more words

Path Of Light

IN REPLY: Labeling Me As A Strawman Republican.

One of the easiest way to argue against someone without actually addressing the argument is to pockmark someone as a convenient strawman. It’s sad that most people resort to this fallacy because they generally refuse to train themselves to argue against strong arguments, and they lived most of their lives with the assumption that one side is always correct in their heads, so therefore, everything else not on this side is incorrect. 197 more words


The Victim-Blaming Fallacy

I’ve had to stare down the reality of sexual violence from every angle, it seems. Lately, it’s everywhere I turn–a random Facebook message from a friend in need, a film in class, a flyer on the street. 774 more words


The broken window fallacy or why we shouldn't go to war...

Frequently we listen the argument that war is good to the progress of science and technology, and at the end, good to our societies, to our civilization… This dangerous fallacy led to WWI and WWII, and is leading now to WWIII. 548 more words


Your love is masterpiece
of fallacy..

i believe in certainties


save me in your memories

as i won’t lasts & return either,

but memories do!!