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Association fallacy

An association fallacy is an inductive informal fallacy of the type faulty generalization or red herring which asserts that qualities of one thing are inherently qualities of another, merely by an irrelevant association. 242 more words

Logical Fallacies

Midnight Motivations and Musings # 68...

Everyone deserves to love and be loved and true love first starts with you.

Loving yourself and accepting that you are whole and worth it, is not being self-centered. 148 more words


Logic Miniseries: Part 5 - Informal Logic and Fallacies of Relevance

Time to hold back those crocodile tears.  Sadly, this is the last post on informal logic as we look to address the third major category, fallacies of relevance.  1,621 more words

Defending The Faith

Evidence for Christianity

I thought I’d write a flow up post to my previous one on discussing Christianity on Twitter.  I receive a relatively common question (or statement in some cases) that is something like: 659 more words


Vox Day

I’m a regular reader of alt-right provocateur Vox Day and, though I disagree with him about as often as otherwise, it’s always funny to see him get into a dust-up with bubble-inhabitants whose primary and sole modus in a debate is to point and shriek. 469 more words


Lying with Numbers: PragerU and the "Tale of Three Brothers"

Disclaimer: The video discussed in this article is only meant to examine how data is warped and how media influences opinion. While I disagree strongly with the methods used in the video evaluated here, my denouncement of said video is not to be seen as a political opinion or an evaluation of the merits of the items discussed in said video. 2,871 more words

An Appeal To Reason

Overcome Planning Fallacy

Last post introduced the phenomenon of planning fallacy that introduces optimism bias in project plans. This phenomenon occurs regardless of individual’s knowledge that past tasks of a similar nature have taken longer to complete than generally planned. 457 more words

Behavioral Economics