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Do you believe in luck?

A luck,an opportunity,a chance,a random occurrence.

How do you define it?Your definition can change the meaning and thus function of the word luck.But I would define it like this as I feel others think it is the definition of luck,so it is not what I believe. 409 more words


"Pastor just said something that blew his congregation away..." Now Hear the Rest of the Story

For the last couple of months (more in the last couple of weeks) I’ve been seeing a picture floating around that portrays a fictional sermon from a pastor. 120 more words


The "Disney Fallacy": Or, How Disney is making us blind to serial killers.

Disney is incredibly good at creating enchanting and memorable films, as much for their songs and settings as their plots. Yet what makes them such enduring favourites are the engaging personas who, through strong characterisation, make it possible to read the emotional and moral landscape of the film with ease. 747 more words


Prosistency is wrong.

Why Prosistency?

What a strange name.

From time to time I have to explain to someone—in person—what the title is to my website. I cannot simply say “Prosistency” lest I receive a blank stare followed by a, “huh? 917 more words

T.Y.F.A: Chapter 14: Spot Fallacies

Not all fallacies are hard to spot. On page 138, it gives us 3 questions to ask yourself to see whether a fallacy lies hidden in an argument: 1. 307 more words

procrastination is the finest alternative

ok.. first and foremost… THRICE TIMES HUZZAH FOR THE PASSAGE OF MARRIAGE EQUALITY ON A NATIONAL LEVEL. and for realz, you are all entitled to your own opinion, but those running for office next year who have spoken out against a judicial decision allowing for equality and freedom of something that does not directly affect them personally, FUCK YOU. 962 more words


Exploring and understanding fallacious arguments

Throughout our lives, we find ourselves engaged in arguments with other individuals pertaining toward a variety of topics.  Some arguments that we come across may not seem very well constructed or may even be factually incorrect. 506 more words