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A Timeless Fallacy

Like the eternal flame, love is often the timeless terminology to describe the infinite modal congruence of human and divine nature. However, the underlying meaning supposing this correlative issue deserves a conditional twist: if love is timeless, then there is no time for love. 672 more words


Logic and Old Spice

Sharing a bathroom can present you with unfamiliar advertising copy, as happened when Fiddler and Ginger came to visit us in Spain last spring. As I was brushing my teeth one day, I read the tagline on the back of Fiddler’s Old Spice deodorant, which said, in all caps: 290 more words

The Myth of the Sugar-hyped Children

I was talking with a work colleague the other day and, as parents, we inevitably ended up talking about our kids as we have nothing else much going on. 522 more words


Ready for Another Day?

I will be the first one to admit that I am or can be tightly wound. You know the type – they enter the room and you immediately feel tension and a vague sense of unease, your shoulders tense up as if expecting a physical blow as your waiting for this person’s first comment. 295 more words



The sweet of the lake
The salt of the sea

The only way we could ever be

You and your empty hands
Me and my enigmatic tides… 6 more words


The Need for a Creator and Special Pleading: A Gaping Hole in Intelligent Design

From the perspective of the average Abrahamic theist, everything has a creator. From the very beginning in Genesis, Yahweh created everything over the course of six days. 533 more words


Fallacy of Chemistry

At first you were like Beryllium A toxic dust in my life that makes me doom Your face always made me ill But you kept on annoying me still. 157 more words