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My First - Part Two

His throbbing erection sprang free from its bonds, making me yelp in response and back away a little. Dylan chuckled at my reaction but the warmth didn’t leave his eyes. 359 more words


The Sneak Attack Blowjob

The moment had never been so perfect. Lexi had just so happened to pass out naked right after showering. He had just worked the night shift and had another one scheduled when he woke up. 323 more words


so tulisa performs oral sex .. so what

So its breaking news today .. Tulisa takes part in the act of fallatio. I don’t understand why its such big news, She’s a woman & she was pleasing her man. 153 more words

Random Rants

The Mad Girl Dreams of Cleaning Women by Lyn Lifshin

Since it’s inception in July, 1993, Urban Graffiti has always received far more poetry than it could ever possibly use — rejecting almost 95 percent of the poetry submitted over it’s eighteen years as a paper-based litzine (largely due to the UG’s specific mandate). 545 more words


I ain't your Daddy!

I decided to kick off with one of the many albums involving ventriloquist dummies. You have no idea.

Behold– Richard & Willie, Funky Honkey, Nasty Nigger. 180 more words


Oral Sex and Married Christians

No where does the Bible forbid it or discuss it. There is no biblical evidence that it is a sin against God for a husband and wife to express love for each other in this way. 807 more words

The Art of Giving a Blow Job-Oral Sex on Men

Blow Job Instruction & Tips
Art of a Great Blow Job- Oral Sex

Giving head, a blow job, fellatio, call it what you like, but there are many wonderful benefits to performing this delicious sex act. 2,316 more words