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Photography Challenge Day #239

It is so amazing how all we can see is just a seed or something dead. But God sees more than that, He sees thousands of trees, He sees life!!!!

Photography Challenge

The World Eater

Sydni could not sleep. She sat upright on her bed, covers drawn over her knees. She didn’t lack comfort. Her pajama bottoms were soft. The blue tank top she wore fit well enough. 2,143 more words


Fighting sin

Those who have been cleansed by the shed blood of Christ and have His Spirit within them still struggle with sin. Some Christians will battle certain sins’ temptations all of their lives, and there may even be a genetic link to such orientations, but we all have inherited an essentially fallen nature, and most of us will feel like we are perhaps fighting against our own selves at least during various seasons of our pilgrimages toward a deeper relationship with God. 266 more words


Wabi Sabi

a noble beauty~

the fallen broken twisted

growing from ordeal


Poem: Fallen and Taken

On the floor,
she wept after
her fall from grace.

Tortured and torn,
her wings were of no use
from her fallen freedom.

Weak and alone, 28 more words


Fallen by Lauren Kate

I gave this book 3/5 stars.

I had a hard time getting into this book. I would start reading and I would just become bored. I felt like there was no actual plot to the story. 189 more words