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fallen hair gathers

this mirror I stare into

shows me a stranger

© Nia So 2016

This is Nia’s first appearance at Pure Haiku. She describes herself as a shade of grey, always wondering and seeking, what for, she has no clue. 36 more words


Learning the Hard Way

Well I made a stupid mistake over the weekend.

I thought I’d fallen for my manager, so on a night out I ended up getting hurt by his drunken antics. 134 more words

Live Arena 2016.20

Well the weekend just gone was another bust for the proposed gigs I was considering going to. I have actual tickets for things for this upcoming week so after what seems like an eternity I should get to see some on stage action this week. 336 more words


Fallen - 36


The blue-green gas giant slid past the port side viewport of the General’s Daughter and the twin-suns far beyond, came into view as the ship moved past the planet.  863 more words



On green fields painted red, I meet you.
You are enemy of my people, my ideals, and my wellbeing.
We cross paths and cross swords. 292 more words


Black Coffee Part 2

He wants to know my name? I look at this man for the first time, the heat of my coffee mug spreading from the palm of my hand up along my arm and lodging itself somewhere in my chest. 1,709 more words