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Interstitial 82: Oops

The tiny berries are no longer on the barberry bush. I touched them and they broke off the stem onto my finger. Oops!

Interstitial 82: Oops by aldabwoods on tookapic


Fallen Tree | Self Care

A dark, green forest photographed in the Colorado mountains while hiking The Crags.

It’s always when we push ourselves too far that we realize how we’re not treating ourselves as well as we should. 57 more words



Today I ventured out into the garden to enjoy the beautiful weather.  I continue to prune and cut trees, uproot weeds and wild roses.  I was totally enjoying myself until the enemy crept in unaware. 995 more words

Review: Gert Taberner - Fallen EP

Gert Taberner is a folk music singer-song writer who has roots in Germany and recently moved to New York after the release of his first album. 438 more words


The Legacy of the Fallen Race


Why do so many of the ancient myths of cultures across the globe have a similar thread running through them that their earliest advances in technology, art, medicine, science and astronomy were all due to visits from light-skinned “gods” thousands of years ago? 2,398 more words


Falling Stars

star after star
how beautiful
are the fallen ones