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I’m 9 years old.

My mom is at work for the afternoon and I just got home off the bus from school. He was sitting in the house when I got home and we started joking around and wrestling. 1,886 more words

Falling Apart

Falling Apart

Slowly but surely I knew I would be back to feeling the way I once had, not too long ago. I dreaded the thought and hoped it would be a long ways off before it snuck back into my life. 155 more words

Unturned pages and slowly drowning

“Sometimes you just have to turn the page to realize there’s much more to life than the page you’ve been stuck on. You can’t let the fear of moving on keep you in a chapter that’s destructive for your life. 1,082 more words

Falling Apart

falling apart

when you feel like
you’re constantly
falling apart
and the only thing
holding you together
is your physical body.


Honesty, safety and courage

“You deserve honesty. You deserve transparency. You deserve someone who respects you enough to never lie to your heart. You deserve appreciation. You deserve loyalty. You deserve someone who would never abuse your trust. 1,185 more words

Falling Apart

"The Fear Of Falling Apart"

Today I want to talk about family and how important they are. Well, I say “Important” but sometimes particular family members aren’t that important to you, they can literally ignore you in the street and pretend you don’t exist. 635 more words

Yesterday. Was. Garbage.

Yes, it was not a great day for Courtney. One of the reasons was that my trip to Newfoundland set me back in my audio engineering program (as I was away for a week of school). 218 more words