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Day 1940: It's all coming together

Even though this blog has been coming together daily for several years,  I’ve never before quoted something my boyfriend Michael says all the time.  Whenever I express relief or another positive reaction to some development, minor or major, Michael says, “It’s all coming together.” 222 more words

Personal Growth

Never Exhaling

Everyday I feel worse and worse here. I keep finding out new things everyday, that makes loving them hard when it should be so easy. 37 more words

How to Fall Apart

In my post The Right to Fall Apart, I wrote about the Griever’s right to express emotions when needed. The trouble with falling apart is that we have to attend to our lives at the same time. 1,021 more words


I Write Best...

Neither of which is true for me, but to each their own.


Krigarè – The Album. REVIEW

Available Now on iTunes, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify and other channels.

Years ago, well about three years ago, I was presented with a track called ‘Cross over’ by this young singer called Kennedy Noel, which I immediately found fun and powerful. 951 more words


There done.

My mom found out.

She found out what I have know for months.

Yet she still sits her and act likes like he didn’t do it. 135 more words

Crumbling into pieces

We started as a whole.

And slowly we are crumbling.

Into pieces. And soon there will be no parts left.

No more parts to call a whole.