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Loving Someone Doesn't Make Them Deserve You

“You are stronger and bigger than what they did, and you don’t have to let it define you any longer. Forgive. Let go. Move on. Don’t. 897 more words

Falling Apart

Let It All Fall Apart

Save your strength for those who need you to be strong
but how tender can you be with your own heart
how patient can you be with your own growth… 175 more words


Today is a sad day

Hi everyone.
This is a hard one for me to write.

I can already feel the tears coming into my eyes whilst writing this.

Today would have been my grandad’s birthday. 130 more words

Obamacare is Falling Apart Before Our Very Eyes

From the Daily Sheeple


One could argue that the Affordable Care Act was Obama’s most successful caper. It certainly left the biggest impact on the lives of Americans, especially when compared to anything else he has done. 504 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence

Don't Dream

When I lay down at night
I tell myself
Don’t think of him
Tonight you need rest
Don’t think and don’t dream
Don’t hope and don’t wish… 181 more words