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How Do I Keep My Anime Club From Falling Apart?

How Do I Keep My Anime Club From Falling Apart?

I’m trying to make my club better. We’re halfway through the year and our club is basically tearing apart.

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The Brutal Truth - I'm not okay

Little Bear came home this past Monday. And for the first two days, we got a lull in the chaos of bringing a baby home for the first time. 1,878 more words

A Measure Of


Just updating to say, no. I did not get up the time, energy, courage, or whatever to call yet another number that will most likely reject me today. 177 more words



I haven’t been wearing my wedding ring for a little while. There’s a perfectly valid reason for this, one that has nothing to do with feelings and everything to do with the fact that recent stresses led to a ten-pound weight loss. 619 more words

Thinking Things

The struggle

I don’t know which worries me more – the fact that three is driving me batshit crazy, or the fact that I’m starting to stop caring. 667 more words

Falling Apart

Nothing Seems to be Going Right **May Trigger**

Where to even begin this post. The only good thing is that another court case is over. Who knows when the next one will start. The other piece of good news is that the 5 year olds finished their ballet dance last night. 425 more words

Road To Wellness

Tomorrow...An Answer?

Tomorrow I go see Dr. Setser, the thoracic surgeon to find the results of the cardio cat scan and the echo cardiogram.  I have mixed emotions.   805 more words