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The Entwined Dream

I had a dream last night. It started as a bad dream which portrayed all the thoughts and feelings I am having right now, all the confusions, desperations and despair well picturized. 256 more words

Do you? 

​When i cried my eyes out

Thought my heart would fall out too

Oh how it hurt

But it had to be

Someone had to take the high way… 116 more words


Falling Apart

I had a dream last night about going home. The house of my childhood was almost unrecognizable, and the landscaping was so overgrown that I had to park on the street. 1,055 more words

Read This When You Feel Like Falling Apart

Your hands are trembling, the anxiety quivering through your fingers. Your eyes are in distress, a little watery even. Your breathing is uneven, quickening in pace as you begin to ramble. 423 more words