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The truth

Ive been dumped so many times in the last week, there were times I couldn’t remember if we were together or not.

My deepest insecurities that I trusted with the man I love have been thrown in my face more times that I care to remember. 662 more words


Conveniently Falling Apart in the Now

Life is undoubtedly unpredictable. It is diverse group of reactions in a uniform flow. Life is an authentic representation of the mirror that you reflect upon others. 1,805 more words


​She called

To ask how you were doing

If you were well

Told her “I hope so

He looks rather tired though”

Optimistic she said ” he’ll be alright” … 83 more words


Alexander Cheeseburgers

You have a beautiful cheeseburger. It is precisely positioned on your bun, loaded with all your favorite condiments, and is worthy of posting on the internet. 274 more words


Cracks And Scams - Nintendo Switch's Problems

This week has turned out to be bad for Nintendo and its prized console, the Switch. For a couple of reasons, it looks like gamers are having a problem owning the console. 579 more words



This is part of a bigger poetry project I’m working on.
I hope you enjoy it.

It’s not easy to tell you
what I’m about to say. 226 more words