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Whatever Happens...

A funny thing happens when you get used to everything falling apart.

You stop pushing for things and trying too hard, and just be.

Sometimes the best thing to do is just to sit back and be at peace with the fact that whatever happens, happens.


Water World

If the Gluestick family was to have a motto it would have to be:

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. If it IS broke probably still don’t fix it because it will just lead to other things.

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Falling Apart

in passing (haiga)

Haiku Horizons:

in passing
the smallest cloud crumbles



#6 - Falling Asleep

When there’s that
Unexplainable sort of pain,
Sometimes, I’d cry.
Sometimes I’d smile
To keep my head sane.
Sometimes I’d hope
To fall asleep first
Before I’ll fall apart.



There’s something so fascinating about earthquakes, something beyond the complete and utter destruction and havoc, something deeper. There are faults on the earth’s surface, cracks, to be precise, plates separated by which when drift too far, the world is upturned. 411 more words



Located about a 20min drive from my home, is the small Historic Town of Port Clinton, PA. Port Clinton was one of the small towns that was alongside the Schuylkill Canal back in the 1800’s. 154 more words


The past always shows up

I swear, I never get a break to just relax and enjoy everything. Of course when shit’s going pretty good, she has to move back into his town. 52 more words