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Closed Doors

“When one door closes, another opens,” I’ve heard it so many times. Oh, I so want it to be true, especially right now. Things have been on a downward spiral for me. 477 more words


Creating Your Own Ending

I read a quote today-something along the lines of…Sometimes closure doesn’t come when you expect it-you could be just sitting there one day, and out of the blue, it happens. 397 more words

Falling Apart


The old, but Historic, St. Nickoles Coal Breaker is going down.

Standing here for over 100 yrs.

Lots of rusted steel that will be melted down.  20 more words


I have had, hands-down, the worst two weeks of my life.  628 more words

When Things Seem Broken

God has a plan.
We hear this a lot…

We repeat it to ourselves…
We tell it to others…
We really do believe it.

God has a plan. 416 more words

Every Night.

Every night I find myself staring at,

the distorted front wall of my room,

paint peeling off,

revealing shapes resembling

map of some distant planet… 237 more words