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© Violette Obo

(edited by Chris Sam)

Under so much pressure,
The mind is starting to melt.
My heart is running dry
to these new feelings that I felt. 120 more words

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The Life of a Write-Off

The ceiling,

Had an impromptu,


And fluffy, pink,

Fiberglass tufts,

Showed through,

Holes in the drywall.

The driveway had huge crevices,

From the refreezing, 51 more words


Prayer For Families In Crisis - God's Grace Is Sufficient

Much of what is taking place around us in the world today makes no sense! To some it has become the norm. It is their way of life. 499 more words


The Ocean of Emotion

Amidst the mercurial depths of her heart,

she found herself already falling apart.

Immersing herself in her sea of emotions,

she forgot that she did not like the ocean. 50 more words

Falling Out

Growing up, I’d find it a little confusing how some couples who were so so so in love at first end up hurting each other, growing apart and/or breaking up. 366 more words

Under The Sun

Zine Review: Falling Apart: A Zine on Death, Grief, Mourning & Loss

Falling Apart: A Zine on Death, Grief, Mourning & Loss
Zippity Zinedra Press

Sometimes there are zines that I know are likely to confront me in one way or another – and this zine is one. 266 more words


Read This When Your Once Seemingly Perfect Life Feels Like It's Falling Apart

Have you ever felt as though everything was perfect? Have you ever felt that you FINALLY had everything together? You had your goals, hope, and your detailed plan all recorded neatly in your Papyrus notebook with your fine tip sharpie marker. 1,068 more words