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FAITH…I wish I could give you the heartshaking testimonies of how I held on to my faith and I saw everything being accomplished. Just like every christian who’s trying to get that close relationship with God and grow their faith, we do fall down and even reach bottom level. 800 more words


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Falling Apart or Falling into Place?

Hello… it’s me.

If you’re wondering where the hell I disappeared to for a whole YEAR, I half blame forgetting my WordPress password (careless) and the other half of blame lies on the fact that life (and a really terrible 2016) happened. 724 more words

Damn kids: Part 3

It got a bit better when I went back to work in early December. The girls were 13 weeks old and I had selected a nanny from a few interviews, so they wouldn’t have to go to germy daycare. 1,123 more words

Mother Of The Year

Damn kids: Part 2

I was on a magnesium drip for the first 24 hours after delivery, as part of pre-eclampsia protocol. Didn’t need my liver or kidneys shutting down when I had newborns to care for,  1,035 more words

Thinking Things

Damn kids: Part 1

One of the main issues I’m struggling with, both in my individual therapy and in the marriage counseling, is my feelings about my kids. I am not naturally maternal, and my feelings about my children and my parenting are complex, fraught with emotion and anxiety, and hard for me to put in words. 1,402 more words

Thinking Things

Punching Above Your Belt

It’s comical how people will bite off more than they can chew yet blame everything and everyone else for the fact that they are struggling to cope. 189 more words


It's Your Tail You're Chasing

“Well this moment is heavy
For me I’m not ready
Like a caged bird barely set free
Forgive me I’m finding my wings

While my body is present… 552 more words

Falling Apart