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The Quarterly Fall Apart

Good morning, lovelies.

Took a bit of a blogging break. Honestly, I was a little tapped out and haven’t been feeling the best for the last few weeks. 399 more words


The Strands in Your Eyes That Color Them Wonderful....

Stop me and steal my breath.

I’ve wanted to write for so long, but I guess I kind of feel like what I have to say right now…is so… 854 more words

Falling Apart

When you no longer know your own name.

I'm approaching the 35th anniversary of my birth next month and I don't know if I've ever really gotten to know myself. And I hate that. 163 more words

The Art Of Falling

As soon as I hobble out onto the ice, I start to fall.

My hands reach out for my friend, who’s laughing beside me while I slip. 935 more words

It All Falls Apart

It’s interesting how you can be swimming in a cess-pool of life’s frustration for over a year,  and then the second you feel like things are starting to come together, it all falls apart again. 1,033 more words

Motivation & Reflection

Better Off

Battery, self-inflicted busted dreams
Old wounds reopen, with present salt
Scraping off dried and cracked scabs
Pain twice as good, it is all my fault… 86 more words