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She's Gonna Make It....V. 2

“She seemed to sail right through those dark clouds forming…that he knows he’s heading for. She’s gonna make it, he never will…He’s at the foot of that mountain, she’s over that hill. 689 more words

Falling Apart

There's a Rumor...

“There’s a rumor I don’t love you anymore…there’s a rumor that I finally closed that door… I was wrong when I said it, surely regret it…reality is so far away from the rumors I don’t love you anymore. 514 more words

Falling Apart

There's No Peace In Quiet

“My friends are always over so I’m not alone. And the TV’s on the second that they leave. Ghosts don’t stand a chance against the radio, that’s why I turn the music up to sleep. 541 more words

Falling Apart

Random thought: Why do people fall apart?

Well, I think people do fall apart because of you or because of the person involved or because of everyone else. Sometimes I think immaturity is part of falling apart or drifting apart. 214 more words

Random Thoughts

One Day...

One day you’ll be sitting on the couch wrapped up in a hoodie and blankets and feel like crying…But the tears won’t come anymore. You’ll think about how hard the past few months have been…or even how hard this year has been and you’ll want to just break down, and have someone hold you. 456 more words

Falling Apart

The Beckoning Force

I’ve always been on the edge…and when I knew you, I lost my balance and fell…slowly… at first…but as my fall gained momentum, I started to realize that maybe, maybe…even Newton wouldn’t be able to calculate the rate of how fast I’m going…how hard I’m falling… You were my gravity. 66 more words