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Putting It Together Again When It’s All Fallen Apart--rebuilding

Putting It Together Again When It’s All Fallen Apart

by Tom Holladay

We all have times when we need to rebuild, whether it is a “church, a business, a relationship, or a purpose in your life” says Tom Holladay. 462 more words

Book Review

no fight left

“you’re that girl from Geneva.”

you never said this. and then you did. and then I died.

this line of course taken from the line I perfected and used quite often in moments where my life would hit me square between the eyes and I’d realize just how far I’d come, we’d come, to the here and now. 731 more words


It's Not Really the Year of the Dog, it's the Year of Breaking

It’s the year of the dog according to the Chinese zodiac. It’s something I like to know, for no logical reason. I mean, you just never know when someone may come up to you and ask what year it is in the Chinese zodiac, right? 446 more words


Falling Apart

Life as I know it,

Is falling apart.

Much like my old house

it’s existing,

but decaying.

Without a solid foundation

It will eventually collapse.


and then my heart exploded

images by Polar Bear International.

this is so terribly sad.

you love polar bears. and who else loves polar bears like we do?

remember that time I adopted one for you? 28 more words


perfect is boring

six is my favorite number. and now, exactly six years ago, this:

i won’t hate you.
i won’t hate you anyway, but definitely not over a blister. 98 more words



we grieve the loss of the person we met and fell in love with.

we won’t miss the one who abandoned us.