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Falling Into Places

So many of us in life are searching for something that we feel is incomplete in our lives. Society has set an irrevocable standard that most of us constantly strive to achieve. 1,217 more words

D[owned by] a he[art]

He found himself writing words which – in other times – would have required blotting paper.  Nowadays, of course, tears just stream down faces which listen to digital music on YouTube.   450 more words



Back in the middle 50’s when I was just a young boy, I can remember my Mother taking me to this movie theater to see a movie once in a while. 440 more words


"Walk Carefully Please"

I’m falling apart!

so please join me and go slow

around the dropped stuff


Not everything is Gold

Lie to me by the moonlight,
lay me covered in the stars
with fragments of the truth
holding me tightly, bound
to the skyline in memories… 34 more words


366 Poems: January 31st, 2016

Storm Warning

We are often more powerful than we think…

Like the clouds that turn the cerulean skies grey,

we are nothing but air and angst, fear and overflow… 259 more words