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For this Post on History around my area, I thought I’d do something different. I found a aerial picture of the place that I went to yesterday. 424 more words


"Be Happy, It's Wednesday, God Bless"

“Life isn’t falling apart, it’s falling into place.”

Or so is the wisdom that a Facebook friend blessed us with today. What would we do without Facebook? 912 more words

Never Let It Win

She was so young, so full of dreams,When her world slowly began to unravel at the seams.

Depression turned her into a creature of the night, 456 more words

Falling Stars

Staring into moments when day blends into night,

where you can’t tell which is coming or going…

i’m caught in my thoughts of you. the hurt of knowing… 166 more words



Digging your pen deeper into your paper won’t change what your words say.

Salt splattered lines don’t turn the minds of the fallen soldiers along your way. 327 more words


She's a Fraud

My life is falling to pieces. I can’t hold it together.

I go to grab the littlest of slivers and as I haphazardly attempt to tape it to any remains, another piece breaks off. 920 more words


Ask Me Why I'm An Alcoholic

I have cleansed the taste if you from my tongue. Not with the saliva of another, no -I have washed it with the staunch taste of liquor; as strong as our passion, as bitter as our parting. 337 more words