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Boy Was My Face Red....

So….just because I choose to not date doesn’t mean I’m dead. The very first class I took at this yoga studio, there were boys there and I remember being very surprised. 421 more words


Big Push

Well now I scouted out my route which was basically staying along the I-10 corridor, when we last left Serenity, her journey had taken her in the middle of downtown Boerne, TX.   2,342 more words



Why are we not able to relax at all times? Of course, sometimes we need stress. Relieving stress means that we have to feel the stress and let go. 423 more words

The Dark Side Of Happiness

Doze Off After Reading These Expert Tips For Falling Asleep

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – After a day of going full-speed, it’s often hard to put on the brakes and simply coast into sleep.

“Sleep is the one treatment that is free,” said sleep expert Dr. 328 more words


London 2k15. Day: 3. Megan, this one's for you.

Oh my gosh why am I even allowed to run one of these things? You should have like a time or something set aside during your day to write if you have a blog. 635 more words


K| Before I Fall Asleep

I want to fall asleep quickly, but I know I won’t,

So I write novels in my head since it never works out on paper, 127 more words


The Perfect Sleep

Does anyone have that child or know of that child that needs their special blankie or teddy bear to fall asleep? Luckily, I didn’t have that such child, but I do know what it takes for me to achieve the perfect sleep. 376 more words