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Sleep Gnome appeasement

Three a.m. and I can’t sleep,

Sleepy is shallow while tired is deep.

Telling my mind it can just run free,

Doesn’t even help, something’s wrong with me. 134 more words

Peopley Story

A Good Night's Sleep

I had so much fun creating this week’s comic. That Jean…she’s a character all right!


My wife and I decided

Having to each other confided…

Ending out night

With reading God’s light,

Keeps us from being divided.

A  Bible chapter read, 42 more words

nodding off

The flower child yawned, her eyes closing against her will. Her head fell forward as sleep overtook her. She realized it at once and jerked herself awake. 32 more words

How I Put an End to Insomnia and So Can You


I suffered from it before I even knew the word existed. The staying up late stuck in bed tossing and turning never being able to find that one comfy spot in your bed. 618 more words


Four, Seven, Eight, read this blog to Sleep Great!

Sleep has been proven as a truly important part of our overall health and longevity. A recent study found that people who sleep less than 7 hours a night had an increased risk of death at 21% for women and 26% for men. 399 more words