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Your Health Matters: How to Stay Awake in Your Most Boring Meeting

Nodding off during the day can be embarrassing. Discover why this happens and how to prevent it.

By Beth W. Orenstein

Medically Reviewed by Farrokh Sohrabi, MD…

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My Evening F20170714

Desperately tired.

6-7 Reading and blogging
7-8 Eating and washing up
8-9 Sulking and moping around
9-10 Mooching and watching a movie
10-11 Watching a movie and eating snacks… 46 more words


I’m lying in my bed, eyes closed, head on pillow, lamp on, and I am snuggling my stuffed animal (it’s a dog) and holding my phone, which is illuminated and plugged into the wall.  

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WIAGF- 30 day Challenge #6

What i am greatful today:

Is that i am able to sleep in my car @ a reasonably safe spot and most of all that safe space is in the front of my boyfriends town home. 111 more words

My Pillow Calls 

It has been such a long week. Pushing hard on my blog in order to succeed. On top of that I’ve been breaking nights trying to stay focused on this 30 day blog challenge. 35 more words

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Drifting Off

He continues to read to me
about Nazi experiments against the disabled
and on the Jewish; about Auschwitz
scalpels and infected mosquitoes
the light going out of a woman’s eyes… 44 more words