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10/7/15: Daily Post

Yesterday was a hectic day. I woke up late, but still managed to tutor at Magdalena. The most interesting AVID tutorial was one about tornadoes. I ended up talking about tornadoes, much to the freshman’s dismay. 144 more words


Those Violent Muscle Jerks That Happen Just As You're Falling Asleep Have A Name And You Can Stop Them

Today in Body Weird: If you have a sudden, jarring muscle spasm-type jerk right before you fall asleep, that weird sensation that makes you feel like you’re falling, you are not alone. 313 more words


No Moon For Me.....

How long have I been talking about the lunar eclipse?  I am so utterly disappointed that it is drizzling and cloudy outside right now. :( I brought PT some soup and risotto earlier and it looked like the clouds were breaking up and the moon was full and magnificent….. 184 more words


Weekly BLOG: What do you see in Tia’s eyes?

Tia is the little character and symbol of our company Touch a Heart with TIA. Her initials come from The Inside Advantage® which is a term we use to describe… 288 more words

Cathy W. Lauro

The Morning MIX Daily Podcast (09/21/15)

10 things that make you seem more sophisticated, plus we had tons of calls to weigh in on the new school policy of not letting parents bring kids items they left at home to school!  71 more words


Can't Sleep? 14 People Reveal How They Mastered The Art Of Sleeping Like A Baby

1. Get Away From The Computer

“I used to stay up watching YouTube videos for an hour, two hours, whatever before bed and before I knew it I’d stayed up until 2am and was tired the next day. 1,433 more words

How to Finish Boring Reading Assignments

I was horrified. For the first time ever I hadn’t finished my summer reading. Between everyone i talked to, there was unanimous agreement: It was terribly boring! 84 more words