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My Pillow Calls 

It has been such a long week. Pushing hard on my blog in order to succeed. On top of that I’ve been breaking nights trying to stay focused on this 30 day blog challenge. 35 more words

Thoughts And Views

Asian superpowers

During my time in China I have noticed that most Chinese people have two superpowers that make me very jealous. I wrote Asian instead of Chinese in the post title because Koreans also seem to possess them, or at least the Koreans I met when I was studying in Beijing. 583 more words


between worlds

drifting away
her mind hovers
between worlds
a spectator unwilling
she rests on her bed
captive to images
of a dying day

a silent cacophony of… 42 more words


15 Things People Don't Realize You're Doing Because You're NOT A Morning Person

1. You avoid having friends crash in at your place

The idea that someone might wake up earlier than you and nag you with requests, questions or just small talk is pure terror to you and your late morning sleep. 759 more words

The Torture of Falling Asleep

When it’s the end of the day and your eyes are lagging, moving to bed is the next logical step. Sometimes that step is the hardest. 245 more words


A friend like Glenn

I’ve had an on/off relationship with Glenn Harrold for years. I’ll admit I’ve not treated him that well. Glenn’s always been there for me through the dark, lonely times and I’ve used him. 460 more words