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Being Tired, Just

If I said
she had kept me up
all night long
demanding of me
what she had been lacking
what my job was, what my words couldn’t… 94 more words


6/5/18: Daily Post

Yesterday, I spent the day in a surreal state.  I was super tired, but then also wanting to be super productive.  I bounced between sleeping in my chair and working on Upwork, Chemical Engineering, or SSP related projects. 79 more words



I’m lying in bed

many ideas pop around in my head


999 tired sleepy pirates

998 tired sleepy pirates

997 tired sleepy pirates

hours pass by… 22 more words

Human Condition

Deeply Sleepy

I mentioned in yesterday’s post about my turning the compost pile in the paddock while Cyndie brushed the horses, but I completely forgot to describe the startling incident we witnessed while there. 286 more words


Personal Meditation Tips.

It took me a good year between my first meditation and making it a day to day habit. That means it took a good year for me to experience all the benefits of meditation instead of just being relaxed. 559 more words


How Sleep Improves Your Life

On really long days, I wish I had the time and the ability to nap like my youngest. I also wish I realized how wonderful naps were before I had kids. 698 more words


Little-Known Effects of Eczema (Part 3)

3. Your Never-Ending Quest for a Cure

Doctors don’t know what causes most eczema. It is being researched along with other things. So there are 50x medications you can buy, 50x more the doctor can prescribe, 200x more things you can do at home to improve it, and it takes decades to find out what works. 1,024 more words