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Another Day At The Funny Farm

Seems more to the point than the constant changes management makes to the updates they put up downstairs.  Most of the time the notice is placed on the wall in the morning and the changes are placed there in early afternoon.   328 more words


How To Fall Asleep Fast

Many of us would like to improve the quality of sleep every night. Tossing, turning, waking up frequently, struggling to fall back asleep fast– and that’s if we can even drift off in the first place. 48 more words


Kim Jong-Un publicly executes defence minister Hyon Yong-Chol with anti-aircraft gun because he dozed off during North Korean military ceremony

Daily Mail — North Korea’s defence minister has been publicly executed with an anti-aircraft gun for falling asleep during military meetings and answering back to leader Kim Jong-Un. 112 more words


When One Door Closes

In another month or so, going out my front door will be a completely different experience.  There will be a new lock to disengage, a new window to peer out of and different scenery to view.  252 more words

M.B. Sanok

Falling Asleep in the Sun ( assignment on focusing)

Everything is blue as if it is the only color my eye can see. Across my left eye to my right eye all i can see is blue and there is light. 630 more words

This Morning

Last night:

Oh, gosh. I don’t even want to begin. My brain is fried, and I’m exhausted inside. Hey! That rhymed!

Anyways, yesterday…. Okay, this whole past week. 770 more words