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finally the force is with us!

Yesterday was my 2 week post op check up and it was full of good news! It was another great lesson from the universe that I need to stop assuming I know the outcome of things that haven’t happened yet. 823 more words


Endometriosis: Is it Coming Back?

It’s 2 am and I’m sitting here wondering: Is the endometriosis coming back? Little by little, the pain has started to return with each subsequent cycle that I have had since Rachel was born.

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Section Fourteen: Fallopian Tube

My goal with parodying known local brands is to open the discussion of and to make sex talk less of a taboo. The design themes parodied in this series were selected for their familiarity and popularity, without intention of malice or infringement.


Talcum Powder May Cause Ovarian Cancer if Regularly Applied to Genitals

Johnson and Johnson’s® Baby Powder is one of the most popular products containing talcum powder, may increase the risk of ovarian cancer when used for feminine hygiene. 220 more words

Baby Powder

3.8 Female Reproductive System: A* understanding for iGCSE Biology

The human male and female reproductive systems are made from the same embryonic cells and are perhaps more similar in structure and function than is first apparent.   465 more words

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3.8 Male Reproductive Systems: A* understanding for iGCSE Biology

I am slightly wary about writing about the male and female reproductive systems.  Not because I get embarrassed with this topic (5 terms of human dissection at medical school removed any squeamishness about body parts….)  But rather that I worry that the school’s internet filters might start blocking my website if the wrong words appear.   483 more words

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