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Ever said you would never do something and then become a huge fan?

My current is FPS multiplayer games.

I suppose it’s human nature. To challenge yourself and your surroundings. But it never fails to amaze me how the human mind works. 761 more words

Fallout 4 Adventures: Welcome to my game

Ahhhh. I woke up this morning and within 20 minutes I had nearly burned my milk for my porridge, spilt a pint glass of water all over my desk ruining many paper things (so long weekly planner. 2,122 more words


Can a Fallout Movie work? [+Fallout UK?]

After the releases of Warcraft (2016, Duncan Jones) and Assassins Creed (2017, Justin Kurzel), and the news of an upcoming Uncharted movie in development, and… 2,002 more words


Geek to Geek #14 ft. Cissy Jones!

On today’s Geek to Geek, I speak to the lovely Cissy Jones. Cissy is a well-known voice actress who has lent her talent to many, many games. 38 more words

Alyssa White

Bethesda's Upcoming Lineup Is Heavy On VR Games And Nazi-Killing

Recently, I was able to attend a Bethesda event that offered hands-on gameplay for a bevy of the video game company’s offerings for the fall. The company’s two big titles will be pretty much must-plays and their ports for the Nintendo Switch look impressive as well. 670 more words


You ever been so bored at work you just died?

This janitor did.

The feeling of passing of time is relative. This guy was responsible for the lobby, and the lobby only. Not much to do there. 40 more words

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