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A gamers view on Fallout 4

I’ve become a major fan of the fallout series of video-games since I first started with Fallout 3 a couple of years ago now I will state my opinion of choices given to me in Fallout 4 compared to previous in the series. 416 more words


The Art of Fallout 4

Big book!. 368 pages!. The paper quality is good and the binding excellent for a book this thick.

The Art of Fallout 4 is the kind of artbooks video game companies should be putting out. 220 more words

Fallout 4

Why Fallout 4 is a broken game

After I played Fallout 3 and New Vegas I was fascinated by the worlds I explored and the characters I met along the way, that said I am currently working my way through a hardcore mode grind of New Vegas.  630 more words



Why do so many people hate Fallout 4? If you ask the players, they’ll say it’s because it went from a true RPG to a more shooter-inclined runny-gunny-crafty affair. 1,402 more words

Gaming Culture

Fallout 4 and Gone Home: Agency as Tide in Videogames.

So I tried Fallout 4 recently. By which I mean I mostly sat on a coach and watched someone else play it. It’s not relevant to any of this, but i’m still navigating just how much truth is a virtue in blog-posting. 2,172 more words

Fallout 4 just broke me down 

In fallout 4 something just blew my mind and broke me down.Don’t read if you haven’t completed the game(spoilers alert).I am so in shock I just have to talk about it. 359 more words


Celebrate nerd times, Con on!

Story by Ashley Bolek, Reporter
Photo courtesy of Facebook

Every year when I walk onto the convention floor, I feel a sweet release of stress from midterms, classes, and work. 558 more words