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Post #10 - A-10-tion to detail

Previously we covered an update to Fallout 4’s Creation club, so now we have an update about the update, since then we have received a husky, three labs, a new pip boy pip boy skin. 208 more words

Tales of a Wasteland Mercenary: Part 14

Chapter Fourteen: Glory

To put it simply, Glory and Lisbeth had sex. After Deacon’s interruption Glory had dragged Lisbeth up the stairs and into the Church. 3,738 more words


BACK TO THE WASTELAND: Returning to Fallout 4

I reinstalled Fallout 4 on my Xbox One over the Easter period, and probably spent a good twelve hours playing it. At the time I was feeling burnt out, but with some time on my hands it seemed the right occasion to try and fix the bug that had been stopping me playing the post-game with my main character. 874 more words

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Tales of a Wasteland Mercenary: Part 13

Chapter Thirteen: The Switchboard

There was a ticking noise when they entered through their secret entrance. Lisbeth wasn’t entirely sure what it was, but if she had to guess it sounded like a turret. 4,519 more words


Week 14: Best Gameplay

words by DrJohnGalt

Tired of the 30-days game challenge? Benez from a great retro blog I follow (https://iheartoldgames.wordpress.com/) has posted the 52 Week Challenge. 924 more words


Post #8 - Creation club upd8

Recently Bethesda updated one of their most popular video games, Fallout 4. To help you better understand what we will be talking about today we’re going to give you some background info before we begin. 492 more words

Tales of a Wasteland Mercenary: Part 12

Chapter Twelve: “Ricky”

Deacon, who was admittedly getting a little frustrated with Lisbeth, allowed her to have a moment to take the view in before ushering her along. 3,352 more words