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New Management

“Maxson” sat in his darkened quarters, his face lit green from the glow of his terminal. He’d only been Maxson for a month.
He rubbed his temples. 316 more words


News For Today

Survival mode for Fallout 4 is officially now out of beta. The survival mode has been available to some players on PC in an opt in patch where they could test out the new update for Fallout 4 including the survival mode. 343 more words

Fallout 4 - 'Wolverine' Let's Play Part 4

Wolverine struggles to recover after the tragic events of Part 3 but in the Commonwealth giving up means being consumed by feral ghouls and Steve isn’t about to let that happen! 24 more words

Video Game

NOW--Let's Spoil Everything About Shaun

Making up for the last post with extensive spoilers on the ‘search for Shaun’ storyline


Ok, I’m sick and haven’t played, but I slept a lot and had toast which gave me enough drive to re-read the blog and… 729 more words

Fallout 4: A wicked combination

As I’ve been playing a fair bit of Fallout 4 recently, I thought I’d share a nasty combination that I’ve been using.

Warning! This contains some spoilers! 137 more words


You CAN Stop The Signal

Or, at least, I can.


As for the vague Firefly reference, I’ve stopped the signal, sort of, at my house.

Ever since EldestDaughter & Schnicklefritz left last week, my house has been oddly quiet. 298 more words


Fallout 4 - 'Wolverine' Let's Play Part 3

After his dishonorable demise at the end of Part 2, Steve takes Wolverine back to basics in Learn To Block.

Will he be able to adjust to the harsh reality of the Commonwealth in time to fight his first Power Armor clad foe? 8 more words

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