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The Next...I mean, Current Generation

No, it’s not a rejected title for a Star Trek series following a group of dejected university graduates working in an outer space fast food chain with little job prospects. 676 more words

Ordinary Decent Gamer

Do computers dream of electric cats?

One thing I love is when computers try to think.

I don’t want to see an I-Robot style future where machine is made in man’s image. 300 more words


Fallout 4 as tragedy

It most unabashedly is. Played without alternate start mods, the main story doesn’t really allow for a whole lot of realistic roleplaying options that aren’t tragic if your character is as “bloke off the street” as the opening implies, doubly so if you’re playing the female protag (SHE’S A PRE-WAR LAWYER, BETHESDA. 458 more words

Video Games

UPS Testing Out 'Drone Delivery' Is Just Sad.

My reaction to that video:

Poor UPS. Making such a desperate move at “wow look at how technologically advanced we are! We have drones that will get shot down by that shit head 12 year old Jimmy’s BB gun down the street and completely destroy your package but hey look, at least your package is flying in the air, right?” GTFO UPS. 289 more words

Whitehaven Metro - Fallout 4

Recently began work on a Fallout 4 mod inspired by Metro 2033. Currently only the entry station itself is nearing completion. The bulk of the dungeon will take place within underground metro lines. 107 more words

Creation Kit

Want to Make Fast & Easy Nuka Tickets in Fallout 4?

This is a “Glitch” anyone and everyone can do in Fallout 4 to get A LOT of Nuka Tickets from the arcade in the Nuka World DLC. 11 more words


Fallout 4 - Chapter 4: We're off on the road to Diamond City!

A good week had past productively, turning the Red Rocket from garage to a temporary compound. Danny wasn’t feeling right about it but he accepted he needed to come back to his once community of Sanctuary Hills. 3,042 more words