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Now You Can Explore The Entire Map Of Fallout New Vegas In Fallout 4

Fallout: New Vegas is considered by many to the best of the modern Fallout games. So if you’re yearning for the days of exploring the Mojave, you’ll be happy to know someone is bringing the entire New Vegas world to Fallout 4. 175 more words


Yao Guai ambush!

I’ll give them a B+ for hiding where I wouldn’t normally look, I typically don’t check directly above me. But unfortunately it’s out in the open and I spotted them anyways. 11 more words

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To Ink a Deathclaw

An ill advised pursuit at best.

The phrasing could be misconstrued to suggest that the deathclaw is getting a tattoo, which would also likely be an ill advised pursuit. 679 more words


The Art of Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is an action role-playing video game. It is available on PlayStation or Xbox One systems. The designer Emil Pagliarulo is an amazing artist who designed the cover (shown above) and designed the characters and graphics of the game. 418 more words


The Writing (r)Evolution: Evil May Evolve, But So Can I

Hey, kiddies.

We are back with Episode 28 of The Diary of The Wasteland Bear God. A few more, or at least the wrap-up of the Crimson Tyrant Arc and it’s off to the races. 1,082 more words


Free Fallout 4 Cross Stitch Pattern Charisma Perk

Cross stitch pattern of the Charisma skill perk from Fallout 4. I have the whole set of these and will post them soon so stay tuned. 75 more words

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The Writing (R)Evolution: If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It.

Hey, everyone.

If you’ve followed up until now, congrats, you’ve seen almost 30 episodes, er, diary entries of The Diary of The Wasteland Bear God… 1,309 more words