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Bethesda's Creation Club (Totally Not Paid Mods) | The Words About Gamescast Ep. 71 (Part 2)

Gary and Keith discuss Bethesda’s announcement at E3 of their Creation Club for Fallout 4 and Skyrim, which totally doesn’t resemble paid mods. Not at all.


The Pack’s Groundbreaking Primal Fashion Show

The Pack. A raider gang who recently expanded into the Commonwealth, wants to dispel the myth that they are not snappy dressers.

To achieve this, they set up a fashion show showcasing their diverse variety of exciting attire (and guns). 628 more words

Fallout 4

Play Fallout 4 with the best simple mods

I, like most people born in the late nineties, have never played the original Fallout games. For me, the franchise began in 2008, when Bethesda released the Washington DC-based third installment. 1,025 more words


If The Boss Was A (Insert Slur Here)

As with this one, make sure you don’t have to crawl back at some point.
Burning bridges have to be a carefully considered before unleashing years of pent up work-rage. 18 more words

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Fallout 4 - Linguistic idea

I really hate the focus I’ve had on Fallout 4 lately, but I just had a small thought: why does everyone in this world have the exact same dialects one would find today? 184 more words

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Porta-Potties - Here To Ruin Your Day

I will make your call of nature as uncomfortable as possible

– Every porta-potty at every concert ever



  • Almost always out of toilet paper…
81 more words
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When The Gloat Is Good

Just make sure you won’t have to crawl back at some point, considering this act will probably burn some bridges.

PS: The text is really weak. 12 more words

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