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12 things Fallout 4 should have

For the uninformed, Fallout 4 is a possibility in the near future (check the bottom for a link to the source of my speculation). Let us commemorate the possibility of my hopes being awfully trashed with a cheeky little wishlist for the next entry into the critically acclaimed franchise: 1,475 more words


Oddsmakers: What to Expect At Bethedsa's E3 Conference

Bethesda’s inaugural E3 conference will tell us a lot about the company’s future and the future of games in general. What should we expect from them, and what do they need to do to knock it out of the park?

Bethesda Softworks First Ever E3 Press Conference - Fallout 4 Announcement?

It’s difficult to have the term Action RPG and Bethesda in separate sentences. Obviously, you already know why, but I’ll refresh your memories anyways. Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim – The Elder Scrolls, for the love of Talos! 488 more words

Bit Trauma

Nigmabox Rundown (08/2-14/2) You Shouldn't Exist, Subhuman Scum!

I honestly do feel very bad about pretty much everything I do, and feel as if I should be better in just about every regard.  From personality, to appearance, to time management, to writing in general, but I also lack the drive to go and fix these things, so I am pretty much stuck as a negative zone of a person who could probably get a lot from therapy, but would rather try rewriting a novella from scratch in order to tell a better story with it, after I felt the original story I wrote was not as good as I could and should have made it.   731 more words


Firmware Update 1.33: The Surprising Games of 2015

This week on The Firmware Update, Joe and Malcolm discuss Sony’s giant list of PlayStation releases set for 2015, and the surprising games that did (and didn’t) make an appearance. 135 more words


Fallout 4 inbound? Bethesda hosting first-ever E3 press conference

Some insight into my life: Each morning I wake up, roll over, grab my phone, and scroll through the emails that accumulated over the last six-ish hours. 25 more words

The College Gamer Podcast Episode 59: Single or Multi-Player Games?

Ever wonder what the average college gamer wants to talk about? Well give this a listen! New audio episodes every Thursday! 89 more words