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Tales of a Wasteland Mercenary: Part 20

Chapter Twenty: Drawn Out Goodbyes

It was a long, drawn out goodbye, as the group finally reached Bunker Hill. Glory had agreed to give them some privacy, and had taken a walk down to the river to kick her feet up, and drink a beer. 3,028 more words


Gorilla (From Fallout 4, Nuka World)

A haiku about a gorilla that I found in the Nuka World DLC of the game Fallout 4. They are incredible animals and as much as people like to see them at a zoo or on TV we should really show them more respect than we do.

Creative Writing

A New Lawsuit Claims The 'Westworld' Mobile Game Is Based On Stolen Code

If you’re a Westworld fan, there’s a slightly out-of-tone mobile game on iOS and Android where you can build your own Westworld and interact with cartoon versions of the show’s cast, because there’s no violent ends an adorable art style can’t make funny! 210 more words

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We're All in this Apocalypse Together

Hello, everyone. Welcome to the blog.

Let’s talk about teamwork.

This week, we look again to Fallout 4. If you haven’t read part one or… 1,348 more words



I watch a LOT of videos on YouTube. I mean I will sit here the entire day watching YouTube on my PlayStation 4 from when I wake up until my shows come on, then again before I go to bed. 529 more words