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Fallout 76 - No NPCs, No Problem! 

Fallout 76 – No NPCs, No Problem!

Bethesda made the decision to have no human NPCs in their latest and greatest 2018 release Fallout 76. Their reasoning behind this is that they wanted the buy/sell economy to be player ran. 678 more words


ALPINE RIVER CABINS | Tales from The Appalachian Wasteland - Fallout 76

Episode 1 of our Tales from the Appalachian Wasteland brings us to the bizarre little “resort” called Alpine River Cabin.

Youtube Videos

Fallout 76 & Photography

Good news, I think creating videos is actually becoming easier. The more I do it, the more natural it becomes. 

I feel like having certain things, like a more powerful… 409 more words


Review: Fallout 76

The highly controversial newest installment in the Fallout franchise, Fallout 76, arrived in our stores last Wednesday. The game has been out for nearly a week, which means it is time for us to give our two cents on the subject. 518 more words


BLACK BEANIE GAMING: Fallout 4 Survival Part 3

My Kingdom for a Water Bottle

It’s no secret that Fallout 4 has a brutally difficult Survival Mode. It’s no secret that playing games on their hardest possible difficulty is a fool’s errand, reserved only for those bone-headed enough to think they’re up for the challenge. 434 more words

Game Commentary

Fallout 76: The Adventures of Buck Frexit (Day 3)

After a successful weekend emerging from Vault 76, I was looking forward to seeing what Monday’s Fallout 76 patch would bring to the game.

I should really take a new ID card photo, Buck is now level 15 and a little less handsome than he was at the start. 417 more words