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Fallout 4 - 'Wolverine' Let's Play Part 9

When he’s not fighting robots in Fallout 4’s Automatron DLC, Wolverine is on a quest to recover the Luck Bobblehead.

Before he can get there however, Logan has some business to take care of in Goodneighbor. Time to earn some caps.

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Fallout 4 - 'Automatron' Let's Play Part 1

Wolverine has seen some things and done some stuff in the Commonwealth but nothing as tough as this.

New kinds of robots are turning up and blowing Boston to hell; all at the command of a man calling himself The Mechanist and there is only one person who can stop him. 37 more words

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April Wrap Up

Last day for me to use this pretty little icon. I’m going to do my wrap up for April. Over the course of the month, I wrote  486 more words

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The Vertical Slice #37: In a Row?

Austin has decided to quit the company, so it’s me you’re stuck with.  You just got lucky, son!!  I don’t know if that whole thing I just said is true, I guess you’ll have to listen to the podcast to find out. 292 more words


Evil for the Sake of Being Evil

About to really get my narc on. I am a HUGE Fallout fan. Nothing I love more than exploring post-apocalyptic America. I’ve played ever Fallout game, from Fallout 1, 2, Tactics, 3, New Vegas and 4. 570 more words

Graduation Day

Today is a special day for me. For starters, it’s the eighth anniversary of my first published article. My first assignment was covering the midnight release of  399 more words