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2017...why do you hate me so much?

Today is November 16th, 2017. Another day, another deranged reality. As you could see from the title, with 2017 gradually emitting, I never suffered as much defeat, then any video game I’ve ever played, when I lose all of my lives, or I run dry of quarters, and it flashes the “Game Over” screen in my 33-year old, dark brown irises. 1,132 more words


[Discussion] DLC and the roadblocks within them

For a little context I'm doing both Nuka World and Far Harbor as I'd never played them before. I recently completed Nuka World and really enjoyed it. 183 more words


Sum Of Our Parts

See how the sun is rising,

watch as the smoke fills the sky,

savour the beauty of it,

one button then we die,

How’d you spend your last few moments? 104 more words


How Skeletons Are the Most Important Part of Fallout

I am fascinated with skeletons in the Fallout games.

They are such a simple form of world-building, that I simply cannot get enough of them whenever I play through a Fallout game. 526 more words

Radiation and Distances: Why Little Shaun is Perfectly Preserved for Institute Cooking

It's me again. This particular rant of mine is devoted to radiation, nuclear weapons, and Vault 111. There's a common misconception around that Nate, Nora, and Shaun would have been terribly irradiated or flayed alive. 764 more words


12 Fallout 4 mods that every player needs

Fallout 4 is a huge game, but most players have found that after 200 hours of stomping around the Commonwealth, things can get a little bit lackluster. 781 more words


16 December 2016


is a goodbye that repeats itself

on the same


that suffocates you when your

capacity is reached

like the fill-line in a medicine cap… 19 more words