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For Reels-ies : Mission Impossible - Fallout

There are any number of things that Tom Cruise is famous for, but in recent years if he isn’t coming up for his personal life *cough*Scientology*cough* it’s because he’s pumped out a new Mission Impossible film. 293 more words


Fallout 76 release and beta launch on PS4, Xbox and PC missing key feature

Bethesda reaffirmed the Fallout 76 news this month, which may come as a surprising development to fans.
The games publisher recently made strong comments about another upcoming console launch that they believe needs crossplay with every device. 12 more words



You thought that missing them would be hard, self, but it’s easy. It’s like relief, self, like the cancer is gone, it’s been excised. You know how escape feels; this feels like escape. 256 more words


Fallout Shelter - Vault 9: Day 3

Day 3

I’m feeling good today. Proud of myself and my dwellers. We’ve been doing great in the past couple of days. Yes, yes, the vault is new, I know. 767 more words

Fallout Shelter - Vault 9: Day 2

Day 2

Well, I don’t know about the other dwellers but I am proud of my first day as the new overseer. Such great progress in just one day! 1,407 more words

A new clip about Fallout 76 calls: Let's work with others!

The video, stylized to the classic of American animation, teaches that in the word “Heath” there is no letter “I”: survival is a collective thing. Together, it’s more fun to mock the radioactive freaks, to explore the new America and rebuild the settlement. 53 more words

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'Fallout: The Vault Dweller's Official Cookbook' release

Exciting news ‘Fallout’ video game fans! Not only do we have ‘Fallout 76’ to look forward to on November 14, 2018, we also have the release of Victoria Rosenthal’s ‘Fallout: The Vault Dweller’s Official Cookbook’ on October 23, 2018. 167 more words