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Neil Borman (Fallout)

Of course, The Flash simply couldn’t come back without the “freak of the week” formula, and here we are: in The Trial of The Flash… 650 more words


Fans Are Still Working To Remaster Fallout 3

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The fan project titled “Fallout 4 : The Capital Wasteland” is still in development and continues to look stunning. According to the mod’s… 226 more words


Net neutrality is dead. Let's move on and deal with the fallout

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“If just one more GOP Senator crosses the aisle we can save net neutrality!” Is a statement that would be awesome if it were, in any way, true. 1,023 more words


The Tales of a Wasteland Mercenary: Part 1


This story takes place with Fallout 4’s universe. It will be covering some of the plot lines that you can take in game, but the main character in story doesn’t have the same backstory as the main character in game. 2,721 more words


Fallout Diorama

Hello again! This diorama is inspired by one of my favorite series: Fallout. Matt over at Simple as War has been posting his updates on his awesome looking Fallout board which inspired me to finally put to use some bits that I’ve been collecting for just such a purpose. 213 more words

Fallout board - Customizing your MDF scenery kit

As I previously mentioned, I’m usually not a great fan of MDF scenery kits. But for this project, I didn’t find any resin kit fitting my theme for a retro-futuristic American Diner. 110 more words


The Fat Man!

The Fat Man also can be known as The Big Boy is a Nukeual weapon that is featured in Fallout 3 and 4 it is also featured in the mobile game Fallout Shelter. 232 more words