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War Never Changes. Let's Play Fallout!

War never changes.

Ages ago, they had the War to End All Wars. That was supposed to be the end of it. With that one, we as a species were supposed to end it wiser, safer, saner. 3,151 more words

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Mario Pixel Pals PDP Super Mario Bros. 3 Review

While it is true that I have been reviewing stuff that are not figures per say, I have a new product line that is a figure (with no articulation) but offers something completely different to Nintendo fans.   779 more words


Graphics Tablet: On to Illustrator

So I tried using Illustrator instead of Photoshop to draw, and its 100% better. This will be the tool from now on! Still rough bits but this was a quick redo to check how it works etc. 20 more words


On Male Romances in Video Games

As all zero of you probably don’t know, I’m a lesbian. Yes, that’s right; I have my certified Dyke Card™ and everything. Crushes on girls, short hair, short sleeved flannel and jeans, the whole nine yards. 890 more words

Mass Effect

Graphics Tablet - The Beginning

So this is the first freehand sketch from my new Graphics Tablet: Wacom Intuos Draw. It’s going to take a bit of getting used to, but seems like its going to be fun in the process! 10 more words


Fallout 4 as tragedy

It most unabashedly is. Played without alternate start mods, the main story doesn’t really allow for a whole lot of realistic roleplaying options that aren’t tragic if your character is as “bloke off the street” as the opening implies, doubly so if you’re playing the female protag (SHE’S A PRE-WAR LAWYER, BETHESDA. 458 more words

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DNC Chair Race Remains Tight As Energized Democrats Combat Trump

Just days before Democratic activists pick a new party chair, the contest to head the Democratic National Committee remains fluid, as national leaders grapple with how to turn an outpouring of liberal protest against President Donald Trump into political gains. 144 more words