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Where We Left Off

Hello, space pals! It it I, your adorable host, The Mysterious Dr. X! Last week, I was talking about the unofficial Fallout RPG system I came across. 862 more words

The Mysterious Dr. X

"... all the noise and the hurry seems to help I know"

I’ve been quite insular lately; not going out much nor engaging with the world beyond my front door. I was going to blame the weather; it has been raining constantly for days, and a southerly wind has blasted up from Antarctica, making even the shortest trip seem quite unappealing. 579 more words



E3 is right around the corner and we can barely contain ourselves!

“Star Wars Battlefront 3 is all I care about.” – Adam

“Final Fantasy 15!!! 29 more words

Ghosts of the Vaults: The Madness of Vault 53 - 5


With the overseer went the last hope for the Vault. Most of the electrical equipment was gone. Fires raged unchecked, people fought and died. Across the floors of the Vault were strewn scrap electronics and discarded jumpsuits, smashed furniture and twisted metal, dead bodies and those still dying. 582 more words

BCW Fiction

Ghosts of the Vaults: The Madness of Vault 53 - 4


The last days of the Vault began with the first of what would soon be many defections. Members of the overseer’s team, electricians, apprentices and other essential workers started to come forwards and asked to be relieved of their duties. 2,852 more words

BCW Fiction


I am not supposed to be … well here.

Several weeks back something I have worked upon and waited upon for twenty years was coming to an end. 1,216 more words

Small Incident. Giant Fallout

It was my birthday last weekend and our whole family had a picnic between soccer games at the field, my oldest plays. We also had a small gathering the night before. 71 more words