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Trying to decide what to do with Lonesome Road

So, while I haven’t posted it yet (getting the Lonesome Road bits up takes flipping between operating systems a maddening number of times, since the game itself and the screenshots stay locked in Windows, but all my word processing, image editing and WordPress goodies reside on the Mac partition), I’ve reached the point in the game that would conclude Courier Six’s initial bit of story. 292 more words


Duster 1

“Hey!”  I waited a moment, “Hey… you! Uh, guy!  Hey man!”  The man lay crumpled on the dirt.  I didn’t want to get any closer to him since this could be a trap.   661 more words


Most Wanted 2015: Fallout 4

The chances of seeing a fully fledged release of Fallout 4 in 2015 are, to say the least, slim. At least based on current information. 727 more words


Lol Bilinmeyen

Adalet Meydanları üzerinde bitmek bilmeyen bir mücadele devam ediyor. Sihirdarlar tarafından çağırılan bu şampiyonları ne kadar tanıyorsunuz? Bu yazımızda, Adalet Meydanları üzerinde mücadele eden şampiyonlardan bazıları hakkında, fazla bilinmeyen bilgileri derledik. 554 more words


Lonesome Road: New Vegas, in my sights

You have to love a place that gets its name from a burned out sign.

Novac seemed pretty quiet, but that’s about to be expected. Not many people are that interested in old tourist attractions of giant dinosaurs, and when you have a nasty habit of driving newcomers back with a well-placed 50-cal bullet at their feet coming from the mouth of that dinosaur, well, let’s just say I doubt the place ranks as highly as the biggest ball of twine in Minnesota. 824 more words


The Radio Tower

Scratch Built Material List

  1. Old radio (scavanged from thrift store for odd bits and the speaker is used for the dish)
  2. Old plastic container (I believe this was one was from some old dog pills or coconut oil)
  3. 17 more words

Five Things I Want From Fallout 4

By Dan Newham

Bethesda’s decision to hold their own presentation at E3 in June makes it clear that they finally have something relatively major to announce, and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what. 432 more words