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The five types of people you'll meet at a red brick uni 

Obviously I can’t speak for everyone, but moving half way across the country has brought me into contact with people that I never thought I’d meet, let alone be friends with. 2,691 more words

Thinking of living in Fallowfield?

With its many bars lining Wilmslow Road and numerous halls of residence, Fallowfield has been Manchester’s student area since the Edwardian times. Now with 4 main Universities and another14 higher education institutes surrounding, it brings the student population near to 350,000. 602 more words


Fallowfield Secret Garden

The Fallowfield Secret Garden is a volunteer-led urban permaculture community project in South Manchester. Their aim is to create a beautiful space for the community to meet, eat, learn and play. 247 more words

Completing the hedge-planting

We are planning to plant the remaining hedging shrubs (left over from our previous planting event) along the wooden fence at the Sherwood Street entrance in Fallowfield on the afternoon of Monday 30th March 2015. 49 more words


Chicken King - Fallowfield, Manchester

As you step through the doors, Chicken King looks like your standard, generic fried chicken shop. However, as you approach the counter you are greeted by the sight and smell of what can only be described as a mountain of beautifully golden southern fried chicken. 144 more words


Kool Runnings - Fallowfield, Manchester

Authentic Home-style Caribbean Comfort Food

As you may have already experienced, Caribbean take-outs are not known for their service and Kool Runnings are no different. Don’t get me wrong, the staff are always happy to see you and never fail to make you feel welcome but, If they’ve run out of something like the jerk chicken it takes a lot of persuading to get them to make you some more. 207 more words