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Description from photographer if any:

Un’altra cascata in Vall’Aosta

By maxsocc

Source: 500px.com


That Kind of Day

So far, my morning has been spectacular….

I have had to take the girls out for separate walks. The Zusher needs an additional test from the vet and of course that requires a urine sample.No problem, I would do anything for her. 116 more words


Tinuy-An Falls of Bislig City

Some call it the Little Niagra Falls of the Philippines.

Traveling in the South of the Philippine Archipelago, Ive come to realize how cheap it was to go around in the more secluded area. 245 more words




There’s always beauty
at the end of the rain
you just have to be happy
and forget all the pain

It’s hard at first, 39 more words

Cellphone Photography

Victoria Falls♡

“Cant you feel the showers of waterdrops falling on to your face.?”,she screamed in amazement
“C’mn now,Get up…Do yu wish to get all wet?”
“Please,let me enjoy it a little…”,I pleaded with the most innocent face you could have ever seen. 208 more words