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Lies Destroys Innocent Lives

Written by Ellen J. Barrier

Lies have no ending: They destroy innocent lives.The person who chose to engage in lies has a weak character. There is nothing positive that can be gained from lying on others. 85 more words

Life Stories

Thrown Under the Bus

In a moment of self-evaluation, it recently occurred to me that I have been existing under a cloud that I wasn’t even aware of.  I couldn’t understand why I don’t seem to be progressing in many aspects of my life.  772 more words


Acts 21:15-40 Reading Through the NT 2015

Finish chapter 21 of the book of Acts, reading verses 15-40 today.

Paul was on his way to Jerusalem, accompanied by some disciples from Caesarea, and they arrived at the home of Mnason, a man from Cyprus and an early disciple. 766 more words

Greg Smith on the False Accusations against Karen Swallow Prior

Last week, a string of false accusations were made against Karen Swallow Prior. You may read my initial post on the topic here, although I have written one other post on the topic and there are posts from many others as well. 1,426 more words


False Accusations

I wandered around a garage sale that held treasures from the life of someone else.  There were many vintage items and I adore vintage.  But we were on the road with limited room in the vehicle, so I settled on one item that I thought would mix well with my goodies at home.  520 more words

No Apologies

New Strategy? or Just Coincidence

I’ll admit Gamergate isn’t my main focus. Once upon a time I did play games a lot back in the days of the internet cafe I practically lived in them. 1,341 more words

Red Pill

Keyboard Warrior (Part Six)

This is turning into a small booklet or pamphlet the way I’m going. This blog we’ll be discussing my all time ‘favorite’ opponent, The White Knight. 1,976 more words

Red Pill