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Keyboard Warrior 101 (Part 3)

I’m going to start this part out by answering a very legitimate question that got fired at me a couple of times when I posted up part one. 909 more words

Mens Rights

Dealing with False Accusations

It wasn’t that long ago I wrote the post “Prepare Yourself for False Accusations” and I cannot believe how quickly those false accusations have started coming about. 2,232 more words

Keyboard Warrior 101 (Part Two)

In the previous blog, I mainly covered the necessity of taking personal precautions and having a proper state of mind before logging on.

I have a peaceful warrior mindset every time I log on now, even if it’s just to play games. 2,067 more words

Mens Rights

Rape and Responsibility

Many readers are outraged at our politically-incorrect post about Sonam Mittal and her so-called ordeals of being fed cake and getting passed out at parties, allegedly allowing a colleague to “rape” her.   1,079 more words


That They’re Made in Civil Court, Too: A Response to Megan McArdle’s “What We Don’t Know about False Claims of Rape”

“Could the number be between 3 and 8 percent? Absolutely. But it could be substantially higher than 8 percent; it could even be that 40 percent of rape accusations or more are false, though I’d bet against that. 1,034 more words

Restraining Order Abuse

There Are No “Sides” to a Story That’s BS: How Restraining Order Policy Turns Lies into Realities

A mathematician would dismissively tell you that you can’t describe one-half of zero. The project is absurd.

Yet civil courts, as a matter of policy, demand that defendants perform this nonsensical exercise every day. 399 more words

Restraining Order Abuse

Sonam Mittal is the spoilt modern Indian woman

Sonam Mittal has written two articles about her sexual ordeals.  She seems to be rushing into bad situations again and again and not once does she realize that she also has a role to play in what happens to her. 963 more words