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Another One of My Work Meltdowns

Another one of my work meltdowns happened when I worked in the office of a manufacturing company. I had gotten the job through an acquaintance. She knew a man in her church who was looking for a temporary admin assistant to fill in for someone who was taking a six-month leave of absence, and since I had office skills and training, she put us in touch with each other. 1,094 more words


International Mens Day (and my personal response to one article)

So after a while you would assume that feminists would learn that hit pieces based on the premise “Please don’t check my facts” don’t work. And that the moment you run said article it’s going to get taken apart. 1,341 more words

Mens Rights

Parental Alienation

I am so very mad right now. I don’t watch Dr. Phil’s TV show but it happened to be the channel it was on when I turned the TV on. 459 more words

Family Estrangement

Another Way False Testimony Is Concealed: The Unconstitutional “Prior Restraint”

Courts are properly authorized to sanction acts of defamation—publicly lying about someone—but they’re not authorized to prohibit truthful speech or opinion (even if it’s negative… 850 more words

Restraining Order Abuse

Lindt Labor problems update

It’s Halloween morning so it’s time for more labor tricks from Lindt! If you saw my previous posts about their ongoing labor issues, you probably know about Glassdoor. 1,204 more words

Management Issues

What To Do With False Accusations

Earlier I scribed an entry about all of the false accusations, misconceptions and misjudgements I’ve endured as a sanctified female of the faith who does not have a human male spiritual leader in my life. 371 more words