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The Myth Called Dowry

Watch how one lady exposes the business of 498A, and in related reading see the article: The Double Standard For Dowry


False Child Abuse Allegations

What would you do if you were falsely accused of child sex abuse? Dean Tong experienced this and he had to prove himself innocent. Afterwards, it became his work. 42 more words


Domestic Violence-True or False?

Domestic violence cases are tragic.  Just as tragic is for someone who did nothing wrong to defend against false accusations of domestic violence.  False accusations of domestic violence are made by moms against dads and by dads against moms who feel that the other parent should be kept away from the children.  444 more words


Sahul Kundara's Suicide Letter Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes

My Name is Sahul Kundara. It’s February 20th today. I got married to Varsha on November 10, 2014 and we were living together since August 2015. 243 more words


Man Loses Parents, Then Commits Suicide Due To False Case Of Dowry

I had a cousin named Ajay, he was no less than my own brother. He completed Chartered Accountancy course in 2009 and he was of 26 years that time. 473 more words


Peter Hofschroer and his mother

I have been sent this on the grapevine. The powers that be have been determined for some time to keep Peter quiet and steal his and his mothers home. 192 more words

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