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Documentary: Martyrs Of Marriage

Below is the trailer of Deepika Bhardwaj’s documentary ‘Martyrs Of Marriage’, addressing the issues of false cases of dowry against men, a problem which has destroyed not only men’s lives but their entire families. 1,217 more words


Men: The Forgotten Gender

In the TEDx talk, Deepika Bhardwaj talks about how false cases of dowry, rape, and domestic violence have destroyed men and their families. Even minors have not been spared. 170 more words


Men Are Easy Targets Of False Rape Cases

Draconian Indian laws have landed the ball in women’s court, where a woman can land a man behind bars simply by pointing a finger at him. 415 more words


Why the Shkreli Duca Affair should make men think about the power of false accusations.

Martin Shkreli, a hate figure for the left, was kicked off twitter last night. His crime: harassment, apparently.

But it’s not quite that simple. Let’s have a look at what happened. 270 more words

False Accusations

The Double Standard for Dowry

(Guest post by Babar)

We all know dowry as the gifts that the family of the bride give to the bridegroom, but we never talk about the untold misery and the millions of rupees that the family of the bridegroom spend in buying jewelry for the prospective wife, we don’t speak of the millions of rupees that the family of the bridegroom spend in purchasing bridal clothes for the prospective wife, we never mention the cost of the expensive engagement ring, we don’t discuss the price of gifts for the bride’s family and of course, the entire life that the man spends like a human ATM. 509 more words


29 Men And Women Who Were Falsely Accused Of Rape And Sexual Assault Describe How They Tried To Rebuild Their Lives

1. “I’ve Heard You’re Good At Raping Girls”

“When I was 20, I lived in a house with 5 girls (I’m a guy) who went to college (I didn’t). 7,797 more words

Bravely Boycotting Title IX Overreach

The decision by the Minnesota team to boycott all football activities until constitutional rights are restored is a significant turn in the ongoing battle over the constitutionality of federal overreach into the private lives of adult university students. 195 more words