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Self-Defense, Verbal and Otherwise

For much of my life I had problems defending myself. Partly because I didn’t quite know how to and partly because when under pressure I would become paralyzed and/or mute. 1,036 more words

Understanding the Significance of False Accusations in Restraining Order and Related “Trials”

The author of this blog has determined, upon a month’s remove from writing every day, to continue to post, albeit infrequently. His responses to comments must also be limited. 1,366 more words

Restraining Order Abuse


Can you become an orphan as an adult? If you can well, it happened to me this year on the 20th of August when my beloved mum died. 273 more words

Read legal etchings before you knead kegel stretchings: MRAs fight false accusations with baffling new condom-wrapper taglines

So Men’s Rights creeper Sage Gerard (aka Victor Zen) has decided to fight against the alleged epidemic of false rape accusations by giving out and/or selling condoms with really stupid slogans on them. 78 more words



The message of Jesus is uplifting and promises eternal life. For those who can stay focused upon the prize in Christ’s salvation, life on earth, regardless the tumult and turmoil that is here, can be wonderful. 550 more words

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