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Letters from Jenny: A Collage of Emails from My Accuser’s Friend to Me (Sent a Year before She Testified against Me in 2013)

For those in the dark about how the restraining order and related processes are abused and how such abuses fit hand-in-glove with spiteful impulses to compound injuries and cover up misconduct, the narrative discernible in what follows will be illuminating. 848 more words

Restraining Order Abuse

Colleen 2/20/2015 - The Wrath of Coll

20 February 2015

I am in many ways a very tolerant person. I’ve faced with supernatural calmness challenges that most people couldn’t fathom. I spent far too long waiting for my marriage to wind down. 503 more words


Chapter 18

Third period is only five minutes in but the throbbing in my head is causing the day to feel like it had just begun with no end in sight. 852 more words


Once More into the Breach, Dear Friends: Revisiting the Kinds of Accusations That Turn a Life into a Void

I was sued two years ago for allegedly harassing and libeling a woman who has for nearly 10 years accused me of stalking, sexual harassment, and “danger”—and those are just… 1,199 more words

Restraining Order Abuse

St Mark 2 Reflections

The Gospel According to St Mark: Mark Chapter Two: Read here: https://www.lds.org/scriptures/nt/mark/2?lang=eng

After Jesus and His disciples were teaching in surrounding villages, they returned again to Capernaum. 1,019 more words

New Testament

January 31 - Learning to Serve

Luke 22:39-71; Genesis 40; Psalm 31

I’ve always been intrigued by the story of Joseph. He was definitely a child of privilege. He grew up the favorite son of a very wealthy man and he made sure his other brothers knew it. 295 more words

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