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Chapter 20

“Striiiike two!”

A collective roar rose from the crowd as Marshal tossed the ball back to me. From the full wind-up I leered into his glove as he flashed the sign; slider, low and in. 1,048 more words


A Word on Restraining Order Statistics and the Rate of False Restraining Orders

I responded to a paper published last year by law professor Kelly Behre, who took umbrage that so-called FRGs (father’s rights groups) were promulgating the statistic that 80% of restraining orders were frivolous or false. 673 more words

Restraining Order Abuse

How great is the stigma attached to rape?

The Home Affairs Select Committee have announced that unlike people accused of any other crime, those accused of sex crimes (including rape) deserve anonymity until charged. 921 more words


Most False Restraining Orders against Feminists Who Abuse Children Work

If you’re not sure what the title means, that’s the point.

It’s satirical and intended to emphasize that if you falsely accuse someone of abusing a child and the accusation sticks, there’s about a 100% probability that the restraining order… 768 more words

Restraining Order Abuse

White Woman Reports She was Raped by a Black Man, Admits She Lied

So it’s 2:15 AM in Brooklyn, NY and while everyone is going about their daily business, a 20 year old white woman shows up at the emergency room of Woodhull Hospital with her clothes torn and injuries on her body. 209 more words


Are we missing an opportunity to merge the argument against rape?

I don’t like to discuss rape and sexual assault on this blog, but I feel like MRAs and feminists are missing out on an opportunity to merge the conversation when it comes to rape. 431 more words


FALSELY ACCUSED! (Guest Post by Linda G. Hill)

I told you all that you would be impressed by my newest guest poster!  I know I am.  For those who don’t know her ( 1,042 more words

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