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Restraining Orders - a Tool for False Accusers

by Todd Green

“Restraining orders give victims of domestic violence a tool to keep their abusers away or at least have them arrested if they come close. 1,425 more words

Restraining Order Abuse

False allegations: a Spiked article by Barbara Hewson

Following on quickly from the news of Kato Harris being cleared of rape comes this excellent article for Spiked by Barbara Hewson: False allegations: a stain on justice… 100 more words


Teacher cleared of rape in 26 minutes

A jury at Isleworth Crown Court took just 26 minutes to find geography teacher Kato Harris not guilty of three counts of sexual assault on a teenage girl at the private school where he worked. 250 more words


Fetlife's Rape Purgatory

Fetlife has a “nowhere” for those caught between rape and recovery. This a harsh and unforgiving place for survivors who dare to share their stories. There is warmth to be found. 508 more words

Half-Hearted Feminism

Calling a Christian a Pharisee

Calling a Christian a Pharisee

I heard a great bible study Wednesday night and I want to encourage you to listen to it. Just click on… 496 more words

Bible Study

lasvegasapologetics reblogged this on Las Vegas Apologetics and commented:

"The people they call pharisees are those Christians who talk of repentance, consecration, holiness, righteousness, getting right, sanctification, hating sin, and loving God. The people they call pharisees are those Christians who love God so much, they seek the truth from God’s word, even if it goes against the grain of our culture. The Pharisees hated Jesus. They told lies and did whatever else they could to make sure they would see Jesus die. That’s why it’s wrong to call people who love Jesus pharisees." Related: http://www.radicallychristian.com/why-you-probably-need-to-stop-calling-people-pharisees *This ministry does not necessarily endorse all teachings on the referred websites.

What You Should Know About Gossip!


Some people try to disguise gossip as “casual conversation”, or “innocent conversation”.    And there are others who try to be “translators” for other adults.   That never works in the real world.  363 more words


Love Your Enemies

“You have heard the law that says, ‘Love your neighbor’ and hate your enemy. But I say, love your enemies! Pray for those who persecute you! 1,010 more words