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Sex Offender Registry in India is Ill-Conceived

So in the latest salvo against men, the central government in India is planning a sex offender registry.  Given the record of gender equality in law in India, it is no surprise at all that the list will only contain people involved in “crimes against women”. 497 more words


A Consideration of Attorney Gregory Hession’s “How to Fight a False Allegation Restraining Order”

“In thousands of 10-minute hearings held all over the Commonwealth, judges are now able to do what the Marxists have only dreamed of doing before now, and could never hope to do before they were able to use the pretext of ‘domestic violence.’ However, the real violence is almost always to the rights of the defendant, and to the Constitution itself….” 906 more words

Restraining Order Abuse

Accomplices in Fraud: When False Accusation Is a Team Sport

The author of this blog is subject to a “prior restraint” placed upon his First Amendment rights by a judge in 2013 that a noted legal scholar, Prof. 1,149 more words

Restraining Order Abuse

Who Lies about Whom on Restraining Order Petitions?

Feminists would have the public believe that complaints of procedural abuse and courthouse fraud come from a single source: ex-husbands who’ve been left high and dry after a contentious divorce. 391 more words

Restraining Order Abuse

Lies Destroys Innocent Lives

Written by Ellen J. Barrier

Lies have no ending: They destroy innocent lives.The person who chose to engage in lies has a weak character. There is nothing positive that can be gained from lying on others. 85 more words

Life Stories

Thrown Under the Bus

In a moment of self-evaluation, it recently occurred to me that I have been existing under a cloud that I wasn’t even aware of.  I couldn’t understand why I don’t seem to be progressing in many aspects of my life.  772 more words


Acts 21:15-40 Reading Through the NT 2015

Finish chapter 21 of the book of Acts, reading verses 15-40 today.

Paul was on his way to Jerusalem, accompanied by some disciples from Caesarea, and they arrived at the home of Mnason, a man from Cyprus and an early disciple. 766 more words