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the battle for justice part 3 - is there any way to clear your name?

A prosecution should not proceed if there is no reasonable prospect of a conviction being secured. This basic criterion is the cornerstone of the uniform prosecution policy adopted in Australia. 1,284 more words


Why I will always believe their story of sexual assault, and why you should too.

In recent months, multiple accounts of sexual assault and rape have been coming forward about people in Hollywood, the UK Parliament and within the Swing Dance Scene – a community I am very personally invested in. 1,184 more words

False Accusations

Proxy World

I hide within words unspoken
Afraid of the world outside
The shadows and noisy commotions
The hubbub and all of its lies

I never intended to be this way… 116 more words


Having Safe Sex? ... Define "Safe."

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When I was younger, the term “Safe Sex” simply meant “Gaddammit! Put a fucking condom on!” or stay with a tested partner. 929 more words


Paulus Catena: The Psychology Of An Accuser And The Anatomy Of A Witch-Hunt

Witch-hunts and persecutions thrive in environments where certain conditions are met.  There must be some driving motivation, such as greed, envy, ideology, or hate; there must be willing accomplices who spread accusations and create new ones; and there must exist some tolerance of the persecution, whether from the leadership at the top or from the affected group at large.  1,002 more words


October 15th 2017 - Facing Accusations

“Some of you admit I was not a burden to you. But others still think I was sneaky and took advantage of you by trickery. But how? 277 more words

Emotional Abuse by Religious Entities

For two years at a particular university I experienced severe emotional abuse by a religious group that was sponsoring me along with a young couple and their two young sons. 1,105 more words