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Committal to prison - making false accusations

Gibbs v Gibbs 2017


This was an application by the father of a child (who by 2017 had turned 18) to commit the mother to prison for breaching court orders, notably about publishing allegations that mother had made within the private law proceedings but had never been found to be proven. 2,355 more words

Case Law

Couple Convicted of Satanic Child Abuse Freed From Prison and Declared Innocent

You may recall the hysteria in the 80’s and early 90’s when an organized network of daycares were alleged to be involved in satanic ritual child abuse of youngsters in their care, the most infamous being the McMartin preschool case. 394 more words

Criminal Law

Crying Wolf: When An Ex Falsely Alleges Abuse

Allegations of abuse are never to be taken lightly. Domestic abuse is depressingly common in our society. One third of women and one quarter of men in the United States have been victims of violence at the hands of an intimate partner during their life. 1,458 more words

Amy Sophiamehr

"Parents are the Enemy"

  Didn’t you know it?  Of course you are.  The moment you become an adult you are responsible for everything and deserving of almost nothing.  The moment you become a… 875 more words


True & False Allegations of Rape at BYU

Last summer BYU came under scrutiny for how it handles rape allegations.  On the one hand you have some young women who reported that after they reported their rapes, BYU opened an Honor Code investigation against them.  315 more words


What do iPods, Peanut Butter and Nutella Have in Common????

Short answer- they are all things stolen from me and my friend. Long answer….enjoy….

All right so last night I am pretty sure will cause me to lose points toward Mother of the Year. 881 more words


रेप और हत्या के झूठे आरोप में हुई आजीवन जेल, 8 साल बाद छुटा निर्दोष

रेप और हत्या के झूठे आरोप में हुई आजीवन जेल, 8 साल बाद छुटा निर्दोष

आज कल निर्दोष लोगों को साजिश करके फंसाने का एक #ट्रेंड ही चल पड़ा है जो सभी मानव जाति के लिए भयावह है।

Conspiracy Against Common Man