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We Should Seek to Be Unbiased. That Doesn’t Mean Being Neutral

The recent fake news and false balance problems may have both been products of society’s overemphasis on neutrality

The tremendous spike in fake news during the election was one of the most contentious and discussed issues of the past few weeks. 1,932 more words


Dear New York Times: A death threat is not the same as name-calling

In an article in the New York Times, Anemona Hartocollis details the emotional aftermath of the presidential election as it played out on college campuses. Those who won, it seems, have suddenly come to understand the need for “safe spaces” and are resentful of administrations, fellow students, and academics who don’t seem to hold sufficient space for their feelings of elation at winning. 652 more words

Ethical Angle of an Event: America Couldn't Stump the Trump

Dina Kraft, a faculty member at the Northeastern School of Journalism, began a post-election discussion panel with the sombre notion everyone woke up today to a different America we knew from yesterday. 711 more words

Ethical Issues

Northeastern University Election Post-Mortem brings up intriguing ethical issue

Today Northeastern University’s school of journalism held a post-mortem discussion of the 2016 presidential election, discussing Donald Trump’s unexpected assumption of the presidency as well as how the media helped contribute to his rise. 268 more words

Ethical Dilemma

The BBC and its balance, again

I had been struggling to find things to write about, but I listened this morning to the Today show on BBC Radio 4. It included an interview with David Hempleman-Adams, expedition leader of the… 619 more words

Climate Change

Better Reporting on Religious and Ethnic Minorities

Tips for journalists on overcoming false balance, rejecting hate material, and making sense of moral panics

As someone who’s been familiar with Sri Chinmoy… 9,538 more words

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