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Creative Tension - Part 3A of 7

Gather to Give
A Transition into Generous Leadership

Generously, is how Trueness flows out into the world.

In the book Immortal Diamond, Richard Rohr says that expectations are just resentments waiting to happen. 405 more words


A Tower of Ego Built Upon Intellectual Superiority

I’m trying to reconcile sine other blogs I’ve written into HD&HF. Previously I was writing a self-help blog that I liked but often felt too stuffy. 804 more words


Today is the Best You

When you get older it’s easy to give up because you fail exponentially way more than you succeed and you miss way more opportunities than you recognize.   229 more words


The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion)

In trying to convince myself that I should compete in BJJ again, I’ve been thinking about my lack of confidence. Not that I ever had a… 495 more words


Amazing Seagull Creation

Gulls can take scraps of shiny things, cardboard, and plastic… and pile it up in nice piles.

Their ability to create is amazing!

As each gull struggles against the wind, getting old fishing hooks stuck in their gullets and 6 pack plastic straps wrapped around their feet, you hear ‘em gnashing, “Damn pelicans don’t even flap their wings!” 56 more words

Xavier's T'Zoo! 'Animal Stories'

"resourcefulness and self-reliance," by Julia at the Marriott in Providence RI

Tuesday May 6, 2014
5 minutes
http://www.foodpolitic.com<span style=”font-family:Courier New;”>
Of course you thought I was fine. I was smiling to myself, exhibiting all the qualities of a self-assured person, no indication that I was uncomfortable because of that head up walk that I perfected. 159 more words

The Great Pretender

Daily Prompt: The Great Pretender

Are you full of confidence or have you ever suffered from Imposter Syndrome? Tell us all about it.

I am by nature a confident person. 275 more words