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False Dichotomies

by Aidan Lukomnik

During my year at CORO I’ve earned the nickname “Grey Brain,” because I hate false dichotomies. It is almost impossible for me to think in “either-or” scenarios, and I end up seeing nuance and subtlety where others see one choice. 618 more words


3 False Dichotomies That Limit Faith

I am a scientist, currently a graduate student aspiring to be a professor of chemistry in my home country, Zimbabwe. But, I am a Christian, I believe Christ came from heaven and died for my sins. 1,026 more words

Christian Living


April and my head is still
Full of obfuscating snow
What do these mounds tell me?
That you cannot rush words
That even once blinded… 62 more words


Lucky am I

It is a moving tunnel that
Inverts itself as it plunges ahead
I am plastered to its rippled wall
Held by the centrifugal force
Greater than my own will… 97 more words


Fifty shades of grey

Our winters here are not gay —
A somber time of year
Our winter’s fifty shades of grey
The wind will take your breath away… 152 more words


History teaches

I am taking an essay writing class for the next 10 weeks. So I may from time to time post either entire essays or excerpts from essays that I write. 173 more words



Snow vortices —
Do the flakes shout to each other
In their divergence
Or is silence their remedy?