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Incongruent dichotomies: Logical vs. emotional


One should always, in my opinion, be suspicious of incongruent dichotomies. I show how the false dichotomy of logic vs. emotion (thinking vs. feeling) is used to discredit groups of people and justify laziness. 2,283 more words


Choose both: the false dichotomies of the center


Some people say identity politics cost Democrats the election. Some people have a lot to say of the essentialness of identity politics to leftist politics but are much happier if Democrats would stop talking about economic issues. 3,221 more words


On "adulting"

Part of adulthood, for me, is the constant struggle to not let the perfect be the enemy of the good. And so I’m throwing this post out here today. 1,139 more words


Above the Conflict in the Thick of Battle

(This continues the background narrative to explain something that God has commanded of me.)

We are staring in the face the end of Western Civilization. Instead of one big, all-encompassing cataclysm, this will be the death of a thousand cuts. 1,121 more words



I think, he said, we should do quality testing.  They have  companies… DNA, you know.”

He leaned back in his chair, swirling his drink, for  now he was certain to be a quality whiskey,  served over ice. 55 more words


#BassMondays - Desaturate (Interview + Dubplate 015)

Music gives an additional amount of happiness when it’s shared. And this is how we came across Janko Dragovic aka Desaturate, from Serbia. A talent with no musical boundaries, who recently released his debut album, “False Dichotomies” with two brilliant DnB tracks. 1,292 more words

DnB India

Today Hospitable

At first, the second phrase in Santiago’s slogan — hospitalaria hoy — doesn’t seem to fit into a discussion on Cuban politics.

Yet as we discover more and more of Cuba’s skewed, seemingly backwards economy, it becomes clear that Communism isn’t always to blame, but rather an ‘ism’ that we are actually much more familiar with: tourism. 976 more words