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Gender War - What Goes Around Comes Around

The problem with a gender war is that what goes around comes around. It may be used today for winning elections and changing the hands of economic power. 305 more words


False Dilemma

In every situation, most of the time, we are provided with two options – ‘This’ or ‘That’. We are forced to pick either of the two. 747 more words


The Treasury of Souls

I wish I could say this quickly and succinctly, but our cultural miasma won’t let me.

In another of the long list of false dichotomies foisted upon us in the West, we have two bogus images perverting what Jesus taught. 810 more words


The False Dichotomy of Feminist Ethics

The introduction of “Feminist Ethics” in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy cites feminist philosopher Alison Jaggar’s five ways that traditional or male-oriented ethics fails to represent the thinking and experiences of women: 282 more words


Are we all closet feminists?

I stumbled across this article from a service called BBC iWonder, and it was posing the question: “Are we all closet feminists?”

I could focus on many reasons and cite many examples of why I think feminism is not for me, but that would amount to little more than cherry picking its bad points, and everything has its bad points. 759 more words


"Three -- it's the magic number."

I wish every high school in America taught three things.  Actually, I wish every high school in America taught a lot of things, but these are the things I am focusing on right now: 79 more words

Ten commandments of Logic

Found this on Progressive Secular Humanist Examiner website, loved it.

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