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Your insouciance, my disquiet.
Your immaculate nonchalance.
Your ingenuity; my fledgling desperation.
Your warmth, compassion, your people. Your ivory tower.
My wrong side of the tracks. 55 more words


Refuting science that you don’t understand does not make your preferred god hypothesis true

I’ve written about this before, but today I’m taking a slightly different approach. Firstly I’ll present the brief version of my argument, followed by my reasons for approaching it this way. 848 more words


You Can Do Both! Protest and then ...

Today, students around the country are walking out of schools to demand common sense gun laws.

I have lost count of how many times I have heard people say some version of “What they really need to be doing is… 430 more words

Gun Reform / Gun Violence

Fallacy Database

Blog Prompt 3: ((This particular blog will not be 300 words or follow the general checklist)

Give your own, original examples for the following ten fallacies, plus two additional fallacies of your own choice (for a total of 12): 1) Begging the Question 2) Ad Hominem 3) Equivocation 4) Slippery Slope 5) Straw Man 6) Tu Quoque 7) Non-sequitur 8) False Dichotomy 9) Argument from ignorance 10) Red Herring… 483 more words

Week 3

Star Wars: Awful Movies Made to Sell Pseudo-Sci-Fi Swag to Poseurs

The Star Wars franchise has always been much more than cinema, but part of a large scale marketing campaign to sell an endless trove of collectible junk. 865 more words


Twitter Abortion: A Response To Tomlinson

Note:  This was composed in response to an article in RawStory about a viral series of Tweets written by hopeful writer Patrick S. Tomlinson, @stealthygeek… 1,335 more words

Notes On The Collapse