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Why does it have to be either or?

Having started this blog with posts on different trends in education (here, here and here), it was pertinent that a recent article… 1,272 more words


The False Dilemma

Reducing things to ‘either/or’ simplicity is something we tend to do because it suits how our minds work. We like simplicity and order, and we seek to neatly categorise things. 146 more words


A Short Story of Strawmen

The evening sky was a rosy red.  Spock and Roman sat on a porch in a rustic part of Pennsylvania watching the last rays of sunlight on that summer day fade to dark blue. 774 more words


False Dichotomy

Today we’re going to talk about false dichotomies.

What is a false dichotomy?

An argument relies upon a false dichotomy when it falsely assumes that there are only two possible situations.

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As The Pendulum Swings: When Doubts and Questions Arise: A Response

I’m reposting an amazing response by a wonderful blogger Sheldon Kent to the Mormon Corporation’s latest attempt to stifle real rational thought & questioning.

Sheldon analyses the Mormon article from the latest March 2015 Ensign magazine & exposes the clever mental tricks intended to keep Mormons ‘just believing’, instead of discovering the truth. 88 more words

Religious Epiphany

Analysis - Whiplash

Note: While reading, keep in mind that this is my interpretation of the film and it obviously isn’t necessarily the “correct” one. If you have a different take on the film then that’s by all means fine. 1,265 more words