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Ten commandments of Logic

Found this on Progressive Secular Humanist Examiner website, loved it.

Random Thoughts

A Straight Talk On Working For Passion vs. Money

“Life is like Google. You just need to know what you are searching for.”

At one of the companies I used to work for, there was once a dialogue in the office between the associates and a representative of the management team. 1,230 more words


The Discussive Effect: A Begging of the Question

There are many things of which I am sure. But certainties are boring so why delve into that which is well-known and concrete? Why not instead spend our time on the shaky and unstable ground of the uncertain? 294 more words


Fun with fallacies 11: You either agree 100% with what I said or you hate women

The false dichotomy is one of those fallacies that many people do not notice in a heated discourse. My impetus for writing another fun with fallacies and picking this fallacy was that I ran into a youtube video where the core argument on an abstract level was… 171 more words


Who Is The Dark Side, Who Is The Light?

Over the weekend, I went to the theater to watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I’m no fanboy, but it’s nonetheless an essential classic for any cultured American. 837 more words

Half-Life Musings

These Messed-Up Dichotomies

Required Entry # 7

(Dichotomy – binary opposition between two things)

I mentioned before that I am an agnostic atheist (by heart). It really is hard being one. 496 more words

False Dichotomies

So, I’m becoming both increasingly horrified, and increasingly fascinated by false dichotomies.  A large part of it is the coming election.  Any time there’s an election it seems like the first thing on the agenda is deciding what we’re debating and the two sides that we have to choose between. 280 more words

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