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Mythology of Fear

This won’t take long.

Let’s assume that you, dear Reader, buy into some of my wild mystical blather here. The one thing you are going to run into again and again is the Straw Man attack. 146 more words


Another example of why FoxNews makes me sad (or want to vomit, depending on the day)

I’ve used a fair number of Facebook posts to vent my frustrations about the methods that FoxNews uses (intentionally or otherwise), to paint pictures of the world that aren’t true. 928 more words

How I See The World

Caring about Climate Change is Biblical

Denial of Overwhelming Evidence

According to a report on NPR:

Academies of science around the world agree that climate change is real and caused largely by burning fossil fuels.

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Two Fallacies used against you

By Mike Cronin

If you don’t put this ribbon magnet on your car, it means you don’t care about kids starving in Elbonia.514 more words

Politics & Philosophy

Twenty Arguments for God - Five - The Design Argument

This post is one of a serious that picks apart the arguments for god that can be found at the link below. This post addresses number 5: 2,054 more words


Industrialist Henry Ford favored positive action over complaints or blame

Just think what we could accomplish in America today if we spent our energy on finding solutions to our problems instead of finding villains to blame?