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Martyrs or Monsters: Males in a Toxic Dichotomy

Convention says that men are disposable: We are the first to be recruited for risky situations, first to be sent into dangerous environments, and first to be sacrificed in military endeavors.  362 more words


Industrialist Henry Ford favored positive action over complaints or blame

Just think what we could accomplish in America today if we spent our energy on finding solutions to our problems instead of finding villains to blame?


Dear America, Do you know your true enemies?

Your enemies are lack of knowledge, division, and failure to work together to seek creative “win-win” solutions to problems that affect us all!


Where the Hell is that EverQuest Successor Already?

A staple of MMO blogging is going on about the good old days, and no days were gooder and older at the same time than classic… 1,230 more words