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Who Is The Dark Side, Who Is The Light?

Over the weekend, I went to the theater to watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I’m no fanboy, but it’s nonetheless an essential classic for any cultured American. 837 more words

Half-Life Musings

These Messed-Up Dichotomies

Required Entry # 7

(Dichotomy – binary opposition between two things)

I mentioned before that I am an agnostic atheist (by heart). It really is hard being one. 496 more words

False Dichotomies

So, I’m becoming both increasingly horrified, and increasingly fascinated by false dichotomies.  A large part of it is the coming election.  Any time there’s an election it seems like the first thing on the agenda is deciding what we’re debating and the two sides that we have to choose between. 280 more words

Writing Woes

Nuances, the hastiest part of the pendulum!

Look y’all, I have this habit of overdoing novel things. I was imparted that practice makes it perfect, hence every time I learn something new, I tend to want to reprise it recurrently until I get the hang of it. 729 more words

The false dichotomy of nature-nurture, with notes on feminism, transgenderism, and the construction of races

by Massimo Pigliucci

This is my third essay on what has become an informal series on socially relevant false dichotomies (the first one was on “trigger warnings” [1], the second one on Islamophobia [2]). 2,002 more words


The false dichotomy of Islamophobia

by Massimo Pigliucci

A false dichotomy is a basic type of informal logical fallacy, consisting in framing an issue as if there were only two choices available, while in fact a range of nuanced positions may be on offer upon more careful reflection. 1,802 more words