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False dilemma: Not perfect, therefore useless

The quote in this meme is not “A good guy with a gun can always stop a bad guy with a gun”. The fact that the Reagan assassination attempt was not foiled by the secret service doesn’t refute that good guys with guns stop bad guys with guns in some cases. 53 more words


San Francisco

“Every man should be allowed to love two cities, his own and San Francisco.” –Gene Fowler

I beg to differ.  Why just two?  Why not court and then fall in love with as many cities as the heart can hold?   111 more words


Logical Gal says: We need another category for God

Have you ever been cornered at the mall by one of those survey-takers? You know, the kind with the clipboard making a beeline just for you? 470 more words


False Dilemma --- The Beginning of Disaster?

One fundamental hallmark of life is the necessity of decision making. In fact, regardless of our age, gender or ethnic background, we would invariably come across scenarios in which we are forced to make choices — Should we agree or disagree? 2,012 more words


The challenge that can not be won

Christopher Keating, an ex-physics teacher, proposed a challenge to climate change skeptics. He promises to write a check of $30,000 for those who can point to scientific proof that “global man-made climate change” isn’t happening. 1,683 more words

Climate Change

Popular Science: Should A Robot Sacrifice Your Life To Save Two?


These sorts of ethical conundrums are interesting, especially as autonomous cars may be the first truly powerful expert system an average consumer will own. 228 more words

The illusion of black-and-white thinking

In our world, it’s extremely easy to think in terms of black and white, usually in terms of “good” or “evil”. In all cases, it’s to do with morality. 456 more words