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Stop Saying People "Defy" President Trump, He Has No Moral Authority Left To Defy

I am still hearing and reading that so-and-so has “defied” President Donald Trump, and I am tired of it.  Wake up media people: it doesn’t make much sense anymore to speak of “defiance” unless you are convinced that Trump has moral authority  87 more words

I Know You Are But What Am I? The Juvenile Right-Wing Defense of Trump's Arpaio Pardon

There’s a new word emerging in our lexicon: whataboutism. It’s an argument form that most of us abandoned some time during pre-puberty, but it infests right-wing “reasoning” and debases the whole movement. 1,273 more words

Brendan Beery

Fireside Rants: Both Sides, Now

A lot of folks lament how both sides of the political spectrum are awful…specifically, that the parties that generally represent each side are equally bad. I’m sorry…but I just don’t buy that. 283 more words


Unpopular Opinion: Cars Hitting Pedestrians are Bad, But so Are Pedestrians Hitting Cars

If you turn on the news these days, you’ll hear countless stories about pedestrians being severely injured or killed by cars. Now I don’t want to deny that these instances exist, nor do I want to diminish how uncomfortable it might be to be a pedestrian hit by a car. 183 more words


Media Outlets Again Succumb To False Equivalence

Here we go again.

Let’s be clear: The conflation of the alt-right, the KKK and neo-Nazism with the antifa “movement” is not a moral equivalency, and I’m not specifically referring here to Donald Trump’s “many sides” and “both sides” argument in the aftermath of the violence of racism in Charlottesville. 510 more words

Perspectives: Dan Rather: Trump’s glorifying ‘the greatest band of traitors’ in US history

Dan Rather responds to a Thursday morning tweet, in which Donald Trump once again stood up for the principle that honoring the leaders of a  41 more words


This Has To Happen Now

(One important way, then, for us to get out of this mess is for legitimate mainstream media outlets to quit reporting sides when there are no sides, especially when it comes to our immoral, authoritarian president and racism. 680 more words