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#MeToo and False Equivalence

I wrote the following post last fall when #metoo hit its full stride, when Harvey Weinstein went into hiding and Matt Lauer was dethroned. I didn’t post it then but I feel the #metoo movement continues to be a run-away train.

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Diversity and False Equivalence

Diversity is a squishy concept. It’s susceptible to many meanings and values, what philosophers call polysemy and polyvalence, respectively. When we switch back and forth among a concept’s many meanings and values, we create confusion. 704 more words

False Equivalence

You may not be owned, but still may have been bought;
You may have slow speech, and yet not have slow thought

Because you are nice doesn’t mean that you’re frail; 53 more words

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Stop Saying People "Defy" President Trump, He Has No Moral Authority Left To Defy

I am still hearing and reading that so-and-so has “defied” President Donald Trump, and I am tired of it.  Wake up media people: it doesn’t make much sense anymore to speak of “defiance” unless you are convinced that Trump has moral authority  87 more words

I Know You Are But What Am I? The Juvenile Right-Wing Defense of Trump's Arpaio Pardon

There’s a new word emerging in our lexicon: whataboutism. It’s an argument form that most of us abandoned some time during pre-puberty, but it infests right-wing “reasoning” and debases the whole movement. 1,273 more words

Brendan Beery

Fireside Rants: Both Sides, Now

A lot of folks lament how both sides of the political spectrum are awful…specifically, that the parties that generally represent each side are equally bad. I’m sorry…but I just don’t buy that. 283 more words