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False Equivalence - What Does It Mean?

There is no doubt in the politically charged environment we currently live in, you have undoubtedly heard the phrase, “False Equivalence”, But what does it actually mean? 661 more words

Self Improvement

Horseshoe Theory

So far, horseshoe theory has about the same track record as looking for your keys under the streetlight when you dropped them somewhere else. When the far-left fringe kills us, it’s going to be due to weakened antivax herd immunity and/or the rejection of essential food sources as “toxins.” 508 more words


Dross Of Our Vice

Slither to the altar of human sacrifice
Where holocaust we offer is dross of our vice
In heat of life’s passions we do create some sparks… 181 more words


Man vs Man

In the behavioral sciences it has been said that Western or Modern culture values the individual over the group, whereas Eastern and less industrialized cultures value the group over the individual. 1,043 more words


Not yet Westworld: Do social media algorithms determine how we think?

It was all quite innocuous, till it was not. Looking up crockpot chicken dinner recipes on YouTube would lead me to a puzzle at the heart of the modern world. 589 more words


Three Americas

Elected officials having private email servers:

 First America: That should be punished with prison time!  Unless the official is a Republican.

Second America: It’s pretty stupid, but not really a big deal. 457 more words

Trump's Lost Emails and Why They Don't Matter

One week before the presidential election: the media and voters wait ravenously for the skinny on a new cache of Hillary Clinton emails–from Anthony Weiner’s laptop! 619 more words