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Jonathan Chait’s False Equivalence

Pundits get justifiably upset when voters or political candidates suggest that Hillary Clinton is just as bad as Donald Trump.  The differences between Clinton and Trump and the dangers Trump poses are… 459 more words

2016 Presidential Election

"We Have Never Been Held Together By Blood Or Background"

So said former President George W. Bush at the memorial service in Dallas, Texas today for the five police officers killed last week. George W. Bush should be–though he is sometimes not–credited with scrupulous avoidance of anti-Muslim rhetoric after September 11, 2001. 133 more words

False Equivalence

You may not be owned, but still may have been bought;
You may have slow speech, and yet not have slow thought

Because you are nice doesn’t mean that you’re frail; 53 more words

Original Poems

False Equivalence and Censorship

I avoided social media for most of last week. I knew my feeds would be full of hot takes about Trump’s rise. How could the media possibly play such a big role helping him to the nomination? 1,284 more words

Media Bias

The New Finnish Political Carnival

My native country is not mentioned in world news that frequently. It was all the more refreshing to see Finnish clowns recently enjoy a moment in the international limelight… 989 more words

Dumb Europeans

RE: 'I was born this way'

Original comic here


I am no artist; my skills are limited to cutting, pasting, swapping and colouring in boxes. I can draw dogs and maybe clouds if need be! 364 more words


False equivalence

I thought this one was quite funny…

It’s an “argument” I’ve seen often enough, but isn’t normally phrased quite so stupidly; it normally isn’t as obvious. 106 more words