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'Activist' Group Campaigns for Syrian No-Fly Zone

Several days ago the mainstream media reported on a supposed “chlorine gas attack” ostensibly carried out by the Syrian government in Idlib province in which six people allegedly were killed. 562 more words


Learning About State Terror

Imagine you live in a village of 270 houses.  One ordinary day, three homeowners return from work to find their houses demolished with explosives, and all who were at home, dead.

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911 Scam

Do perpetrators of false flag attacks prey on our need for security to increase their own power?

Of all the unanswered questions, the greatest concern what Russians call their 9/11. A supposedly Chechen-inspired terrorist bombing campaign in September 1999 killed nearly 300 apartment dwellers in Moscow and other cities and led directly to Mr. 1,338 more words


53 ADMITTED False Flag Attacks

Source: Washington’s Blog

There are many documented false flag attacks, where a government carries out a terror attack … and then falsely blames its enemy for political purposes. 344 more words

False Flag?

The Copenhagen Terror Attack: Surely Not Another False-Flag...?

So another week, another terror incident in a major Western city; this time in Copenhagen, where a ‘lone gunman’ attacked a ‘Freedom of Speech’ debate and then went on to attack a synagogue. 1,269 more words