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Anatomy of The Deep State -Real News and Bill Moyer's Reports - False Flags as a tool of The Israeli Infiltrated Deep State

This post will examine the structure and various aspects of The Deep State, along with who controls it and how they use both real and false flag events to carry out their global domination agenda.Bill Moyer’s starts us off with a basic breakdown on The Deep State….. 2,493 more words

New World Disorder

The Berlin Truck Massacre: Here's What You HAVEN'T Been Told...

So I’ve been digging around a bit, and I’m going to come at this from a different angle.

Not going to bother pouring over footage or images and talking about the credibility of the scenes, etc, as there are others who’ll probably be doing that already. 2,338 more words


False Flag Or Standard Procedure? US Air Force Caught Repainting Several Jets To Appear Russian

Activist Post

OCTOBER 13, 2016

Whitney Webb

Last week, a Canadian journalist published pictures of the US Air Force repainting their F/A-18 jets to match the paint scheme of Russian jets currently deployed in Syria.

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Flight MH-17: The (Convenient) Truth or Just Doubling Down on a Pre-Planned Narrative...?

After various delays, international prosecutors are saying that Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was downed over eastern Ukraine (in 2014) by a Buk missile that had come from Russia.  3,521 more words

Is France Leading the Way to Make False-Flag 'Terror' Even Easier...?

Something announced recently by French media should really strike us as odd and potentially suspect.

The recent announcement, first by French newspaper Le Monde and then considered by others, that French media might… 1,358 more words


Cynthia McKinney Calls a Shofar a Shofar

By Ariadna Theokopoulos

Cynthia McKinney calls a shofar a shofar and links Israel –she does not just “appear” to make the link, as the Hill cautiously indicates — to recent terror attacks in France and Germany. 90 more words


Munich False Flag Terror Attack

Sunday, July 24, 2016 8:30

 (Before It’s News)

THE MILLENNIUM REPORT: Reporting the Most Important News in the World Today.

Now We Know Why They Did The Munich Slaughter Of Children…

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