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Trust Yourself

I went out today to run a couple of errands. I ran into an old acquaintance! It was great to see him and his son, who now towers over him! 695 more words

Belief In Yourself

Debbie's Debt


Paula Swan is jealous of Debbie Conroy because Debbie is popular whilst she is not. So just before Debbie enters a cycling event, Paula tampers with her brakes. 59 more words


False Friend


Karen Barnes pretends to be friends with new girl Natalie so she can take advantage of Natalie being wealthy and clever.


Artist: Ron Lumsden


  • False Friend –  Bunty:  (?) – (#1902, 25 June 1994) – (?)

Verknüpfen gern miteinander?

Purzelbäume – “somersault”

Pferdeapfel – “horse dung”

Knoblauchzehe – “clove of garlic”

Kein Baum, Apfel oder Zeh in Sicht. Man muss zugeben, dass diese Wörter ziemlich seltsam sind.

Daily Post

Betrayed by a... "friend"?

I’ve been studying about the life of Jesus lately. It just seemed like a good idea, after all, as Christians, we’re supposed to be following Him, we’re supposed to be like Him. 1,256 more words


What happens when the doctor says 'hospice' and you understand 'poorhouse'?

Here’s a guest post from Los Angeles-based reporter Daniela Gerson.

Beware of false friends — similar-sounding words with common etymologies. False friends like hospice… 920 more words

Kelleigh Nelson -- Enemies on the Left, False Friends on the Right

By Kelleigh Nelson

May 19, 2014


“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. 741 more words

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