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False Idols - Restoring Faith

Earlier this year I read a fun book called Dragon Lords: Fools Gold, by Jon Hollins. I thought it was a comedic romp with a little bit of substance that was dragged down slightly by character relatability and depth. 822 more words


SONG OF THE DAY Francesca Belmonte - Stole

Francesca Belmonte has been described as a hip-hop blues artist and if you are familiar with her vocals style, you can see how she has gained this title and why it is she works so well with Tricky. 228 more words


False Idols

The happy accident.

Influenced by a simpler and yet more developed time, these pieces each are all unique and entirely different from one another. No matter where you come from the basic component is the peoples connection not just with nature but all those that it represents and where it leads. 101 more words

False Idols

Abandon Idols

Exodus 20:4-6, “You shall not make for yourself a carved image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. 645 more words


One Thing Atheists and Christians Can Agree On

No doubt many have run into an atheist who is adamant about the non-existence of God (usually, in a more specific sense, the Judaeo-Christian God of the Bible). 777 more words


His Love Never Fails

What are the deepest longings of your heart? Do you think you ever have a chance of having them fulfilled? Do you want to feel happy about a new thing or experience, or do you want a deep, abiding joy in your heart that carries you through every life experience? 770 more words

Christian Spirituality

False idols

Everybody has an inherent need to find something, something that explains the good and bad actions of their fellow humans. Some look within to create idols they can understand. 147 more words