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No more pedestals

If we vilify those who disagree with us and idolize those who agree with us, then we are doing ourselves a great disservice. We are looking at the world with blinders on, blinders that ignore the facts of good that each does and the bad that each does. 172 more words


Soccer Practice Isn't In the Bible

My mom raised me to be a winner.

By the age of 15, I was well on my way to building an impressive resume with a host of modern accomplishments: violinist, athlete (basketball, cross country, track, and softball), french club, animal club, part-time job, and straight-As. 567 more words


The "High Places" Can and Will Prevent REVIVAL


I love Bible detective investigation, especially when uncovering hidden truths that were there all the time.  They were never HIDDEN, just ignored. 1,454 more words

God's Word

'False Idols', EP Review by 'Drown This City'

Written by Jordan Sibberas

Hailing from Melbourne, metalcore band Drown This City have unleashed False Idols, an energetic and passionate foray into post hardcore. Fronted by the talented Alexandra Reade, Drown This City have crafted an iconic style that stands out in the growing swell of generic copies in the crowded metalcore scene. 349 more words

Strange Women and Old Men

1 Kings 11:1-14


No man began with more promise than Solomon did.  Yet a good beginning doesn’t mean a good finish.  Solomon drifted and finally defected.   1,922 more words

God's Word

Modern Sound of Silence

I heard Simon & Garfunkle’s song Sounds of Silence on the radio today. In my mind, I replaced one of the lines with the following: 12 more words


False Idols & Prophets

False Idols – TV entertainment news show personalities (pundits) – “we” do not realize the idolization and unknowingly allow them to steal our free will. In truth, they do not steal it. 139 more words

In Search Of Truth