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Skilled Mechanics is the new project of Tricky, and it is one that sees him adopt a more synergetic way of producing a record. Along with DJ Milo and Luke Harris, Adrian Thaws has put together a record of perfectly executed, baroscopic beats, and the result is that we just may have a Tricky record that can be talked about in the same breath as his 21-year-old debut. 141 more words

Album Reviews

IV - False Idols

‘Are you our sort of person, my dear
Tight-knit as a sweater, all thick as

thieves! We’re talking about Corbyn and

current affairs

– but first, are you drinking that wine… 263 more words


SONG OF THE DAY Tricky - Driving Away

Producer-vocalist and Trip Hop pioneer Tricky has just announced the release date of the self-titled debut by Skilled Mechanics, a project that joins the Bristol legend with DJ Milo, Luke Harris and a handful of vocal collaborators. 199 more words


JTM Crusade Prayer Meeting: Tuesday 24th November, 2015

Theme: Discipleship
Readings are chosen at random, after a prayer to the Holy Spirit.

You must pray for their souls, as they have sold them… 2,255 more words
Prayer Group (MDM) Messages

Circular arguments - Part One

“What is prized by human beings is an abomination in the sight of God.”

I love the bible – just like that old joke about accountants… 675 more words

They worshipped what they wanted to

Judges 17

From chapter 17-21 we will see a bad pattern of people setting up idol worships, and we read in this chapter (verse 6), people did what ever they wanted in the sight of the Lord. 666 more words



Every time I turn around
Another one’s falling to the ground
Giving in to pride and sin
like dominos they tumble
and we watch their lives crumble… 369 more words